BeNaughty Review (Beware!): A Former Hookup App Founder’s Honest Take (2024)

In this BeNaughty review, I will be looking at and judging its stand out features, quality of member profiles, usability, pricing, and success rates.

This review is based on my personal experience and observations as well as feedback from other users.

Myself and my staff create accounts on every site we review and actually use their services to give you a no BS opinion of whether you should try it or not.

Why You Should Trust Me

My name is Matt Manes, and I am an adult dating expert with years of experience in the online hookup and dating industry.

As the creator of the popular hookup app, which went viral several years ago, I have gained valuable insights into the world of online dating and have helped millions of people find satisfaction in their sexual endeavors.

With my and my staff’s expertise, I aim to provide thorough and honest reviews of various dating & hookup services.

How do I rate BeNaughty?

To be honest, I was disappointed with BeNaughty. The platform is well designed, with good UX and it’s easy to use. At first glance, the profiles on their site look great! So many beautiful people looking for hookups.

But unfortunately, that’s where things turned a bit sideways. BeNaughty has a serious problems with spam and scammer profiles.

That being said, here are my ratings my BeNaughty review compared to another well-known hookup site that I believe offers better value. The 800lb gorilla in the room, Ashley Madison.

BeNaughty logo
3.8Expert Score
BeNaughty Ratings

Value for Money
Member Quality
Unique Features
Ease of Use
User Experience
Naughty Factor
Spam Detection
Ashley madison logo best hookup sites
9.4Expert Score
Ashley Madison Ratings

Value for Money
Member Quality
Unique Features
Ease of Use
User Experience
Naughty Factor
Spam Detection

It feels like BeNaughty is going through an identity crisis and it also feels like they don’t really police the profiles for spam.

This is sad, it has potential. The interface is user-friendly, the search options are diverse, and the communication tools get the job done.

What is BeNaughty?

BeNaughty landing page

BeNaughty is an adult oriented dating site devoted to finding no strings attached fun, erotic connections and love (I guess).

BeNaughty is a relatively new online dating site that throws some mixed messages when it comes to their core offering. Having been founded in 2012, it’s gained a reputation for its “open-minded” user base.

That being said, when you look at BeNaughty’s homepage, it feels like they’re trying to straddle the line between being a dating site and a hookup site. We found it definitely felt more like a hookup site after signing up and looking around 😉

Hookup sites like these have always been around: BeNaughty’s pitch is that they’re honest about the type of connections they’re trying to focus on, but I’m not sure if that’s finding love or a quickie.

Most rival dating sites (like are dedicated to finding serious relationships, marriage and so on.

But with BeNaughty – it looks like they’re trying to attract a more fun-loving crowd. A crowd that’s open to dating but also into the open lifestyle. So fun dates and playful encounters, not so much on serious relationships.

So how was my experience and what are my thoughts? Let’s begin my BeNaughty review.

My first impressions of BeNaughty

After you land on the homepage, you’ll be presented with a simple signup page. All that you’re required to provide is your gender and sexual preference, age, email address and a password – that’s literally it.

Since a lot of these types of fling-style websites can be slow moving – it’s great to be able to jump in and see how active the site is in your particular city without much of a time investment.

It’s definitely a regional thing and for some online dating platforms, they do a lot better in some countries compared to others.

What countries is BeNaughty in?

Once inside, BeNaughty presents you with a very clean interface to quickly look through people in your area. It starts with selecting your location: at the top of the page: currently, BeNaughty is focused on five countries.

BeNaughty is available in the following markets (mainly English speaking countries):

  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • France
  • The United States
  • Australia

You can use the site if you’re elsewhere on planet Earth, but chances are that you won’t get much action there at all.

After selecting a country, you’ll be prompted to select a city, as well as a mile radius. Currently, the site limits you to 20, 50 or 100 miles as a selection criteria. I’d like to see the addition of a lower radius – 20 miles is definitely a far distance!

This is actually a red flag for me as they may not have enough “real” members to popular smaller radius searches.

How to search on BeNaughty

Search filters on BeNaughty

Being able to filter is one of the most important dating site features: I’m pleased to report that BeNaughty has no issues whatsoever when it comes to this.

One of the best tools is the ‘new members’ tag: these are people who have signed up within the last few days and yeah, it’s a great way to spot new targets to contact.

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New members on

You can also look at ‘online now’. Dating sites often suffer from having too many offline members who never come back, so seeing people who are online now and able to be contacted – yeah, that’s a plus.

Default sorting is based on popularity: not too sure how this is calculated, but it’s likely a combination of messages received, profile views and so on.

You can instead sort your results by age, distance and last activity. BeNaughty also has an age filter rage, so if you want barely legal cuties or MILFs – it’s all here.

How are member profiles on BeNaughty?

profile examples on

On the surface, I found the quality of profiles to be on the higher end and when it comes to women, there’s a good mix of ages and demographics. There’s definitely a lot of hotties on there!

But as I mentioned before, it seems like a high percentage of them are fake, scammers or prostitutes.

There is no verification feature other than upgrading to a premium membership.

BeNaughty also offers a “hot or not” feature called the “Like Gallery” where you can quickly swipe through profiles and indicate your interest. Just like Tinder.

Member profile breakdown

Alongside decent filtering, online dating platforms like BeNaughty really have to nail profile layouts and the like.

Let’s look at how BeNaughty handles the display of members on the website and what data they provide you with.

You’ve got your basics here, including orientation, hair color, ethnicity and body type. Additionally, users can opt to provide their height, weight, religion and what they’re looking for.

Users on BeNaughty are encouraged to provide as much information as possible, but it’s up to each individual to decide how much they want to share.

In my experience, users who have put effort into their profiles are the best to contact – they’re taking the platform more seriously. That’s a good indication that they’re not a scammer or bot, or just looking for validation.

Does BeNaughty allow nude photos?

No. BeNaughty does not allow nude or sexually explicit photos which is different from most hookup site policies. I think this is due to that line they’re straddling between dating and casual sex.

But I can attest that BeNaughty highly encourages its users to upload quality photos of themselves.

My experience messaging BeNaughty members

Inbox on

I have an ethical obligation not to waste the time of other users on BeNaughty, but I’m also ethically obligated to see just how good the platform is at finding dates.

My preference is a middle of the road approach to interactions: I’ll send a couple of fun messages, receive a response and then generally leave it at that.

As a test for this BeNaughty review, I sent out messages to 13 different users and came back 72 hours later to see how things went.

In total, I received 4 replies – but they were all crap. Broken english. Most didn’t make any sense at all. See below for an example:

A spam message on

BeNaughty’s messaging interface is easy enough to use and there are no real restrictions on what you can send. This includes phone numbers and your username on other applications (Instagram, WeChat and so on).

And for me, this is another red flag.

It’s also possible to send images via BeNaughty, although there’s a good chance that your content can be moderated and seen by the platform. I have no reason to believe that this is more of a risk at BeNaughty than anywhere else – but be careful.

Oh, it also has a convenient emoji panel. 🤣😏🍆

Is BeNaughty Free?

No. BeNaughty uses a freemium model. It’s free to sign up for and to look around – that said, you’ll be quite limited in what you can do here without coughing up some cash.

Now I describe this service as being a freemium model – and it is – but it’s quite a bit more restrictive than what you’d usually find from a freemium service.

Sadly, free users won’t be able to see full-size images of users: you’ll have to sign up if you want to get the high quality snaps provided by others. Here’s a look at what you’ll see instead.

Example of a standard profile on

The fact of the matter is that you’ll get a lot more out of your time on BeNaughty if you’re willing to pay, and for me – that’s not such a bad thing.

I’ve said it many times, but one of the easiest way to cut down on scammers and fake accounts is to charge a premium for messaging. It practically cuts out all of the riff raff.

Premium accounts are marked too, which other people will interpret as a sign that you’re also serious about looking for what BeNaughty is focused on. For me, it’s a worthwhile investment.

You’ll get to see complete user profiles, have unlimited messages to send, stand out from the rest of the profiles, receive extra filtering options and priority support.

How much does BeNaughty cost?

You’ve got a few different membership options for BeNaughty. I’d highly recommend taking full advantage of the 3-day trial deal they’ve got to see just how useful the site will be.

Here’s a screenshot of their membership pricing (as of the time of writing this BeNaughty review):

Benaughty pricing

And here’s a simple breakdown of what each membership type actually costs:

Membership TypePricing
3 Days$2.97
1 Month$55.79
3 Months$57.99
6 Months$99.00

If you do decide to sign up for 3 days, you may want to consider cancelling the automatic rebill and instead pick the 6-month option. I don’t mean to state the obvious, but that’s the best deal by far.

How can I pay on BeNaughty?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diner’s Club are all accepted: you can also pay through PayPal if you so desire.

Sadly, no support for cryptocurrency, paysafecard or anything else. Most people are covered by cards and PayPal, but it’s still nice to have those extra options.

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How does BeNaughty appear on my billing statement?

I found that my card was charged as “Paycst” on my statement: so they do offer discreet billing.

BUT we’ve also seen reports that it can appear as “” on your credit card statement, so proceed with caution.

Do women have to pay on BeNaughty?

Yes. We verified this. Women, just like men, have to pay to upgrade to a premium membership.

BeNaughty’s satisfaction guarantee

I’ve seen plenty of satisfaction guarantees before – I’ll be honest and say that BeNaughty’s is one of the least accommodating I’ve come across. In fact, it’s just dumb.

The gist of it is this: if you spend 3 months on the site and don’t secure a real-life date, you’ll be entitled to a free 3-day trial.

It’s not just spending 3 months here though: you have to reach a message threshold, write two paragraphs for your profile, reach out to multiple users each week and a bunch of other stuff. LOL

Satisfaction guarantee policy

Come on, BeNaughty: just don’t bother having this on your platform at all. If I’ve spent 3 months here and gotten nothing – what on Earth is a 3-day trial going to achieve? I doubt anyone has ever claimed this.

I would like to see them have a better satisfaction guarantee: one that essentially states “If you use our service for a few days and don’t like it, you can request a complete refund”. Is that too much to ask for?

Does BeNaughty have a mobile app?

BeNaughty doesn’t have an app for iOS or Android, but the web version of its site on mobile works great.

Benaughty mobile app experience

The major downside of BeNaughty not having a mobile application is the fact that you cannot receive push notifications whenever you receive a message or other type of interaction.

I read on their blog that they’re hoping to have an app eventually, but Apple is somewhat reluctant to assist as their marketing is more toward adult hookups. As you may already know, Apple doesn’t play nice with adult-themed projects.

Filtering on the mobile website is the same as desktop, it also runs at an acceptable pace, so using the service won’t take longer than on a standard PC.

I tried BeNaughty’s mobile website on Safari, Firefox and Opera: all of them offered the same experience and functionality.

How to spot scam profiles on BeNaughty

I go over this in great detail in my How to Spot Scammers Guide, but here’s my top tips when it comes to finding and avoiding scammers on hookup sites:

  • If they try to move the communication off the site (like to whatsapp or email), they’re mostly a scammer.
  • If their messages have bad grammar or are written in broken english, they’re most likely a scammer.
  • If they ask for money, they’re a scammer!
  • If they ask for personal details right off the bat, they’re a scammer.
  • If they look like a perfect 10 model, they’re most likely a scammer.
  • If they refuse to video chat with you, they’re a scammer.
  • And last but not least, if it’s too good to be true, then it is! Just use common sense. If the most beautiful woman sends you a message the minute you signup (even before you’ve uploaded a profile photos!), she’s a scammer.

Final thoughts on BeNaughty

I’ve been pretty critical of BeNaughty in this review – and for good reason. It doesn’t matter how fast or well designed your site is, if it’s filled with spammy profiles, it’s crap.

My advice is this: if you really want to try it, sign up for the 3-day trial, create a great profile and see how well you do over the next few days. No action? It’s three bucks: hardly the end of the world.

What are the alternatives to BeNaughty?

If you don’t want to waist time, then I suggest you check out my Ashley Madison review, which in my opinion is far superior to BeNaughty.

  • 60 million members!

  • Lots of bored women

  • Satisfy any kink

  • Stood the test of time


I always say, when it comes to hooking up, bigger is better! Which is why I recommend going to the biggest hookup site, with the most horny women, in the world.

BeNaughty FAQ

How does BeNaughty work? is an adult dating site designed for individuals looking for casual encounters, hookups, and fun.

After signing up, users can create a profile, browse through other user profiles, and send messages to their matches.

The site offers various search filters to help users find compatible matches based on their preferences.

Is BeNaughty legit?

Yes and no, BeNaughty is a legitimate site. HOWEVER, it is part of a larger network of shady sites.

And they do have serious issues with spam and scammer profiles, so users should exercise caution and be aware of the many fake accounts.

Can you find a serious relationship on BeNaughty?

While BeNaughty does not explicitly focus on serious relationships, it is still possible to find someone looking for a committed partnership on the platform.

However, given its emphasis on casual dating and hookups, the chances of finding a long-term relationship may be lower compared to other sites that specifically cater to individuals seeking serious commitments.

How can I send messages for free on BeNaughty?

You can’t send messages for free on BeNaughty. It’s as simple as that.

Can I cancel my BeNaughty membership and how do I cancel it?

Yes, you can cancel your BeNaughty membership at any time. The process can usually be done through your account settings or by contacting customer support.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of your membership to understand the cancellation process and any associated fees.

Here is step by step instructions on how to cancel your membership:
1) Click on your profile photo
2) Go to “My Settings”
3) Press “Billing History” and then “Deactivate Subscription”

Matt Manes

Matt Manes

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Over the years, I've observed and learned a great deal about what works and what doesn't when it comes to dating and hooking up online.

While most guys learn through trial and error, I learned through analyzing the data from the millions of Mixxxer members we catered too.