How to Use Your Sense of Humor to Get Laid More Often

Although there are lots of qualities that can instantly make a person infinitely more attractive to potential partners, an amazing sense of humor just might be the most powerful. Even research supports the idea that sexual attraction and humor are absolutely connected to one another.

For example, one study placed male and female college students in a speed dating situation, after which they were asked to rate each date on several factors, including both sense of humor and overall attractiveness. Not only were funnier people consistently rated more attractive, but this was especially the case when it came to women rating men.

Women love men who can make them laugh. If you want to get laid more often and be more attractive to women, in general, you’ll want to learn how. Here’s a closer look at how it all works.

Steer clear of low-brow humor

Although there are always exceptions to every rule, most women don’t respond well to low-value humor. While your friends might find fart jokes or crude insults hilarious. That’s not going to be the case for the hottie at the bar or that sexy coworker you’ve been trying to get closer to.

The same goes for attempts at humor that involve making merciless fun of other people, ripping others apart, or otherwise putting someone else down for a cheap laugh. Yes, women love humor in a man, but they also value compassion. Guys who get laid often are guys who’ve found a way to serve up both.

Try some playful teasing

If you’ve ever had a flirty conversation that involved some zingy teasing banter, then you don’t need to be told how powerful it can be when done properly. It’s a great way to get a fun, energetic dialogue going between the two of you that has a lot of potential for more.

Just make sure you tease her in a playful, lighthearted way with an open, genuine smile on your face, so she knows everything’s happening in good fun. For example, you can playfully accuse her of hitting on you or trying to get you drunk (even if she totally isn’t). But stay far away from actual negging or put-downs that could hurt her feelings or make the wrong impression.

Make it a back-and-forth thing

Charming a woman with humor isn’t about firing joke after joke at her in the hope that one of them will get her laughing. You’re not a standup comic on a stage trying to entertain an audience. You’re a human being trying to connect with another human being through humor, so it’s important to act that way.

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Funny guys who always go home with the girl make humor an interactive experience. They encourage a sense of connection by inviting women to joke along with them. It’s a terrific way to get someone to associate you with positive feelings and the concept of having a good time, in general.

Master the art of storytelling

Effective humor is never, ever forced. Instead, it flows naturally and intuitively. And it doesn’t have to be all jokes, pick-up lines, and cheesy laughs, either. In fact, nothing endears one person to another person more quickly than a great story. And if you can find a way to bring humor into the mix, that’s even better.

That said, it’s a good idea to have a few funny stories from your life primed and ready to go so you’re always prepared. Figure out the best way to bring them to life from start to finish, and practice telling them until it’s second nature. And be sure to tell them in a way that gets you into the process, as well. Great storytellers relive their stories as they tell them, and it has a powerful effect on listeners.

Take care not to overdo it

Being able to use laughter to break the ice with someone new and help women have a good time with you is terrific. Being labeled as someone who jokes around all the time, on the other hand, is not so good. You run the risk of being labeled a jokester and winding up with a one-way ticket to the friend zone.

Just relax and be yourself. Every guy has his own style when it comes to humor. So don’t waste your energy trying to settle on the “right” jokes. Instead, just be open and genuine. Be funny when it makes sense and your instincts tell you it’s the right time. But don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, as well.

Remember, women like genuine, easygoing men who are fun to be around and who make them feel it’s okay to be themselves. Ultimately, the key to connecting with other people – especially women – is to focus on how you make them feel, because that will always be their takeaway. Relax, be at ease, and do your best to put the other person at ease, too. It works.

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