How to Make a Woman Desperate to Have Sex with You

It seems like every conversation among guy friends revolves around the “trying times” of wooing women into bed. Fact is, while attractive women certainly have their pick when it comes to potential partners, you don’t need a miracle to make her long for your attention. So if you’ve been scratching your head over the subject, stop; you’ll be surprised at how easily one can turn up the heat.

Seduction is like a slow dance; take your time and never rush the tempo.”

It’s a lot simpler than you think to make a gal go gaga for you — all it requires is the know-how of what will get her mesmerized by your illustriousness as a mate. So, stop pulling out your hair and let us give you some tips on how to make her swoon.

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Pay attention to her

There’s a reason why so many women love rom-coms, romance novels, and sappy love stories. It’s because, for women, desire starts in the mind. So if you really want to make a woman desperate to have sex with you as soon as possible, capture her mind.

The easiest, most effective way to do this is by paying attention to her – something most of the men she’s been out with have failed miserably at.

Listen to her when she talks. Remember what she says. Then do things that show her that you listen to her and care what she has to say.

Focus on how you make her feel

Women start thinking about having sex with a man when the ways he chooses to interact with her spark sexual desire. Although no two women are going to be exactly alike as far as what does it for them,

All women like to be made to feel good about themselves – sexy, feminine, and desirable.

Flirt with her in a way that’s tasteful while still letting her know that she’s got it going on. Treat her like a lady, but avoid acting too neutral or “friend-like” so there’s no confusion about what you want. Let your masculine energy show itself in ways women like and tend to feel attracted to.

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Encourage sexual tension

Yes, there are women out there who may fall into your lap already desperate to have sex with you with no real effort of yours. But while it’s fine to celebrate your good luck when that happens, you don’t want to expect it as a rule.

In most cases, you’ll need to cultivate and encourage a little sexual tension to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Then you want to let it build up a little. Give her a chance to picture herself in bed with you and then to start to want it more and more. By the time you’re ready for sex, she’ll practically be begging you to rip her clothes off.

And this is the case with any woman in all contexts where there’s something between you, whether she’s someone you just met or your wife of twenty years.

Avoid sending mixed signals

This is a crucial directive for men wanting to bed women no matter who that woman is or what the situation looks like. Women are not desperate to have sex with men they aren’t sure find them sexually desirable. Again, this is the case whether the woman in question has just met you or is already in a sexual relationship with you.

She needs to know you crave her, want her, and worship her sexually in order to want you back.

What most men don’t really realize is that most women are at least somewhat insecure about their looks and sex appeal. Even the truly beautiful ones who know they’re beautiful constantly compare themselves to models, actresses, and Instagram influencers they know they’ll never measure up to.

So don’t leave any doubt in your target’s mind that she’s sexually desirable to you – in general, as well as right then in that moment. It helps her feel safe and secure in her sex appeal, which will naturally make her desperate to have sex with you.

Use touch to your advantage

Touch is more powerful than you think when you’re trying to turn a woman on. And it doesn’t have to be overtly sexual (or even romantic) to do the trick, either.

For example, you can plant the seeds of possible future sexual desire from the moment you meet a woman just by shaking her hand the right way. (Do it firmly, make eye contact, and continue to hold her hand for a couple of seconds while introducing yourself.)

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You can also help spark sexual desire and activate any chemistry that might be between you with intimate, non-sleazy, consensual touch in other ways, too.

Hug her goodbye. Touch her arm now and then when you’re really vibing with each other while hanging out. Use touch to ignite sparks and show women that you’re confident. You’ll love the results you get.

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