Sugar Mamas 101: Why You Might Want One and How to Attract One

It’s an equal-opportunity world out there these days, and there are more different ways to approach relationships and dating than you might think.

That said, if you’re a handsome, charming guy who appreciates driven, successful women of the world, you may have fantasized about landing a sugar mama and living life as a trophy boyfriend for a while.

But is that really a viable option for a man these days? And how does one go about becoming the kind of man who appeals to a sexy, well-to-do woman of means who could honestly have any man she wants?

Here’s a closer look at what you need to know.

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Why Would a Man Become a Trophy Boyfriend?

In a society that still largely defines a man by what he earns and how capable he is of supporting not only himself but potentially also a wife and family, flipping the script can feel empowering for both men and women.

Some women would much rather be sugar mamas who call the shots in their relationships.

Some men prefer to be pampered, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Guys who make great trophy boyfriends are guys who like being shown off and taken care of. And having a sugar mama can open up a younger man’s world by giving him more wiggle room when it comes to figuring out what he really wants to do with his life.

Plus, older, worldlier women are sexy, and what guy wouldn’t want to try a relationship with someone like that?

How to Attract a Sugar Mama Who’d Like a Trophy Boyfriend

So how does a guy who’s interested in trying the trophy boyfriend life on for size actually do that? The following tips are great places to start.

Make your looks a priority

Sugar mamas typically like to show their men off a little. That said, guys who make great potential trophy boyfriends tend to be extremely good-looking and well-kept from an appearance standpoint. So, start by reinvesting in your looks.

Turn those gym workouts into top priorities, and make sure you pump plenty of iron while you’re there. Take impeccable care of your hair and skin. Dress the part. Pay attention to finishing touches like a nice tan and well-manicured nails, as well. High-value women appreciate attention to detail.

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Network with the right people

If you want to try your hand at achieving trophy boyfriend status one day, then you need to get comfortable hanging out where powerful, well-to-do people hang out.

Widen your collective circle of friends, and rub elbows with folks who know important people.

Explore interests, venues, hobbies, and events that appeal to the type of women you’d like to meet.

Think fundraisers, museum openings, top-tier sports tournaments, and more.

The more time you spend around wealthy, successful people, the better your chances of meeting the type of woman looking to become a sugar mama.

Become as well-rounded as possible

While looks and sex appeal are essential if you really want to try life as a trophy boyfriend, they’re not all that matter. Your potential future sugar mama is also looking for a man who can hold up his end of an intelligent conversation.

So don’t forget to spend time working on your mind and social acumen once you’re done at the gym.

Follow current events and stay on top of the news. Pursue a meaningful hobby or interest that you’re genuinely passionate about. Study something that means something to you, and throw yourself into it.

Work on giving women the fairytale

Part of what a would-be sugar mama looks for when she seeks out a trophy boyfriend is the fairytale she’s fantasized about her whole life. So, the more capable you are of giving a wealthy, successful woman what she’s looking for on that level, the better your chances of becoming a trophy boyfriend.

Be the type of guy who’s charming, cultured, and so much more than meets the eye. Learn how to cook, dance, or speak another language.

And successful women love men who care, as well, so consider volunteering or otherwise spending some of your time giving back.

Be the dream boy a powerful woman would want if she could have anyone.

At the end of the day, there’s a lot to love about being the trophy boyfriend to a sexy, affluent older woman. It feels good to be charming, admired, adored, and pampered. Especially when you’re still young and in the process of figuring life out. And giving a wonderful woman exactly the kind of relationship she’s always dreamed of feels good, too.

So, don’t be afraid to try it if you think the trophy boy life might be a good fit for where you’re at right now. Even if it’s not something you’re interested in permanently, it can still be incredibly fun and stimulating while it lasts.

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Ruth Thomas

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