The Top 12 Worst Places for a First Date

When considering what to do for a first date, there are some obvious venues that should be crossed off the list. That means saying no to strip clubs, nightspots, and gatherings full of your pals.

When you’re still getting to know a new flame, it’s best to avoid club scenes – the noise level makes good conversation tough and there are plenty of other attractive people around who could have her eye. Don’t court disaster by disrespecting your date with potential wandering eyes!

Consider dinner in a quiet spot or drinks at a quiet bar. An outdoor picnic is always a great option too, since the lack of distractions allows her to relax and get to know you better. After all, romance should never be put on display for judgement!

Ditch the guy’s night out for something more couple-friendly! Pick activities that both of you can enjoy as a team. It’ll show her that you can have fun without getting too rowdy and wild—plus it’ll demonstrate your thoughtfulness in making sure she has a good time too!

That being said, there are definitely some places that are worse than others when it comes to first dates.

Here is a list of some places that belong if the “Hall of Shame” of first dates ideas:

McDonalds (Fast Food)

If you’re looking for a nice night out, steer clear of any place selling food you can walk away with. No matter how tight on cash or famished you are, taking your date to a fast-food spot or roadside diner will get you nothing but side-eyes and the door!

Eating dinner from greasy containers and sipping drinks through straws doesn’t exactly set the stage for romance or conversation starters either–unless of course you both love burgers!

Funerals or Cemeteries

Unless she loves vampires, gothic styles, or supernatural shenanigans – best to steer clear of those topics. I know of no hot women who would list “grave rubbings” as one of their favorite hobbies.

Your Kid’s Birthday Party

If your kids have an upcoming birthday celebration or school performance, be wary of bringing them up too soon in the relationship.

Your partner may initially love hearing about their cute antics, but might eventually view them as a stark reminder that you had an intimate bond with someone else before they came into the picture.

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So if you want to avoid any unwanted jealousy or drama early on, try not to mention your progeny until she’s reached the “love me, love my kids” stage of romance. Then and only then can feel free to bring out those adorable rugrats from under the rug!

Your Parent’s House

Delaying the long-awaited meet and greet between your date and your parents is understandable. After all, most of us take after our fathers – leading to a potential mental image of you in thirty years with a rotund figure and ears resembling Chewbacca. And don’t forget: Your mom may be oh so helpful in reminding you to wash up before dinner (again!)

No matter how much adults tend to think they’re free from their parents’ advice, having them around on a ‘first impression’ type of occasion could lead to hearing words such as “It would be wise if you finished dessert soon” or even “it’s time for bed”.

No need to get a blast from the past while on that special night out.

Strip Club, X-rated Films, or Swingers Parties

When picking the perfect place for a first date, you can never go wrong by erring on the side of caution. So, while it might be tempting to try out that risqué spot with the scantily clad women, explicit sexual activities, or aggressive males—don’t!

That is unless they show genuine interest and express being quite knowledgeable in this arena—like yours truly. In that case, why not hit up an erotic art exhibit?

Party with Your Ex

If you’ve cut ties with your former flame, it’s best to steer clear of them – especially in the presence of anyone new. Women are naturally territorial creatures, and won’t take too kindly to being replaced.

Avoid any unnecessary drama by ensuring your ex stays at a respectable distance from any romantic prospects.

Church (baptism, wedding, etc)

Many view religion and sexuality at polar opposites, as one serves to caution against the “sins” of pleasure.

At its core, this juxtaposition serves as a reminder that all good (and bad) experiences have consequences in both this life and the next.

Movie Theaters

This may seem like a no-brainer but there’s nothing less romantic than spending your time with someone in silence staring at a screen while munching popcorn.

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Sure, cuddling during a scary movie could be sweet, but chances are if you’re going on a date, it should involve actually talking and getting to know each other without distractions.

Bars or Clubs

These places are full of people looking for casual hookups so why take her there? Even if alcohol isn’t involved it’s still not ideal as it is too loud for even regular conversations.

Sporting Events

Watching baseball or any other sport together could be fun—but potentially dangerous if one person turns out to be fiercely loyal to their team while the other enjoys heckling them!

Whether all parties involved remain seated throughout or get into shouting matches that require police intervention is really never worth risking.

A Political Rally

Definitely not a good call for a first date. There’s too much potential for an argument or disagreement and neither person will be in the right mood to take the conversation in a constructive direction.

Avoid these potentially turbulent waters and aim for something that’ll lighten up the mood—maybe a mini-golf tournament or local comedy show?

The bottom line is that a first date should be a place where both of you can get to know each other in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Avoid social pressure, potential distractions, and things that could lead to an awkward conversation. Keep it light, fun, and most importantly—respectful!

A Gun Range

Lastly, one of the worst places to take a first date is a gun range. Even if your date is a gun lover, the loud sound of gunshots and potential for danger is not a great environment for a romantic night.

If you’re looking for an awesome and safe date night, skip the gun range and opt for something a little less intimidating.


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