Red Hot Summer Flings: Why They Rock and How to Have a Great One

It goes pretty much without saying that summer just isn’t summer until you’re having as much fun as possible. Yes, summer vacations and lazy weekends beating the heat by the pool are part of that. But it’s only natural to want to punch things up in the sex department, as well, especially if you’re single or otherwise available.

That’s why a hot, casual fling is so often the X-factor that takes a summer from good to unforgettable. Here’s a closer look at why you should consider having one and how to make it one for the record books if you do.

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Why Have a Summer Fling?

Although there’s definitely nothing wrong with committed relationships meant to go the distance, a connection doesn’t need to have “forever potential” to be worth having. In fact, there are benefits to entertaining one both parties know is merely temporary.

  • Summer flings encourage people to live in the present for a change instead of always looking ahead toward the future.
  • The fleeting nature of a summer fling is what makes it so mega-hot. When you know there’s a limit on your time together, you tend to make the most of your time.
  • Flings add up to a good time both in and out of the bedroom – golden opportunities to make memories you’ll be thinking about (and telling stories about) for a lifetime.
  • Adding a fling to the mix makes your entire summer more magical thanks to all the feel-good hormones you’ll be producing.

Granted, summer flings aren’t for everyone. But if you’re the kind of person who enjoys casual sex and opportunities to connect with different people, you absolutely owe it to yourself to try one this summer.

How to Have a Truly Memorable Summer Fling

Amazing summer flings are ultimately all about choosing the right person, as well as maintaining the right attitude toward the whole process. Here are some tips for getting things right.

Know what you want

Everyone’s different as far as what an ideal summer fling looks like, so figure out where you stand on all that. Because when all is said and done, you’re only going to want to spend so much of your summer in bed.

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So, are you an active type who loves to surf, hike, or play sports? Maybe you’re a movie buff, a foodie, or a music lover who likes to make your summers about taking those interests to the next level. Seek out a fling partner who likes those things, too, so that you always have a date.

Be open to opportunity

If there’s one thing that’s never in short supply in the summertime, it’s people who are primed and ready to have a great time. So, keep your eyes open for great opportunities to connect with hot people that get you excited on lots of different levels.

Spending the summer away from home? Hook up with a sexy local or fellow vacationer who’s into the idea of a fling, too. Planning a staycation at home? Try frequenting some new hangout spots or hooking up with someone who’s only in town temporarily over a dating app or on social media.

Get your flirt on

When you’re not even potentially looking for anything long-term, there’s really no reason not to go for broke and live out your wildest fantasies if that’s what you’d like. You can go after people you’d never normally consider. And you can be any version of yourself you please, so go ahead and get your flirt on.

Break out your best lines and your go-to moves. Lean into any chemistry you feel. And don’t be afraid to make your move sooner rather than later. Time is of the essence.

Set boundaries early

Summer flings are like friends-with-benefits relationships in that they’re most successful when both people have firm boundaries in place right from the get-go. So be honest with your fling partner about your intentions. If you’re not open to anything serious (or if you are), be upfront about it.

And set boundaries with yourself, too, as it’s easier than you think to wind up catching feelings, especially if the other person is seriously great. Avoid doing or saying anything that feels too meaningful for comfort.

Date other people, too

Summer flings don’t have to be exclusive, even for the season, and it’s often better if they’re not. Be open to dating other people, too, and encourage your fling partner to do the same. Remember, it’s summer, and you’re supposed to be having as much fun as you can handle.

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Just make sure you’re also being sexually responsible. Use condoms, don’t take chances with birth control, and look out for your emotional well-being (as well as your partner’s).

Ultimately, a summer fling is what you make of it, and it’s totally possible for it to be the very thing that makes your summer unforgettable. Having a great time is all about approaching it the right way and staying realistic from start to finish.

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