Cybersex Dating: 10 Hot Benefits of Getting Laid Online

The Internet is becoming a bigger and bigger part of how we live our lives. We’re leveraging the power of the web to start businesses and make money. We consume a lot of our music, movies, and other media online.

Technology is certainly a major part of how we manage our social lives so it only makes sense that people would be more interested than ever in seeing what the web can do for their sex lives.

That said, cybersex is no longer considered to be just for lonely basement dwellers that can’t get a real date. It’s becoming a healthy, normal part of how today’s tech-savvy individual expresses themselves sexually. It can be a fun and fascinating part of getting to know new people as well.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the many reasons why you should make cybersex dating part of your life.

1. You’re not jeopardizing your safety

It goes without saying that real-life sex comes alongside a certain amount of risk. Choosing the wrong partner or being careless about how you approach what you do together can expose you to an STD.

You’re also taking a chance every time you bring a complete stranger home or go home with them. In other words, you can’t simply throw caution to the wind no matter how fun it may sound to do so at the time.

With cybersex, the only thing you have to worry about is what’s turning you on right there in the moment. You can be spontaneous without putting yourself in danger. You can fully express yourself sexually in a way that’s as safe as it is fun. Not feeling someone’s vibe or not happy with where a conversation seems to be headed? Log off. It’s that simple.

2. It’s super convenient for singles

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When you’re single, getting frisky is challenging to say the least.

If you have kids or roommates, it’s a lot harder to simply live in the moment and bring someone new home on a whim without also risking awkwardness. Also, while there’s nothing wrong with a social outing and some good face-to-face conversation, sometimes you just want to get laid without worrying about all that.

Cybersex dating is about as convenient as it gets. Craving a quick orgasm before you head to the office or before hitting the sack for the night? In the mood to jump right into a sexy conversation without worrying about the usual social niceties?

Cybersex is the perfect solution. Plus, with adult sites like Mixxxer in your corner, it’s easy as pie to take things off the web and into your actual bedroom anytime you feel like it.

3. It can help swingers find more couples.

Swingers in bed

If you’re like most modern movers and shakers, the word busy doesn’t even begin to describe your life. If you’re in a relationship, the same can probably be said for your partner as well.

When variables like extended off-site business conferences or long-distance trips to visit family enter the equation, it can be especially challenging to find other swinging couples to connect with sexually.

Embracing cybersex sites like Ashley Madison is perhaps the best way to keep things hot and spicy when life demands that you spend time physically apart.

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It can present some awesome opportunities to explore couples even when you don’t have time to woo them. Try it and see!

4. It gives you the freedom to fully explore your kinks

Cybersex occupies a delightful middle ground between fantasy and reality. It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally satisfying in very real ways. However, it’s still “not real” in that it doesn’t involve a physical connection with another person.

It’s perfect for exploring kinks or fetishes you maybe wouldn’t or couldn’t experiment with offline!

Always been turned on by the idea of gender swapping? Never experimented with breath play, but always wanted to? Got a real thing for stockings? Cybersex and cybersex dating offer the sexually adventurous spirit a safe, accepting space in which to fully explore their wildest fantasies.

5. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people

Couple having sex in bed

If you’re a fan of the occasional random hook-up, you probably don’t need to be told that such things sometimes come alongside unexpected benefits. Every so often, you wind up making a friend or getting introduced to brand new interests.

This sort of thing actually happens a lot when you’re into cybersex. You may start by hooking up someone because they’re hot or sexy then find yourself chatting about craft beer, or indie films, or favorite pizza toppings an hour later. Some pretty interesting friendships have come into being that way.

Cybersex is a terrific way to play the field sexually as well, all without leaving the comfort and security of your bedroom or office. If you want, you can meet a brand new lover every single night. It’s 100% up to you.

6. You can feed your creativity

Although “art” might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of cybersex, that’s exactly what it is.

To be a great cyber lover, you need to be good at not only coming up with ideas, also expressing them in a way that really keeps things going. Here’s your chance to let your inner erotic novelist come out to play!

Since cybersex can and often does migrate into visual territory via photos or webcam, you’ll have a chance to play amateur photographer or pornographer as well. Here’s your chance to finally show off how sexy you can be in a fresh, fun, liberating new way. Embrace it!

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7. It’s a safe way to explore sex work

Naturally, sex work isn’t for everyone, as there’s still a social stigma attached to leveraging your body to earn cash. However, you might be surprised to learn how many people have secretly fantasized about trying it, especially if sex is something they consider themselves to be good at.

Always wondered what it would be like to be a professional dominatrix, an escort, or an exotic dancer?

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Cybersex is a safe, fun way to explore those possibilities without having to actually go out and change your day job. Some people discover it’s such a great fit that they go on to make actual cash via online sex work. If not, it’s still fun to dream!

8. You’ll build some serious confidence

Be Successful in Life

Maybe you love sex, but don’t think you’re a sexy person. Perhaps you’ve always suspected you have a sexual tiger inside you somewhere, but have always been too shy to find out for sure. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out cybersex has a way of helping even the most bashful people build some major confidence.

You’ll find out that no matter how odd or obscure your turn-ons and preferences, there’s someone out there on the web that shares them. The same goes for what you might think is your lack of sexiness. Somewhere out there in cyberspace is a person that thinks you’re smoking hot exactly the way you are.

The more you explore cybersex dating, the more apparent the reality of your own sexiness is going to become. You’ll master the fine art of wrapping cyber suitors around your virtual pinky finger. It won’t be long before you’re seeing the hot, sexy dynamo you were meant to be looking back at you in the mirror every morning as a result.

9. Cybersex makes great “practice” for the real thing

As enjoyable and exciting as dirty talk in bed can be, fantasizing about it is one thing. Actually pulling it off right there in the moment is another. It’s totally human to worry about sounding silly or stupid. It’s also very normal not to be sure what to say.

Will what you have in mind somehow be a turn-off or – even worse – offensive? What if the other person just plain doesn’t think it’s sexy?

The anonymity of cybersex really takes the pressure off when it comes to doing and saying exactly the right thing. Since it’s text-based, you can read what you’re “saying” over before you hit send. You don’t have to worry about misspeaking, losing your nerve, or somehow blurting out what you want to say in a weird tone of voice.

Once you get used to seeing dirty talk flow from your fingertips, it will get a lot easier to let it flow from your lips in bed. You’ll learn exactly what to say to get a partner’s motor running. You’ll learn what really gets you going as well.

10. It’s just plain fun

Last but certainly not least, cybersex dating is worth exploring because it’s just plain fun. It feels good to get off to the hot, sexy words of a stranger that’s totally into you right there in the moment. It’s a fun, exciting, free-spirited way to explore your sexual fantasies and connect with other people as well.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a dating site that fits your tastes. Let your fingers do the walking and explore some exciting new territory today. You’ll wind up wondering why you didn’t give it a try a lot sooner.

Matt Manes

Matt Manes

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