Sex During the Pandemic: How to Stay Sane and Satisfied

Coronavirus has changed life as we know it, possibly forever. Everyone’s coping as best they can, but taking good care of yourself during these stressful times is about more than keeping up with the news and staying stocked up on the essentials. It’s unlikely that you’ve stopped having a sex drive, so it makes sense that you’d want to know what to do about yours.

Is having sex during a pandemic even a good idea, especially if you prefer to go the casual, no-strings-attached route? How can you take good care of yourself sexually, and what do you need to know about staying safe at the same time? What are some good ways to connect with others on a sexual level right now if doing things the old-fashioned way isn’t an option? Let’s take a closer look at the answers to those questions and more.

How Safe Is Sex Right Now?

While social distancing is certainly necessary, it’s also making it hard to have a dating life of any kind. Not only are the bars and clubs you’d usually hit up closed until further notice, but the likelihood of having a chance interaction lead to casual sex is pretty slim. You know you can’t be out and about looking for sex, but does that mean you shouldn’t be having it at all?

Whether or not it’s safe to have sex right now depends on your circumstances. If you’re already living with someone you get busy with on occasion, it’s unlikely that continuing to head to pound town during the pandemic will add much to the risk factor for either person. The same goes for regular sex partners who live separately, but alone, and have both been working from home.

As far as what the experts know about how coronavirus spreads, it’s respiratory. You’re probably fine having sex in your home (or someone else’s) so long as caution is exercised, but public sex should be considered a no-no right now for sure.

Are Some Types of Sex Safer Than Others?

Not much research has been done on just how safe or unsafe different types of sexual contact are right now, but some options are thought to be safer than others. Here are some risk-reducing guidelines to keep in mind if you do elect to have sex during the pandemic.

  • Keep kissing to a minimum to minimize contact with actual saliva.
  • Choose positions that find you facing away from one another instead of doing it face-to-face.
  • Be careful with anal play, as there’s some evidence the virus can be spread via fecal matter. If you’re determined to keep backdoor play on the menu, do it safely with condoms, lube, a proper warm-up, and so forth.
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Should I Have Sex With Someone New?

Going out in search of casual sex with one or more people you don’t know at all isn’t the best idea in a pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with anyone new on a sexual basis at all, especially if you like keeping things casual. Now’s a great time to let yourself off the leash with some dirty chat or a few X-rated phone calls for sure. Send all the sexy selfies and sexts you want as well.

Give some serious thought to meeting up with anyone new in person. If you can hang with a contactless way to have sex, you’re strongly urged to simply do that. If you do decide to meet up in person, make sure you use good judgment to minimize the risks to the greatest extent possible.

  • How is the current state of things in your community? Are there few to no reported cases or are you living in virus central?
  • Have both of you been completely isolated for at least the last two weeks? Has either of you had contact with someone known to have tested positive? What is the likelihood of exposure for each of you when all factors are taken into consideration?
  • If you do make plans to meet up and either of you develops a fever or any other symptoms, cancel. No exceptions. No guilt trips.

Always exercise common sense when considering a casual in-person hookup in these uncertain times. Consider exploring contactless ways to be as naughty and sexual as you want to be until it’s a little safer to get back to business as usual.

Social distancing is tough for everyone right now, but we’re lucky to have lots of different ways to stay connected and meet new people regardless. Now is a great time to polish your profile on your go-to dating app of choice, as well as to practice your X-rated selfie-taking skills. You’re also at liberty to chat up as many hotties as you want at a distance. Be creative and stay safe!

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Matt Manes

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