Politics and Sex – How to Scandalize Your Next Casual Date

Election season is a time when the blood runs high, people get loud and there’s a whole lot of friction going on. Sound familiar? The truth is that politics and sex are intrinsically linked, as shown by the public’s absolute fascination with sex scandals, particularly in delicate times in the electoral cycle. Why not harness some of that energy (literally, if you’re kinky!) and get a little “head” of state action going on in your own bedroom? Here are some erotic election-inspired ideas that you can use in your very own political positions:

Sexy Role Playing

Make the most of your sex app this election season by encouraging your online dates to get into the politics of candidate and campaign staffers with a little roleplay. Use your influence as a charismatic candidate to talk your willing intern right out of his or her clothes and show them why you’re the very best pick to truly satisfy the country’s needs. Bonus points for turning traditional political campaign props into sexy accessories – smaller campaign signs make great in-a-pinch spanking paddles!

The Final Countdown

Use a candidate’s common speaking trait in a televised event to mark certain activities – each time a certain wildly coiffed, male candidate uses the word “great” or “terrific,” for example, or each time a female candidate makes an awkward reference while attempting to be hip. These can be measured as licks on certain areas of the body, number of to-be-specified sexual favors to be delivered to each other over the next week, or number of strokes during your sessions.

Put It to a Vote

Write down something adventurous that each of you would like to try, and put it to an anonymous vote – among more open minded friends, or through an anonymous forum like an adult chatroom. If you want to really spice things up, makeSex Sign sure you offer a “write in” section where voters can suggest alternate ideas: this can be an exhilarating way to explore your limits and boundaries spontaneously! What better way to break the sexual tension between you and a new friend you met on an online dating site?

Presidential Positions

Find a popular presidential poll and pick a candidate for you, and one for your partner. When the time comes to get busy, pull it up and see who’s in the lead. Use this to determine who’s on top for your next sex act, or who gets to hold the proverbial leash for the evening if you’re into BDSM sex games. If one political candidate is pulling ahead with fair regularity, mix it up by going with percentage point increases or decreases instead.

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This Just In

Politics and scandals go hand in hand; uh-oh – looks like a big political figure has been caught in a sex scandal again! Take advantage of their suddenly public deviances by following in their well-polished footsteps. We don’t recommend breaking the law, of course, but there’s more than one way to “hike the Adirondacks,” if you catch our drift. If the political scandal was extramarital and you and your partner are not, use role play to get into character and live out the same naughty sex fantasy dominating the news. Or if you are swingers, use online dating sites to find the perfect swinging partners to play with.Clinton Sex Scandal
The election season is long, hard and exhausting for many Americans – then again, so is sex, but that’s a hell of a lot more fun! Use these five sex games to make yet another debate kick off an erotic evening, rather than a cable disrupting snoozefest.

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Matt Manes

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