How to Have Better Vacations by Leveraging Your Dating Apps

Vacations can be about a lot of things. But most of all, they’re about decompressing and having a terrific time, whatever that might mean to you. If you’re like most guys, then the idea of getting laid goes hand in hand with the notion of really enjoying your time off.

If you’re in a relationship or seeing someone you’ll be taking with you on vacation, then you’re all set. But what if you’re single and not particularly comfortable approaching strangers in person? That’s where your favorite dating apps can come in handy. Here’s a closer look at how to use yours to make your next vacation one to remember.

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Make sure you’re using the right app

These days, you’ve really got your options open as far as different dating apps go, so if one’s not your bag, you can bet another one is a great fit. If you’re new to apps, in general, consider taking a couple for a trial run while you’re still technically at home base. (The last thing you want to be doing while you’re away is trying to figure out a new platform.)

And if your travels will be taking you far from home, don’t simply assume that the app you like best is as popular where you’re going as it might be where you live. Do some research on which options people like at your destination, and choose accordingly.

Chat people up in advance

Although there’s definitely nothing wrong with using dating apps to meet someone on the spot when you’re in the mood for a little something, don’t simply assume that’s your only option. As anyone who’s ever had an internet romance that led to a meet-up can tell you, sometimes sex is a lot more fun when you build up to it.

That said, many dating apps have a distance function these days, especially for members willing to upgrade to a premium experience. (Tinder’s passport function is just one great example.) Consider using options like these to find a potential destination match before your vacation. You can get to know each other bit in advance and give any possible chemistry a chance to reach its full potential before you get down to business.

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Make temporary updates to your profile

Whether you’re hoping to meet and get to know someone promising in advance, plan to meet people on the fly, or both, it’s essential to be upfront about your situation. And in a day and age when casual sex is increasingly socially acceptable, there’s really no reason not to.

A temporary update to your profile bio, letting people know what your plans are and what you are and aren’t looking for, can help limit the number of times you need to explain things from scratch. However, you’ll still need to manage people’s expectations to some extent, so just be honest. There are more people out there open to casual encounters than you might think.

Prioritize your safety

While most women grow up cautious and instinctively see safety as a priority when dating, men tend to be less concerned. But that doesn’t make safety any less important. Men can still wind up the victims of scams or worse, so make sure you play things safe when meeting up with new people – especially when away from home.

If you’re getting to know someone in advance, peep at their social media to make sure they are who they say they are. (Talking to them over the phone or FaceTime is also a smart idea.) Tell a friend or family member about your plans, too, just in case. And don’t be afraid to trust your gut if anything seems off about the other person or any of your plans.

Stay grounded, but keep an open mind

If you’re new to hooking up over dating apps or to the special magic that comes along with a vacation meet-up, then you should know it’s important to keep things in perspective. Decide upfront what you are and aren’t open to. Set ground rules for yourself accordingly, as well as boundaries with anyone you do hook up with.

And be sure to keep an open mind. Hooking up while on vacation is a lot like doing it at home in that sometimes things just don’t go as planned. So don’t sweat it if a meet-up bombs or if someone ghosts you. Shake it off, keep in mind that you’re there to have fun, and then do exactly that.

So, while there’s no law that says you have to use your dating apps when you’re away from home, they can be great ways for singles to add an extra layer of fun and magic to their time away from home. Don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities.

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