12 Expert Tips for Having a Stellar Vacation Fling

Vacations are so wonderful because they have the potential to be whatever you want them to be. They can be relaxing or exhilarating. They can be all about blazing new trails and having the adventure of a lifetime or they can be about unwinding and taking it easy instead. At their best, vacations are all about getting away from it all and being open to new experiences of all types. What better time to try something a little different in the romance department?

Vacations flings are a great way to add a dose of fun and excitement to your time spent away from home, especially if you’ll be flying solo. However, finding the right person for sex and to enjoy one with can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look or get something started. The following tips can help you not only choose the right candidate for a vacation fling, but ensure that the experience is everything you’re looking for (and nothing you’re not) as well.

1. Know a little bit of the language.

If you’re going far enough away from home base that people will actually be speaking another language there, consider treating yourself to a crash course in that language before you go (or even while you’re there, if having a fling is a spur of the moment decision). Invest in a pocket dictionary or install a handy translation app on your trusty smartphone. You’ll be that much more likely to hook up with a local if you can communicate on at least a basic level. Plus, sometimes a fling is that much more fun when the person you hook up with can double as a tour guide or introduce you to a bit of what it’s like to actually live somewhere full time.

2. Be outgoing and open.

Meeting someone worth having a fling with while you’re away from home is a lot like meeting someone to hook up with at home. You’ve got to be willing to come out of your shell and put yourself out there a little. The key to success hereCouple on vacation is to be outgoing. Instead of keeping to yourself, chat people up. Be the friendliest, most sociable version of yourself. Definitely talk to people you normally wouldn’t if you were at home. Remember, vacations are all about doing things differently than you normally would and you never know who you might really click with.

3. Embrace new activities and experiences.

Whether you’re spending a week on a five-star cruise ship or relaxing for the weekend at a sunny island resort, there will be no shortage of opportunities to do some things you’ve never done before. Bars, restaurants, and clubs aren’t the only places you might meet a potential fling partner. Be active and sign up for activities like bungee jumping, scuba diving, hiking, or anything else that lets you enjoy being active and adventurous in the company of other people. The more out of character the activity, the better! Sharing a new experience is a great way to bond with others. The worst that can happen is you make a few memories and a couple of new friends, right?

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4. Hang out at the right places.

Beach partyAlthough no two vacation destinations are alike, most places do have a couple of hot spots visitors can go if they’d like to mingle with the locals or hook up with someone while they’re in town. It could be a venue like a club or a specific bar. It could be a neighborhood, a street full of touristy things to do, or even just the pool area at the place you’re staying. Research the area where you’re going or chat up locals to find out where that spot is. Then make sure you spend plenty of downtime there.

5. Make sure your intentions are transparent.

Again, as with dating at home, it’s really important to be open and honest from the get-go about what you are and aren’t looking for. Casual sex and dating just for the fun of it are no longer the no-no’s they might have been years ago. You no longer need to lie to anyone about your intentions in order to get laid, so don’t. There are plenty of other folks out there that are totally looking for the same no-strings-attached flings you are, especially at your typical vacation destination. If anything, being up front about it will probably increase your chances of actually having one.

6. Make good use of dating apps.

Dating apps and hookup interfaces are absolute godsends when it comes to finding folks to have a meaningless fling with. This is especially the case if you’re only going to be somewhere for the weekend or otherwise don’t have a lot of extra time to spend exploring the local hookup scene. Try an option like Mixxxer that caters specifically to people looking for casual encounters. Mixxxer finds you matches via the GPS function on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, so it works just as well at getting you laid when you’re away as it does when you’re on home turf.

7. Put your usual dating rules on ice.

If you’re like most people, you have your share of rules and routines you stick to when you’re dating. Consider sticking a pin in them and leaving them at home where they belong. So long as you’re being careful, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing things a little differently. Remember, the less time you waste waiting the “proper” amount of time to call a hot hookup and request a repeat performance, the more time you get to spend actually having the time of your life.

8. Be open-minded about where you have sex.

If you’re traveling solo and have a nice hotel room all to yourself, more power to you, but not every vacation works out that way. Whether you’re backpacking your way through Europe, roughing it in the woods somewhere, or need to beCouple on a boat discreet while you’re traveling with family, it pays to keep your options open when it comes to where a possible hookup with a sexy local might happen. Be open to getting it on places you might not normally consider. Just make sure you also pay attention to laws, social norms, and similar concerns to avoid getting into trouble.

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9. Make safety a top priority.

Safety’s always important when it comes to hooking up, but it’s even more so when you’re away from home. If you’re on vacation hoping to have a fling, make a habit of keeping condoms on you at all times and insist on using them ifMan pulling condom out of pocket you do get lucky. Not only is this the best way to make sure you have protection on you when you need it most, but there’s always the chance condom quality isn’t everything you expect it to be elsewhere in the world. Take care of your personal safety as well by making sure to tell a friend where you’ll be if you decide to go meet someone. Keep a phone charger on you at all times too.

10. Go ahead and go a little crazy.

The non-negotiable shelf life on a vacation fling can feel either limiting or totally freeing depending on how you look at it. Who says a romantic or sexual connection has to have a future before it’s deemed worth having? Sometimes knowing you only have a few beautiful days or weeks together is just the catalyst you need to really let loose and have the time of your life. Let yourself get swept up in your own private rom-com for a little while. Although that experience may be fleeting, you’ll be looking back on it fondly for years to come.

11. Date against your usual type.

There’s no better time to give into the temptation to hook up with someone totally wrong for you than a vacation away from home. Remember, you’re not looking for a future with anyone, just a few days or weeks of hot, meaninglessMan and tattooed woman looking at eachother experiences with someone you’re wildly attracted to. That said, go ahead and give yourself permission to date a smoking hot starving artist or a dark, brooding street musician. Now is the time to really spice things up on a level you wouldn’t feel comfortable with at home. YOLO, right?

12. Compartmentalize your experiences.

What happens away from home should stay away from home. If you find yourself catching feelings for someone you’re having a no strings attached temporary fling with, resist the urge to suggest the two of you extend the expiration date on your romance. Don’t exchange phone numbers or add each other on social media (unless you truly think the both of you can handle being just friends). A vacation fling is meant to be part of a fun break from reality, so let it be that. Allow the person (or people) you hooked up with to become a series of hot, sexy memories to look back on in the future instead of trying to turn your experience into something it just isn’t. In the end, you’ll be grateful you did.

Matt Manes

Matt Manes

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