How to Tease Your Partner Like an Absolute Pro

Whether you’re just looking to have a little easy fun or hoping for something more, it’s only natural to want a hook-up with someone new to go perfectly. A sweet, slow, seductive tease is a great way to make sure that happens. Everyone likes to be teased a little, but it’s up to you to turn your own routine into the fine art it can be.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking teasing is only a good fit for new encounters though. Teasing is just as effective a way to keep sex with a long-term partner smoking hot. The following are a few tips to keep in mind to get you started and leave absolutely any lover begging for more.

Play to What They Like

Although there are certain things just about everyone likes when it comes to being teased, the best teasing sessions are tailored to fit the person’s unique tastes. If you’ve been with your partner a while, they’ve likely dropped at least a few tidbits as to what they like. Use those things to your advantage.

If you’re looking to impress a one-night stand or a casual lay, you can always just ask them what they’re into. Confessing your innermost desires to someone else, especially someone you’re unlikely to see again, can be incredibly hot. Plus, it’s about as informative as it gets when it comes to how to proceed.

Set the Scene Properly

Your setting of choice matters when it comes to a good tease, so do your best to give it some thought ahead of time. Pick your ensemble for the evening with a possible teasing session in mind. Yes, it should be red hot sexy, but it should also be easy to slip out of or take off as well. Think loose and slinky over tight and impractical!

The rest of the details matter as well. Make sure you’re well-groomed and fresh smelling. Take moment to set the mood a little as well. Sexy music can make a massive difference in how seductive a given scene feels. Mood lighting is sultry, as well as super flattering, so don’t be afraid to dim the overheads or light some candles.

Let Them Look but Not Touch

Nothing’s more maddening in all the right ways than getting to feast your eyes on someone you want without being allowed to touch them. Treat your lover to all the views you know they love most. If you don’t know the person well enough to know their biggest weaknesses by heart, play it by ear. Think about what others have said is sexiest about you, and put it into play.

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Consider doing a full-on strip tease, but employing a strict “hands off” rule from the get-go. (Alternatively, you can treat them to a little self-pleasure show.) Let them enjoy the tantalizing sight of you as you move your body and show off your best features. Get maddeningly close to them. It will drive your lover crazy and make them truly hungry for the moment when they’re finally allowed to touch you all they like.

Try a Little Dirty Talk

Never underestimate the power of the right words spoken in a husky tone of voice or whispered directly into someone’s ear at the right moment. Tell them how badly you want them. Share some examples of a few naughty things you’d like them to do to you when the time is right. Ask them to reciprocate with a few choice scenarios of their own. It’ll be a serious turn-on for both of you.

If you’re looking forward to an encounter that will be happening later that day, consider getting the ball rolling early with a few spicy text messages sent back and forth while they’re going about their day. If you’re game, feel free to include a sexy selfie or two as well. Just take care not to show them too much. You want to save that for the main event.

Let Your Fantasies Out to Play

Teasing a partner should be just as much about realizing a fantasy for yourself as it is for them. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your teasing. If there’s an idea you’d like to try because it’s always turned you on, share it with your partner and ask them to help you make your fantasy come true. They’re sure to be happy to oblige. Alternatively, you can flip the script. Tell the other person you’d like to be their fantasy for the night, and have fun making their dream come true.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t take much to turn any sexual encounter into something irresistibly alluring that will leave your lover thinking about you for a long time to come. Just do what comes naturally, read signals from your partner as to how to proceed, and enjoy.

Matt Manes

Matt Manes

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