Women Are Flocking To New Hookup Apps In The Wake of Ashley Madison

Anyone with even the most casual interest in online adult dating has already seen all the news reports about a website called Ashley Madison that recently got itself hacked by thieves seeking to expose their adult dating community to all sorts of privacy problems. Now, the millions of women who had profiles on that site are flocking to new hookup apps as they seek out men to date on sites that have a much better understanding of the importance of being discreet, and keeping their data secure. So, where are all these sexy dating enthusiasts going? It’s pretty easy to see where and why they are choosing some booty call sites over others.

Why Going Offline Wasn’t The Answer:

“I had my own account on AM for a while, and I was pretty pissed off when I saw what happened to it” said Lauren M. “I seriously thought about closing all my dating accounts, but these days the best guys are all using online dating sites. I mean, if you want a guy with a good career and an active lifestyle, he doesn’t have time to waste sitting around in some bar or loitering around the gym.

The best men are the ones who have the least time to find dates, so they use dating sites, and that means women who want to find them need to be on quality dating sites as well. What I decided to do was become much more careful about reading the terms of service and privacy policy statements of the sites I join from now on.”

In Terms And Privacy Policies We Trust

Even with all the media coverage about the Ashley Madison meltdown, very few news outlets have grasped the fact that AM had a lot of dubious things buried deep in their terms pages. “I had no idea AM was asking for extra fees to completely remove a profile of anyone that wanted to close their account,” said Lynda D. “That’s so wrong, and yet they said so, right on their Terms page – so the real lesson here is to make sure you join sites worthy of your trust.”

The clarity and the privacy measures already in place on Mixxxer are important. “Reading through their published Privacy Policy it said straight away: ‘We DO NOT sell or rent any of your Personal Data to third parties for marketing purposes without your permission or consent’ and Mixxxer is committed to protecting the security of your Personal Data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. We use a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to help protect your Personal Data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure’ – I understand that nobody can 100% guarantee absolute privacy on the internet, but it’s clear from their terms that people at Mixxxer are doing all they can to keep my personal information secure. What matters most to me is the fact that they don’t have any of the nonsense in their terms that AM tried to get away with… it’s a real company offering a quality service and they don’t hide the ball at all.”

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The Best Hookup Sites Work Because They Have The Right Audience:

Almost immediately after the Ashley Madison news broke, a few very vanilla sites had gotten temporary bumps of interest from women looking for no strings attached dates online. Tinder for example asks for very little information and the swipe style of their interface makes women feel safer in some cases. Of course Tinder is a very ‘mainstream’ community and unfortunately that means it includes plenty of non-adults, which makes it a very awkward platform to use if you are a women who is looking to find sex tonight with a desirable man who wants to hook up in your local area.

“Tinder, eHarmony and Match may sound like a good idea at first, just because you see them on television ads all the time but they didn’t have what I was looking for, so I moved on quickly,” Cheryl T. explained. “It’s silly that so many people pretend every dating sites is only about a bunch of guys looking for sex. Who exactly do those know-it-alls think these men are having sex with lol! I know just as many women trying to live up to the lifestyle Kim Cattrall portrayed brilliantly as Samantha in Sex and the City. As a women you can’t publicly act like you want it or you end up getting slut-shamed by coworkers and family members, but in the right online dating community – women can finally be who we want to be and it’s such a freeing experience.”

“I went from Ashley Madison to Coffee Meets Bagel, because I had seen their owners on an episode of Shark Tank a few months ago,” explained Charlotte K. “What surprised me as how slow things move over there. I’m not looking to be somebody’s pen pal, and those long drawn out back and forth messages slowed everything down to a crawl. When I find someone who interests me, I want to meet them and see if we click or not… why waste time talking in circles? I don’t get that at all. That’s what I liked about AM in the first place, if nothing else at least the people on there all got right to the point. That’s the one thing Mixxxer has in common with that community and it makes a big difference.”

Junk Sale Sites Like Craigslist Also Got Some Early Interest

Some women have taken the surprising step of moving on to hookup sites with personals like craigslist, but that’s not what those sites were really intended to be used for at all. In fact, Craigslist and eBay are really great places to buy a used couch or an old lamp, but unless you want your dating life to be treated like odds and ends at a garage sale they don’t have the interface, search tools or privacy policies in place to keep you in your comfort zone if you’re a cougar prowling for a next companion online.

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“It’s true you can find almost anything on a site like Craigslist, but that’s also the problem with using it as a dating option” according to Tina S. “You feel like the guy you are chatting with was there to find a new fishing pole and happened to come across your profile in the process. There’s so many ‘talkers’ there and I’m looking for potential dates who are serious about getting together in real life.”

Dating sites built specifically to attract and entertain people interested in meeting local singles, swingers, or open minded couples do a lot to help you filter out spectators so you can focus your time on finding the right match, or move on quickly when you find a potential mate who turns out to be Mr. NotRightNow.

All of That Has Been Bringing Many Former AM Women To Mixxxer

“For me personally, the answer turns out to be Mixxxer. I don’t know that it’s a perfect fit for everyone, but Mixxxer has so much of what I was looking for when I left AM in the dust” said Kristen K. “Right from the start, I was glad to see on their main page they have been featured in places like Cosmopolitan, The Daily Dot, Cleo, MTV, BetaBeat and beyond. The site is definitely for adults only, which is a big relief, but it’s also well known in the public eye and clearly has been active for a long time. The Mixxxer app interface is every bit as slick as the one Tinder offers people – it just happens to focus on the kind of open minded people I want to play with and leaves all the squares to find their own fun somewhere else.”

We appreciate the kind words and are very pleased to welcome all of the newly eligible women who have created accounts here on Mixxxer in recent weeks, and will do all we can to continue providing you with the safest, most secure and discreet dating platform possible” said Michael Manes, Founder of Mixxxxer.com “We understand the importance of protecting your privacy, because we use Mixxxer as well to find our own dates, and this community continues to grow mostly because so many of our members tell a friend about us. We thank you for choosing Mixxxer and our support staff is always available to assist you, so feel free to contact us any time if we can be of service.

Matt Manes

Matt Manes

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