Everything You Need to Know About Creampies

In a world where people have been having penetrative sex under all sorts of circumstances for as long as humanity has been around, a creampie – the act of ejaculating directly into one’s partner without a barrier (like a condom) in place – is really the most natural thing in the world.

After all, that’s how other human beings are made. And for many, it’s the preferred way for penetrative sex to end.

But in an increasingly modern world where casual sex is common and sometimes even preferred over traditional sex within the context of a committed relationship, condom use is also par for the course. For that reason, there are many people out there who have never actually experienced a creampie but would really like to. Some might even consider it a personal kink or fetish of theirs.

So what if you’re one of those people – someone with limited creampie experience who would love to change that? What are the best ways to go about exploring this, and what should you know before you get started? Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know.

What Makes It a Creampie?

Well that really does depend on who’s asking, doesn’t it? The term “creampie” is very much a generational thing. If it’s you’re Grandma asking, then it’s just a pie filled with cream, maybe chocolate or a vanilla custard.

But if it’s a sexually active man or woman under 40 asking, a creampie is a well known sexual act made popular by the prevalence of online pornography.

Although it may be self-explanatory, a creampie is called so because a bodily orifice that’s been filled with semen can resemble an edible pie filled with cream. Not only do those involved in the creampie know this has happened, but some of the semen will likely also escape the opening during or afterward, providing erotic visual proof.

Not everyone necessarily agrees on what counts as a creampie, though. Some people feel a creampie is strictly about a penis ejaculating into a vagina during traditional penetrative sex. But there are some people who think it still counts if it happens during anal sex or even oral sex.

What’s So Great About Creampies?

There are lots of reasons why a person might fantasize about or actively enjoy creampies. People in committed relationships often like creampies because it feels more intimate and natural. Instead of worrying about when, how, and where to ejaculate, a couple can focus on the thrill of the sex. It really is sex as nature intended, and there’s a certain kind of primal appeal to that.

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And for people who prefer casual sex as a rule and are likely used to using condoms, a creampie carries the additional thrill of being forbidden. In a casual, no-strings-attached world where anything goes, giving or receiving a creampie still feels like a no-no, which naturally also makes it hot and desirable.

How to Start Enjoying Creampies

If you’re someone who’s tired of only experiencing creampies through porn and wants to experience them more often in real life, it’s definitely something you can make happen. But you need to go about it the right way.

Always get full consent

As with any other sex act, consent is absolutely critical when you’re after a creampie. Never ejaculate inside of a partner who hasn’t agreed to it ahead of time. Don’t do it in instances where a partner previously agreed to it but changes their mind at the last minute, either.

If this is something you want to do, sit your partner down and talk about it first. If it’s something they’re into, as well, you can take the next steps. But if they don’t want to do it – for any reason or no reason at all – respect their decision.

Do things safely

Safe sex is essential. The desire to experience a creampie, even consensually, doesn’t negate the need to do things safely – especially in a post-Roe vs. Wade America. No sex act, no matter how thrilling, is worth permanent life-changing consequences. It’s essential to ensure all your bases are covered first.

If the receiving partner is someone capable of becoming pregnant, they should be on birth control before attempting a creampie. And both parties should know for a fact that they’re free of any STIs or other communicable diseases before moving forward.

Always plan ahead

Never assume anything when it comes to creampies. Don’t assume your partner is on birth control or that, if they are, they’ll be perfectly fine with it if you decide to creampie them on a whim. Some people just plain don’t enjoy creampies or like the way they feel, even if they’re able to experience them safely.

Don’t assume that just because someone let you creampie them some other time in the past that they’ll be okay with you doing it again, either. Always talk things through first, ask for consent, and respect the person’s decision.

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Ultimately, creampies can be awesomely hot and well worth trying. But it’s important to enjoy them under the right circumstances and with the right partner. Good sex should always be responsible, safe, and consensual sex, as well.


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