Sexting – The Excitement of Dirty Texts

Only a short while ago everyone was walking around with flip phones and the only people sending text messages were the nerdy types. Back then, no one had heard of the term SMS. Sure, there were people hooking up via AOL chat rooms back in the day, but when smartphones became ubiquitous, people began to play in a much more casual way.

Sexting is now its own form of seduction for many, thanks to the always on and always turned on approach that singles and spouses on the down low are able to share from just about anywhere.

Just how big has sexting become? The new word of the year added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2015 was an emoji for the first time ever!

So many people slide their trembling fingers toward smiley faces and winks last year that these tiny pictorials have now become an influential part of modern language – and that fact doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of sexting’s popularity. According to Bloomberg, people now send more than 8 Trillion texts each year, and according to a quick survey of some singles on Mixxxer, more than half of those have something to do with hooking up!

The excitement of sexting is simple to demonstrate. Anyone who has ever sent a text to a potential mate, and waited that thirty seconds in suspense for each new reply, as the conversation steadily makes it way from the cellphone to the bedroom is well aware of the way it makes your fingers tingle and your ears feel unexpectedly warm – but there are some less obvious advantages to sexting as well.

Dating Many Requires A Great Memory… or Sexting!

For those who only look to have one date at a time, talking on the phone or in person might seem perfect, but when you have a full dating schedule with a dozen different playmates lined up to keep your whole month intimate, being sure toSurprised Mixxxer user remember every name and comment you’ve made can become a challenge. Did you tell Lindsay that you can’t see her because you work on the weekends, or was that something you told Melissa?

Even little white lies can disrupt your dating success, so having a searchable sexting history at your disposal is the easy way to always keep your story straight. It also comes in handy when you want to trackback to find a phone number for a booty call, a club name someone mentioned or anything else that came up in conversation and could be useful to you.

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Going Mobile Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be Vocal

Some dating enthusiasts like to maintain the mystery during the first few interactions, gradually getting to know a potential date before giving them a lot of access to personal mannerisms like voice inflection. Others are simply unable to pick up the phone and start speaking openly because they are chatting from an office cubicle or while other people are around.

Sexting gives everyone the ability to say what’s really on their mind, without saying it in a way that allows others to hear you. Sexting is a great way to break the ice.

Sure, phone sex can be so much fun and nothing you write will ever beat the sound of your lover’s voice purring with excitement, but there are plenty of creative ways to get those same sentiments across while keeping the conversation stoked until you are able to get even more personal when everyone else has finally given you some time by yourself to talk.

Sexting Turns WiFi into a New Kind of Erogenous Zone

In the heat of the moment it can be difficult to notice whether you are on WiFi or cell service, but with most data plans it does make a difference. The natural progression with sexting is to meet by phone or Facetime to get a good look at your next date. That’s why many hookup app users agree that the WiFi symbol area of your cellphone is now a new erogenous zone, because when it lights lit up – so do the possibilities of that first glimpse of tonight’s no strings attached encounter!

Keeping Both Hands on the Wheel Really Is Important

A woman sexting on Mixxxer in her carThere are so many great reasons to add sexting to your own sex life, but we do think it’s also important to remind everyone about the hazards of driving while sexting. We all know it’s a whole lot sexier to be chatting with your newest lover instead of sitting in traffic waiting for the idiot in front of you to find their gas pedal, according to these properly sourced set of statistics, sexting can be a major danger while driving.

Having him or her snap photos for you and share them while you are on the road, or attempting to send back a sly remark with one hand while your steer with the other may seem routine after a while, but it can cause real harm.

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Do everyone a huge favor by making it home in one piece so you can play together in person. While every sexting adult has the right to enjoy themselves, everyone else also has the right to be able to drive home without fear that the driver in the other lane is fumbling through a bad attempt at poetry with one hand while finding his zipper with the other.

Have a favorite sexting story? Be sure to let us know and if you want it to appear on an upcoming Mixxxer blog article also let us know that we have the permission to publish it. As always, Mixxxer will keep everything you do completely private based explicitly on your own consent. Now, if you don’t mind, I have some text messages I need to go reply to immediately!

Matt Manes

Matt Manes

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