Summer Flings Rock: Here’s Why You Should Have One

Flings may not be for everyone, but if they’re for you, there’s no better way to make summer that much sweeter. After all, a connection with another person doesn’t need to be serious or long-term to be worth having, especially if you’re single and available. Here’s a closer look at why a summer fling is an awesome experience that’s well worth adding to your bucket list for the season.

Flings are just plain fun.

When you’re not choosing a potential partner with “forever” in mind, you’re free to pick someone who gets your blood pumping right now. Who cares whether they’ll make a good parent one day or live close enough for anything long-term to be practical? All that matters right now is whether they’ll make your summer more fun.

That said, don’t worry too much about the person’s credit score or their career aspirations. Are they hot? Does the idea of spending the next few months jumping their bones turn you on? Are they fun to be with and down for making this summer one for the record books? If so, then they’re great summer fling material.

Flings are great ways to get over an ex.

If you’re starting summer fresh out of a serious relationship, then it goes without saying another long-term relationship is the last thing you need. A summer fling, on the other hand, may be just the thing for leaving the bad feelings behind quickly enough to make the most of your summer in all the right ways. Flings are all about having fun in good company, not foolishly making another serious commitment before you’re ready for it.

Plus, let’s face it. Knowing your ex is turning pea-green with envy thanks to the hottie you’re spending your summer with is just plain fun. A fling can do the job of helping you transition to life without your ex as well. You’ll come out of it truly ready for singlehood or (eventually) another relationship, as well as excited for whatever’s coming next.

Flings let you experiment in ways you usually wouldn’t.

When you explore a connection with another person that comes complete with a limited shelf life, something fantastic happens. All that pressure you normally feel to impress someone, be on your best behavior, and prove you’re long-term relationship material simply disappears. Instead, you’re free to do anything, be anything, and explore anything you like.

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You don’t have to worry about whether your go-to fetish will disqualify you as a potential life partner. It doesn’t matter what your parents will think of the person or whether they’ll get along with your eccentric relatives. Instead, you can focus on the good stuff that comes with connecting to someone else – the fun stuff.

Flings teach you a lot about yourself.

If you’re still in the process of figuring out what you want in a more serious relationship partner, a fling could prove helpful in ways you never imagined. Think of it as a no-strings-attached trial run for the real thing. You can use your time together to get to know yourself as a person on a whole new level as well.

You might come out of the process with a new understanding of how important raw animal attraction is to you in someone you’re dating. You may discover that with the right person by your side, you have the potential to be fearless, passionate, carefree, and sexually adventurous. You could find out you love bungee jumping or can’t live without homemade pizza in your life. Take a chance, see what happens, and bring what you learn with you when it’s time for your fling to end.

Flings allow for infinite possibilities.

The great thing about a fling is it doesn’t come attached to any set rules that you absolutely must follow. Make sure you’re having safe sex and being emotionally responsible with one another. Beyond that though, anything goes. Just looking for a ready source of hot sex to get you through those long days and hot nights? Need someone you can call who’s always down for anything? Want a great way to make your summer memorable and magical? A fling is perfect.

Make sure your fling is the stuff sweet memories are made of by choosing your fling partner carefully. They don’t have to have the potential to become your forever love, but they do need to be on the same page as you. Whether you’re open to the possibility of something more if the summer goes well or are strictly interested in no-strings-attached sex, make sure you’re open and honest with the person upfront so that things stay drama-free.

Online dating and hookup interfaces like are perfect for finding hot, fun singles like yourself who are just as down to have a great time this summer. Open yourself up to the possibilities and log on today!

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Matt Manes

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