11 Useful Tips for Getting Laid

It goes without saying that committed relationships are fantastic in a number of different ways. However, sometimes you just really want to scratch that all-too-familiar itch without the strings, the commitment, or the seriousness that relationships typically require.

In other words, sometimes you just want to have fun, enjoy a good time, and get laid.

Even so, knowing you’re in the mood for a no-strings-attached good time is one thing. Actually, finding one is another. If you feel like you’ve been striking out more than you’d really like lately, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll go over some of the best, simplest ways to get laid a lot more often. You’ll be hitting home runs again in no time!

Be yourself

When you feel like you’re not getting as much action as you’d ideally like, it’s tempting to decide you’re somehow not good enough as you are. Pretending to be someone or something else seems like an easy solution, right? After all, you just want to get laid, not get married, so what difference could it possibly make?

The fact of the matter is people can smell a fake from a mile away. Even more importantly, no one wants to sleep with one. Just relax and be yourself.

Not only is it a lot easier than trying to maintain the perfect front, but you’re a lot more likely to hook up with someone whose company you genuinely enjoy.

Don’t be overly nice

By now, most of us are painfully aware that the friend zone is totally a thing. However, too many of us are still oblivious as to why we always wind up there.

While no two situations are ever exactly alike, you can absolutely bet that being way too nice had something to do with it.

No one wants to sleep with a “nice guy” (or a “nice girl”). People like excitement, mystery, and intrigue when it comes to their sexual partners. “Too nice” people that are constantly apologizing, doing favors, or acting like doormats may well wind up with a new friend, but they don’t get laid.

Don’t be a total jerk either

Mad couple in bed

We know what you’re thinking. If being too nice gets you a one-way ticket to the friend zone, then surely being the polar opposite of that is a surefire way to get laid, right?

Actually, not really. There’s a huge difference between someone that’s confident or knows what they want and someone that’s a complete dick.

Remember, be yourself… unless your true self is an absolute jerk. No one wants to sleep with someone that blatantly disrespects them or other people. Getting laid is a lot like every other pursuit in life that way.

Manage your expectations

If your end goal is to get laid, it’s probably a good idea to sit down with yourself and go over your expectations. Naturally, everyone would love a chance to go to bed with the human equivalent of a god or goddess. However, if you really want to get laid right now as opposed to “just whenever”, you might want to make some sacrifices.

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Would you be willing to have sex with someone heavier than you or older than you? Do they absolutely have to have red hair, green eyes, and a very particular body type? Are you willing to settle for someone that is lots of fun, but perhaps not the smartest person in the room? Decide what you’re willing to sacrifice in exchange for success sooner rather than later.

Be as good-looking as possible

The better looking you are, the higher your chances of actually getting someone to have sex with you. The bad news is the great majority of us aren’t dead ringers for Ryan Gosling or Kim Kardashian. The good news is that there really isn’t any such thing as ugly. Even the least aesthetically blessed among us can clean up well if we put our minds to it.

Even if you’re not model material, the chances are pretty good that you have at least one or two features people routinely compliment you on. Play those up as much as possible. It really pays to smell nice as well, so always make sure you’re extra clean and well-groomed. In a nutshell, just do as much as you can to put your best face forward.

Be cool and casual

Cool man on cell phone with girl

Think about the guy or gal you personally know that almost always gets laid when they want to. The chances are pretty good that they know how to seem relatively uninterested in casual sex while also giving the impression that they’d absolutely be down to get dirty if the right opportunity presented itself. At the end of the day, it’s exactly that ability that gets you laid more often than not.

Never act desperate or give the impression that all you can think about at that moment is sex. Don’t grind on anyone (or anything) if you’re living it up at the club. Don’t overdo things or risk making an ass of yourself by acting like a buffoon.

Just be chill. Live in the moment. Enjoy the company of the people you meet and let things unfold naturally.

Be generous with the compliments

Obviously, there’s a big difference between being a slimy creep and being someone that knows how to make people feel good about themselves. That said, there’s not a human being on the face of the planet that doesn’t like it when others say nice things about them, so definitely pay your target plenty of compliments.

Be respectful though. Don’t drop any pick-up lines or say anything lewd. After all, “you have beautiful eyes” or “you have really amazing hair” is a lot different from “nice ass”, “great tits”, or pretty much any reference to the person’s genitals. It also pays to be honest. Remember what we said above about people being able to smell fakery a mile away.

Keep interactions exciting

Exciting sex in the car

One of the worst things you can do when trying to nurture someone’s interest in you is let the excitement of interacting with you fizzle out or fade away. Keep things moving forward, even if you’re not sure you’ll get the results you’re after.

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If you see someone you like and you feel a possible spark, ask them to dance right then and there. If you’ve been talking a while, go ahead and ask them to go with you somewhere – perhaps out for drinks next week or to something fun going on in town tomorrow.

If they’re interested, they’ll jump at the chance to spend more time interacting with you. If not, you know and can shift your efforts to somebody else instead of wasting your precious time.


Don’t sweat rejection

Just as people can totally smell a fake, they can also smell fear or desperation. Neither one is terribly attractive in a potential fuck buddy. While nobody likes to get rejected, it’s important to understand that it’s something that happens to even the best of us now and then. That said, it’s nothing to stress over or worry about.

Keep in mind that it’s not personal. One, two, or ten people not being into you doesn’t mean that no one will be. Be prepared for rejection, but don’t sweat it or take it too hard when and if it happens. It all comes with the territory when it comes to getting laid.

Be clear when it comes to your intentions

It pays to be honest and direct when it comes to what you’re looking for. If you’re not interested in a long-term relationship or looking for anything more serious, don’t give anyone the impression that you are in the hopes it will get you laid. It’s perfectly acceptable to say you’re not looking for anything heavy and just want to have some fun.

Remember, strike that balance between making it clear you’re totally up for sex if things head that way, but don’t act desperate. There are more people out there looking for exactly the same thing you’re looking for than you might think.

Try casual hookup dating

Don’t assume that bars and clubs are the only places to meet willing folks that are down for a little carefree fun. This is the 21st century, after all. That means there’s a wealth of online and mobile dating options out there that can help you take the guesswork out of hooking up or getting laid.

Girl in bra using phone for Getting Laid

If you’re truly only interested in sex, go for an option like AdultFriendFinder that focuses solely on helping willing individuals find each other locally and hook up. On these types of apps, it’s all about casual, fun, sexy good times as opposed to traditional dating or friendship.

No games to play, no expectations to worry about, and no hoops to jump through! Just find someone you like and go for it.

At the end of the day, getting laid only seems impossible at first. In reality, it’s all about being yourself, looking for partners in the right places, and simply enjoying the entire process for what it is.

Matt Manes

Matt Manes

I am the original creator of the Mixxxer hookup app which became one of the most popular hookup services on the web.

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