How to Get Nudes: 10 Tips to Help You Score Some Sexy Snaps

If you want to receive nudes from someone, you need to learn how to get them without coming across as rude or offensive.

Many people believe that guys always ask for naked pictures from girls, and that girls always refuse. However, there are some guys who are able to get naked pictures without even asking for them.

They know how to get what they want.

“If you want someone to send you naughty pictures, you want to be respectful, considerate and maybe even a little conniving,”

says Annie Patterson, a sex therapist working in Dallas

“Don’t just flat out ask for them, as this is likely to result in disappointment. Instead, try gradually building up to it by flirting with them and complimenting them first,” she says.

Not Everyone is Comfortable with Sending Nudes

Not everyone is comfortable with sending or receiving naked pictures. It’s important to remember that and to respect people’s boundaries.

“Some people feel very vulnerable about their bodies and don’t feel comfortable sharing pictures of them,” Patterson says. “It’s important to be sensitive to this and to not pressure someone into doing something they’re not comfortable with.”

If you’re not sure whether or not the person you’re talking to would be interested in exchanging nude pictures, it’s best to err on the side of caution and not bring it up at all.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to receive nudes, but it’s important to be respectful of other people’s boundaries.

Sending Nudes Can Strengthen a Relationship

A recent study conducted by Drexel University showed that sending nudes can actually help to strengthens relationships.

The study found that couples who send each other intimate photos are more likely to trust and support each other. They also found that couples who share naked pictures are more likely to feel closer to one another.

“Sending nude photos is a way of increasing intimacy in a relationship,” says Patterson. “It helps couples feel closer to each other and builds trust.”

So, if you’re looking for ways to make your relationship stronger, sending nudes may be the way to go.

So how do you get nudes without asking?

Wondering how to get someone for nudes in a way that will actually get you what you want? Look no further! We have the perfect advice for you.

1. Build Trust

If they don’t trust you, why would they ever send you nude photos of themselves?

“You want to create an environment where they feel comfortable enough with you that they’re willing to let their guard down and share something intimate with you,” says Patterson.

One way to do this is to show them you trust them as well.

“If you share something embarrassing or personal with them first, they’ll be more likely to reciprocate,” she advises.

You could also try sending them a sexy picture of yourself, but make sure it’s not too explicit.

“You want to walk the line between being too forward and coming across as desperate or a creep,” she says.

If you take the time to build trust with someone, you’ll be much more likely to receive naked pictures from them without having to ask.

2. Sext Often

One of the best ways to get someone to send you naked pictures is to sext with them often. If you’re constantly sending dirty messages back and forth, it’ll be much easier to get nudes in return.

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Try to build up sexual tension by talking about all the things you’d like to do to them. The more detailed and specific you are, the better.

3. Turn Them on First

Here’s an obvious one, if you want someone to send you a nude, you need to turn them on first.

“A lot of times, people will send nudes as a way to turn their partner on or as a way of sending an indirect message that they’re horny right now,” says Patterson.

So, if you want to receive nudes, you need to make sure you’re doing your part to turn them on as well.

You can do this by talking dirty to them or sending them flirtatious text messages.

“The key is to make them feel sexy and desired,” she says. “When they feel this way, they’ll be much more likely to want to send you naked pictures.”

4. Worship Their Body

One of the best ways to get someone to send you naked pictures is to make them feel good about their body.

“If you worship their body and tell them how much you love it, they’ll be more likely to want to share it with you,” says Patterson.

Make sure you’re sincere when you say these things, as insincere compliments will likely do more harm than good.

“You want to make them feel confident and sexy, so they feel compelled to share that part of themselves with you,” she adds.

If you can make someone feel good about their body, they’ll be much more likely to send you naked pictures without you even having to ask.

5. Talk about your last sexual experience together

Reminiscing about past sexual experiences is a great way to get them thinking (and maybe even feeling) naughty.

“Talking about a time when you were both naked and exploring each other’s bodies is a huge turn on! And is a great way to get them thinking about being naked with you again,” says Patterson.

You could also try sending them a text or email detailing what you’d like to do to them the next time you’re together.

“Be as specific as possible, and don’t be afraid to get a little creative,” she advises.

6. Tell Them How Much You Miss Touching Them

Once you’ve built up a little bit of trust and rapport, you can start to get more direct.

“Tell them how much you miss touching them and how much you wish you could be with them,” Patterson suggests.

“Add in a few details about what you would like to do to them and how you would touch them. This will get them thinking about you in a sexual way and hopefully get them in the mood to send you something naughty.”

Remember, the more you can make your partner fantasize about being with you, the more likely they are to want to send you something that will turn you on.

7. Figure Out What Turns Them On

Before you can expect to receive naked pictures, you need to do your homework.

You must know what turns them on.

“If you know what they’re into, you can use that to your advantage,” says Patterson. “For example, if they love when you wear a certain type of clothing, ask them if they’d like to see you in it. Or if they have a thing for your feet, send them a picture of your toes in the sand.”

You can also ask them directly what they like.

“A lot of people are afraid to ask for what they want for fear of rejection, but the truth is, most people are flattered when you ask them,” she says.

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8. Buy Her Some Sexy Underwear or Pajamas

If you want to up the ante, you could buy her some sexy underwear or pajamas and include a note asking her to model them for you.

“This is a more direct approach, but it can also be effective if done in a light-hearted way,” says Patterson.

Make sure you don’t come across as demanding, or she’ll be less likely to want to do it.

“Keep it fun and casual, and let her know that you’re not expecting anything in return,” she advises.

9. If all else fails…

If you’re still stuck, and they just won’t send you the nudes you want, you can always try these “oldie but goodie” lines:

  • “I’m thinking about you naked”
  • “I bet you look gorgeous naked”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about your body”
  • “I wish I could see/touch/kiss you right now”
  • “I have a confession to make, I’ve been fantasizing about you naked”
  • “I’ve been thinking about how sexy you are naked”

These classic lines will undoubtedly turn her on and let her know that you’re thinking about her in a sexual way. If she’s into you, she’ll definitely respond positively.

10. They Sent Nudes! Now What?

Once you’ve finally managed to get your hands on some nude photos, it’s important to know how to react.

First and foremost, compliment them as much as possible! Don’t be afraid to use a plethora of emojis.

“The key is to make them feel good about themselves and their decision to share such an intimate picture with you,” says Patterson.

Next, you want to make sure you keep these photos to yourself.

“Don’t show them to your friends or post them online, as this will only make the person who sent them feel violated and humiliated,” she warns.

And lastly, don’t ask for more. “If they trust you enough to send you nudes, they’ll trust you enough to send more if they’re feeling up to it,” she says. “There’s no need to push for more than they’re comfortable with giving.”

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember is that you need to be respectful and understand that not everyone is comfortable sending nudes.

“Some people are just never going to be down for it, no matter how well you know them, and that’s okay,” says Patterson.

If they say no, don’t take it personally and let it ruin the relationship. Sure they may not want to share nude photos of themselves through the airwaves, but that doesn’t mean they won’t show you their nude body in person 😉

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