How To Make Sure That One-Night Stand Totally Happens

We all have that one friend who makes hooking up look easy, but – try as we might – we can never seem to score with the same consistency ourselves. So what’s that person’s secret anyway?

Believe it or not, charisma and good looks have a lot less to do with it than you might think. It’s actually a lot more likely that they simply have a knack for not only picking potential partners, but knowing what it will take to close the deal. Allow us to elaborate.

What to Look For and Where to Find It

It’s true that awesome connections with potential one-night stands can start just about anywhere, but there’s a reason why most people rely on old standbys like the local clubs or their favorite bar. While not everyone that goes there is necessarily looking for sex, they are there because they want to have a good time and are likely to be open to the idea of mingling a little.

Not sure who to try your luck with? Don’t bother with anyone who’s clearly keeping to themselves in the corner or huddling up with their friends while ignoring everyone else. People that are open to the idea of a hookup show up dressed to kill. They look around the room, aren’t afraid to make eye contact with others, and are happy to chat when approached. They’re decided to get laid and enjoy some quality sex!

Cut Straight to the Chase

Once you’ve identified a good target and initiated a conversation, don’t waste your time on too many social niceties. Don’t be a douche about it, but do make it obvious that you’re attracted to them. Flirt with them. If you get an opportunity to touch them without being crude about it, take it. They’ll get the message pretty quickly, and if they’re interested, they’ll make it just as obvious.couple in bed

Once you’re sure the attraction is mutual, you’ll want to steer the conversation toward sex. The key to a successful one-night stand is to be direct without actually being sleazy about it. Pay them compliments that highlight how sexy you find them in a subtle but unmistakable way. Get close to them physically. Tease them a little. Humor works wonders when it comes to breaking the ice and encouraging a connection as well.

Don’t Force It

A lot of people get it into their head that hooking up is hard to do. If you’re one of them, keep in mind that even the slickest hookup artists don’t always score with every person they go after. They understand that they can’t control everything, especially when it comes to chemistry. It’s either there or it’s not.

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A little preparedness never hurt anyone though. If you’re open to the idea of hooking up on a given night, have a plan as to where you’ll take them when it’s time to close the deal. Make sure you have plenty of protection on you as well. Nothing kills the mood quite like having to make an unscheduled trip to the drugstore when you’re right in the thick of things.

Keep It Honest

We’re not living in the 1950’s anymore. Casual sex is a lot more socially acceptable than it once was, so there’s no need to trick someone into thinking you’re interested in something you’re not just to make sure you get laid. That’s a great way to wind up with a ton of drama on your hands once you’re done having your fun.

Just be honest and upfront about your intentions of a one-night stand from the get-go. Work the fact that you love being single and aren’t looking for anything serious into conversation. This makes it a lot harder for the person to get the wrong idea about why you’re going home together in the first place. Most people really appreciate honesty anyway, so there’s really no reason to play games.

Make Technology Work for You

Spending the better part of a Saturday night chatting up hotties at the club is all fine and dandy when you’ve got the time for it, what about the nights you don’t? Not everyone can fit a ton of social time into their busy schedule, but busygirl using cell phone in bed people naturally enjoy getting laid from time to time just as thoroughly as anyone else. If that sounds like your life, you might want to give a good hookup app a try.

For best results, pick a platform designed explicitly for hookups. It’s the best way to avoid wasting too much of your time on people that are hoping their next hookup leads to a relationship. Not only will you always have a quick, easy way to hook up on the fly wherever you are, but going digital is a great way to meet new people when you’re officially tired of seeing the same old faces at the bar night after night. Try it and see!

Matt Manes

Matt Manes

I am the original creator of the Mixxxer hookup app which became one of the most popular hookup services on the web.

Over the years, I've observed and learned a great deal about what works and what doesn't when it comes to dating and hooking up online.

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