7 Major Benefits of Hooking Up with an Older Woman

When most people think of relationships, flings, or hookup situations involving an age gap, they typically picture an older man with a younger woman. And yes, there are lots of reasons why a red-blooded, pleasure-loving man might want to hook up with someone hot and young.

However, hooking up with an older woman comes attached to some serious benefits, as well. Here’s a closer look at a few of the many reasons why exploring the possibilities with an older woman is well worth your while.

1. She knows what she wants

The older people get, the better they come to know themselves and the more comfortable they are with their actual needs and desires.

An older woman not only knows what she wants out of her connections with the men she dates, but she’s not afraid to let you know that.

You won’t have to deal with all the hints and beating around the bush that might be typical with a younger woman. But you should be aware that older women don’t want to deal with that sort of thing, either, so be prepared to leave all the immature mind games at the door.

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2. She’s at her sexual peak

When it comes to the issue of sheer horniness, younger men and older women tend to make especially beautiful music together.

A man is at his sexual peak when he’s younger, but women tend to be hornier and more sexual throughout their 30s and 40s.

Older women tend to have more fantasies, crave sex more often, and be more open to new or unusual sexual experiences. And quite a few older women actually prefer younger men for their insatiability and ability to keep up with them in the bedroom.

3.      She knows what she’s doing

An older woman’s days of having no idea how to conduct herself between the sheets are generally long over with by the time she’s thinking about dating younger men.

She’s been there, she’s done that, and she can likely teach you a thing or two.

So if you like the idea of hooking up with a woman who not only knows how to please a man but is more than willing to share her know-how, definitely try going with someone older. It’s likely to be a good time on a level you don’t even understand yet.

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4. She’s unlikely to be clingy

Most older women – especially those who like to hook up with younger men – are pretty secure in themselves. They know who they are, they’re independent, and they’re relatively well-established in life. They’re also used to relationships of all different kinds.

That said, you’re less likely to hook up with an older woman for a little no-strings-attached fun and unwittingly find yourself dealing with a stage five clinger instead.

She’s emotionally mature enough to handle a hookup without needing it to become something more.

5. She’s past being baby-crazy

Although an older woman who’s still on the younger side may still ultimately be looking to get married and have children if she hasn’t already done it, older women are generally past the point in their lives where they’re desperate to experience those things. In fact, they’re more likely to be past all that altogether.

Many older women are divorced, already have kids, and aren’t interested in having more. Others have either deliberately chosen to remain child-free or are past the point of worrying about their biological clock. In other words, they’re more likely to be interested in sex for its own sake.

6. She’ll accept you for who you are

Younger people – women included – tend to be much more idealistic regarding their approach to dating, sex, and relationships. For that reason, they’re more likely to have a specific idea of what a good relationship or male partner is like, and most will often attempt to change the men they date to fit that picture.

An older woman has been dating long enough to know you can’t change people and shouldn’t try.

Instead, she’s into dating and hooking up for how the connections she makes make her feel. She’s all about living in the moment and accepting people (and situations) for what they are.

7. She’s not about drama

An older woman will be sick and tired of drama and looking for a guy who feels the same. She’s over playing games, and she’s not here to waste her time. So, if that’s how you feel, as well, then you’ll love what dating older does for your life.

In other words, older women really don’t get enough love when it comes to what they bring to the table romantically and sexually.

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So, if you’re looking to have the time of your life with someone sexy who’s likely on the same page you are, hook up with an older woman. You won’t be sorry.

Ruth Thomas

Ruth Thomas

Hi! My name is Ruth! I am a sex therapist and a happily married swinger (for 20 years now).

I have a PhD in human sexuality and a masters in counseling. I've been helping people improve their sex lives for over 25 years.

I am a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) and the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM).

I'm here to help people explore their sexuality and find what works for them. Whether it's with one partner or many, in a committed relationship or not, I believe that everyone deserves to experience the joys of a fulfilling sexual life.