Are You Biromantic? A Comprehensive Guide to Biromanticism

What is the Definition of Biromantic?

The term “bi” and “dual” are closely related here. When it comes to biromanticism, this duality refers to being drawn to different sexes, genders, and sexual orientations.

This could mean anything from women and gender non-conforming individuals, or male and gender diverse individuals, or even exclusively non-binary individuals with an assortment of gender identities.

For example, someone who may only be attracted to their same gender in terms of physical intimacy but can nurture an emotional bond with a different gender would be labeled biromantic.

Biromanticism isn’t limited to just one type of attraction – there are plenty of ways you can express it:

For asexual biromantics, it’s all about the romance. Though they don’t experience sexual attraction, they do feel romantically connected to multiple people regardless of gender.

If you’re a homosexual biromantic, you may only be physically attracted to the same gender as you, but capable of forming meaningful connections with two different genders.

A pansexual panromantic is attracted to all genders in both the sexual and romantic senses.

If you are exclusively drawn to a gender different than your own but yearn for a romantic relationship with 2 genders, that is called heterosexual biromanticism.

And finally demisexual biromantics need a deep emotional connection before they can feel sexual desire. And they are seeking out these kinds of connections with 2 lovers of different genders.

Starting to see a pattern here??

Is Biromantic and Bisexual the Same?

I recently had the chance to interview our favorite sex therapist, Annie Patterson, and asked her to explain the difference between being biromantic and bisexual.

Annie explained that while there is often an overlap between the two, they are not necessarily the same thing. “Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that means you’re attracted to both men and women,” she said. “Biromanticism is different in that it’s a romantic orientation, so it’s more about who you want to form relationships with rather than just sexual attraction.”

Annie went on to explain how it can be difficult for some people to disentangle their sexuality from their romantic orientation. “It’s easy for people to assume that if you’re attracted to both genders sexually, then you must also be interested in forming relationships with them,” she said. “But this isn’t always the case.”

When it comes to romantic attraction, the physical aspects don’t always come into play. “Instead, it’s about creating an emotional bond with a person by engaging in activities like going out on dates, preparing meals for one another and having meaningful conversations,” says Patterson.

“Additionally, close gestures such as grasping hands and snuggling can also be part of the equation – but these acts are more about fostering emotional intimacy not their sexual needs,” she explains.

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She pointed out that there are people who identify as biromantic but not bisexual. Meaning they may only be interested in forming romantic relationships with one gender even though they find both genders sexually attractive. Similarly, there are those who identify as bisexual but not biromantic. Meaning they may enjoy sexual activity with both genders but only form romantic relationships with one gender.

Here are some key differences, according to Patterson, between the two, although she does stress that lines between the two sexualities is often very blurry:

  • Biromantic individuals may not feel sexual attraction to a person of a different gender, but they can still experience romantic attraction.
  • Bisexual individuals may feel sexually attracted to both genders, but they do not necessarily experience romantic attraction to both genders.
  • Biromantic people are often more interested in relationships than sexual activity.
  • Bisexuals often express their sexuality through physical acts with multiple partners.
  • Biromantic people are usually more emotionally invested in their relationships than bisexuals.

So Are You Biromantic?

Are you interested in romantic relationships with both sexes? These are some indicators to be aware of:

  • Do you desire tender and amorous moments among individuals of diverse genders? If so, this could be a sign.
  • Take note of the content in your fantasies. If they involve romantic feelings, you might be attracted to multiple genders according to Patterson.
  • When daydreaming about the future, are you picturing yourself with people of different genders? From marriage to movie nights, Patterson suggests that these things could signify that you are indeed biromantic.
  • Do you feel yourself drawn to different genders for romantic connections? If so, you may be biromantic. This type of attraction is based less on a person’s gender and more on their individual qualities. For example, you may enjoy non-sexual physical touch with more than one gender – like cuddling – without wanting to take the relationship further. It’s all about a strong emotional connection.

If you’re unsure if this identity applies to you, consider joining an online support group for biromantic people. But don’t rush; simply noticing your attractions without judgment can help bring clarity.

Lots of People Are Biromantic

Are you biromantic but feeling alone? Don’t!

More people in this world seek out romantic relationships with multiple genders than you probably think.

Even famous people. Here’s a few!

  1. Janelle Monáe – The singer and actress has openly shared that she identifies as biromantic, describing her sexuality as “someone who is attracted to both masculinity and femininity.”
  2. Miley Cyrus – The singer has also spoken openly about her biromantic identity, saying that she doesn’t feel the need to choose one gender over another when it comes to love or relationships.
  3. Jaden Smith – The actor, musician, and activist has stated that he is queer, pansexual, and biromantic. He believes in connecting with people of all genders on an emotional level.
  4. Halsey – The singer identifies as biromantic, explaining that she finds the labels of sexuality to be restrictive. She believes in forming connections on an emotional and intellectual level with people, regardless of their gender.
  5. Amandla Stenberg – The actor and activist is openly biromantic, saying that she doesn’t want to define her identity by who she’s dated or what gender she’s attracted to. She wants to focus on who she is as a person and not limit herself with labels.
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