My BongaCams Review: An Industry Insider’s Honest Opinion

Feel like some stellar live sex? Read my BongaCams review, starting with the questions I’m asked most, followed my in-depth walk-through and analysis of the site.

What is BongaCams?

Bongacams model giving her audience a free show

BongaCams is one of the best webcam porn sites that features live streaming shows in every sexual niche you can imagine. Live sex has been around for a decent chunk of time and believe me – BongaCams has been a part of the space for quite a while.

If you’re the type of person who prefers live action over prerecorded porn, it’s a good idea for you to check this adult camsite out.

They’ve got thousands of the hottest girls performing daily and they all know how to strip down naked and drive you wild.

Every type of girl is available here, and it’s going to be an absolute honor to check it out and walk you through what’s on offer. So, without further ado – let’s get into the review.

How Do I Rate BongaCams

I love BongaCams. I give them high raings all around. They’re one of the best adult webcam sites in the industry and they’ve stood the test of time for good reason.

9.2Expert Score
My BongaCams Ratings

Here I have handpicked the essential elements that are crucial in judging the overall experience BongaCams provides.

Quality of Models
Ease of Use
User Experience
Naughty Factor
  • Amazing video quality
  • Some artists let you record
  • Huge model selection
  • Lot's of free shows
  • Features can be overwhelming
  • Lots of upsells

Is BongaCams Free

Yes and no. You are free to watch any model while they are doing a public show, and many of the cam models will put on an XXX show for their free viewers!

But they rely on generous tippers to make an income, so typically, they start with a teaser show and then ask for tips to continue performing.

Be sure to check out my breakdown on pricing below. They use a token model and they are one of the more affordably priced webcam sites out there.

So yes, you can enjoy BongaCams for free, but if you want more from your experience (better shows, cam to cam, interactive vibrators), then you will have to pay to play 😈


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Who am I?

Today, I’m going to be walking you through my BongaCams review, telling you my honest opinion based on my experience..

But who am I and why would you listen to me? My name is Matt and I built back in 2014. Before turning it into a lifestyle blog, Mixxxer became incredibly popular in a very short time. Gaining the moniker the “X-Rated Tinder”.

We signed up millions of members over the years and learned a great deal about the online adult industry.

After Covid, we decided to take what we learned from running Mixxxer’s hookup service and offer our guidance to all the men (and women!) in the world looking to satisfy their sexual appetites.

So without further adieu, here’s my BongaCams review from an industry insider’s perspective.

BongaCams Review – First Thoughts

The site started over a decade ago – Jan 2012, to be precise. They’re headquartered in Amsterdam, but provide camgirls from all over the planet to bring you unrivaled levels of bliss.

The team at BongaCams have done a decent job with building a great platform, and have won numerous awards, including YNOT’s ‘Company of the Year’, XBIZ’s ‘Cam Company of the Year’ and at least one award at the Live Cam Awards since 2016.

Screenshot of a press release announcing bongacams won best european webcam site

They more than hold their own in the adult space, plus they’re packed full of girls. In fact, I’m looking at the homepage right now and there are over 1,800 live performers.

I do also just want to mention that BongaCams offers more than solo women: there are couples, guys and transsexuals that perform here too. They truly cater to every niche and fetish.

Variety is something that BongaCams has always excelled at: you’ll find that plenty of the girls here are from far and away places.

Whether you’re looking for a Japanese goddess, fat ass Brazilian, shy Welsh girl or something else entirely – I’m pretty sure that BongaCams is going to be able to bring you what you need.

A Look at the Homepage

The homepage is very much focused on showing you potential girls that you’d want to check out. By default, the most popular girls are displayed at the top of the site – this is a combination of how many live viewers they currently have and their historic performance on the website.

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There’s a quick search feature available if you want to quickly type in something to get what you seek. Plenty of keyword options here – try petite, Asian, BBW or whatever else you feel like.

The great thing about BongaCam’s large number of performers is that there’s typically always someone online to bring you the live sex show you desire.

bongacams browse model screen

Along the top of the cam preview segment, you’ll find some quick links. Here’s an overview of what you’re likely to come across in these areas:

Recordable Shows

That’s right: some of the girls on BongaCams are perfectly okay with you recording them in action.

Generally speaking, it’s frowned upon – but it’s nice to know that there are plenty of live broads who don’t mind if you want to keep clips for future.


If quality is something you’re serious about, be sure to check out the HD section on BongaCams. These shows are, as you can probably guess, brought to you by performers that have top quality webcams.

720p and 1080p at a minimum – good bitrates too! In the modern era of camming, I really like these types of shows.


Some performers at BongaCams are all about the solo pussy play and if this is your cup of tea, check out the masturbation section.

They’ll spend hours teasing their clits and filling themselves up with toys – just what the doctor ordered.

Watching a Stream at BongaCams

It’s time to go ahead and look at an actual show – let’s kick things off with a visit to a girl by the name of LarisaMaia. She’s 21 years young and even has her Twitter and Instagram account linked.

Oh, and if you really want to, you can choose to purchase access to her premium Snapchat account – directly through BongaCams.

I like this feature, and I think becoming more of a general adult service platform is something that BongaCams does well.

bongacams private show screen

Anyway – you’ve got the main cam show here and Larisa has just started streaming – she’s waiting for the punters to come in, but she looks delicious with her choker on and a toy teasing her princess parts every so often.

The chat interface has a number of cool features, plus some models have a toy plugin that allows you to give them pleasure via token tips.

This is a pretty common feature for modern adult webcams, and a lot of people love being able to send instant pleasure to their favorite camgirl of choice.

In fact, while I was watching this chick perform, there was a guy in her chat that kept on sending a bunch of small tips so she was basically vibrating non-stop. Awesome stuff!

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Types of Shows Offered

You never quite know what you’re going to get at BongaCams, so be mindful of this as you go around and explore what’s on offer.

In fact, I want to talk a bit about the shows and how they’re typically structured.

You can go private with many of the girls – but they prefer a style that’s more community-focused and public. Instead of one guy paying a whole bunch, everyone can pitch in a few dollars and get the party started.

These group shows are a popular way for girls to go about streaming, and they have a number of different targets to reach for different types of performances.

Oil Shows

These are my personal favorite: I love nothing more than seeing a camgirl covered in coconut oil or something similar.

Greased up girls are awesome, and when you can watch them from home on BongaCams? Yeah, that hits the spot.

Squirting Shows

In my experience, every girl has the ability to squirt – they just have to let it happen.

Plenty of goddesses over on BongaCams are willing to let loose with their delicious liquid: check out these types of group shows if you like things getting wet and messy.

Hardcore Performances

Couples do perform on BongaCams and it’s typically the case that they require a contribution before the action gets started. If you want to see some classic cock-in-pussy action, this is what to look out for!

BongaCams Private Shows

Not many of the performers here actually do true private shows – but it is an option, and if you want some one on one fun, you can get that.

Bongacams model chatting with her audience.

BongaCams’ platform also allows for cam to cam action, so if you want the model in question to also be able to see you – that’s something that you can make a reality. Cool stuff, and something that I think a lot of our readers will be interested in.

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Find Fresh Faces on BongaCams

One feature of cam websites that some guys love is the ability to see the newest girls: these are often performers that don’t have any exposure to the adult industry and are just getting started.

BongaCams has a ‘new’ section and at the time of writing this review, 100 of the 1,900 performers were tagged as such.

You’ll get a mixed bag here: some performers won’t make it, but others clearly show a lot of potential and will go right the way to the top. See if you can pick out the best of the best!

bongacams search filters to find your favorite cam models

Oh, and if you’re looking for a different type of fresh face – there is a really awesome slider on the sidebar of BongaCams that allows you to selectively filter for an age range.

Depending on what you’re in the mood for, I found the age filter to be really useful.

How Much Does BongaCams Cost

When it comes to BongaCams pricing, they fall on the more affordable side of adult webcams.

Private shows and tips are paid with tokens – these are purchased with fiat currency, such as US dollars or Euros. Although headquartered in the EU, prices are converted into USD.

You receive discounts based on the amount of tokens you buy. The minimum number you can buy is 37 tokens, priced at $.08 cents per token.  

Here are a few different price points for tokens at the time of writing this BongaCams review:

Bongacams pricing


BongaCams Pricing

# of Tokens

Price (USD)

Price per Token



$.08 cents / token



$.048 cents / token



$.045 cents / token



$.044 cents / token


You can also contact support if you’re interested in a bigger, bulk purchase. Remember, the more you buy the bigger the discount!

Note that default prices are provided by BongaCams, but these are subject to change. Private shows are 60 tokens per minute, voyeur streams are 15 tokens per minute and group chat is 30 tokens per minute.

Models have control here, so it’s up to them to decide how much they’re going to charge.

Pros & Cons of BongaCams


  • Amazing video quality

  • Some artists let you record

  • Huge model selection

  • Lot's of free shows


  • Features can be overwhelming

  • Lots of upsells

I think it’s important to have a balanced review, so I’m going to talk a little about the downsides that I came across while writing my BongaCams review.

Firstly: there are constant nudges and pushes for you to sign up when you don’t already have an account.

These occur every few minutes and became quite annoying, so much so that I actually went ahead and signed up! I guess they got what they wanted in the end.

bongacams review - create a free account offer

BongaCams’ homepage was also infinitely loading for me – this meant that I couldn’t check out the footer links. Most people won’t care about this, but it allows you to change the language of the website (which is a massive benefit!), look at the signup options and get support. It’s not a major issue, since every other page worked just fine, but still.

Lastly – I think that the chat has too many features that are too… silly? I know that people like this type of thing, but for me, it takes a little away from the erotic nature of the platform.

Spamming crazy emojis, automatic text and that type of thing. At times, it feels like Twitch chat, if you’re familiar with it.

BongaCams Review – Final Thoughts

I’ve spent the better part of a day looking over BongaCams: I’ve had a fantastic time, and I can tell you for a fact that this hub is in the good graces of many cam enthusiasts.

BongaCams doesn’t disappoint and for me, the best feature is the high quality webcams. Many alternative spots are lagging behind: the fact that I can get full 1080p streams here is exactly what I want.

Quality adult cams are the future – well, the present here, at least.

It was difficult for me to find many faults while writing this BongaCams review: no matter what you’re looking for, there’s something going on that you can likely appreciate or indulge in. Plus, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, you know that you’re in good hands.

I’ve enjoyed my time here and I’m going to come back again – though this time, it’s not going to be for review purposes. IYKWIM.

Thanks for reading, I’ll catch you at my next webcam review.

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