What Is Tantric Sex: Our Top Tips for Beginners Looking to Up Their Sex Game

The famous Sting once declared that tantric love enabled he and his lover to partake in 7-hour intimate meetings. He wittily remarked that this duration included supper, a film, and everything leading up to the actually having sex.

Tantric love and tantric sex are more than just physical exchanges: it is about connecting with your partner on a spiritual level. This can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other.

Through tantra, both partners learn to open up and let go of any preconceived notions or expectations of one another. The aim of this practice is to create an emotional and physical connection that transcends the limitations of the physical world.

Ultimately, the goal of tantric love is for both partners to feel deeply connected on all levels – emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Together they can experience true intimacy and transcendent bliss – something that may not be possible outside of such a special practice.

The target of tantric intimacy is to intensify closeness, stimulate enthusiasm, and heighten dialogue between lovers.

If you think your intimate existence has become lackluster and uninspiring, this ancient custom is the ideal solution. For eons, Tantric sex has been employed to amplify both the pleasure of physical intimacy and the connection between partners.

So What Exactly Is It??

Where to begin? The ancient practices from both Eastern and Western cultures have captivated us for centuries and still linger heavy in our hearts today.

Tantric sex and tantric love are a style of sex and lovemaking that emphasizes the importance of being fully present with your lover.

It focuses on the physical and spiritual union of two people and the mutual growth of both partners.

Through tantric practices, partners can build trust, explore and discover new aspects of their sexual and romantic bonds, and play and experiment with the realm of pleasure and arousal.

Through these practices, couples can learn to be mindful of and honor their true desires and fantasies. Slow, intimate moments and sometimes intense meditation during and after sex can help open up pathways to deeper understanding and connection.

Rather than achieving orgasm, tantric sex and love emphasizes spiritual and emotional connection as key features for success.

Through slow, thoughtful, and intentional movements, both partners can explore new and exciting ways of loving and being loved.

Orchestrated breathing, meaningful eye contact and warm caressing can help deepen the connection between two partners and thus reap more fulfilling rewards.

Key Features of Tantric Sex and Love:

  • Mutual connection and growth between two partners
  • Being present in the moment and honoring true desires
  • Slow, intimate movements and caressing
  • Exploring and experimenting with pleasure and arousal
  • Orchestrated breathing
  • Meaningful eye contact
  • Spiritual and emotional connection over physical gratification.
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Tips for Tantric Sex Beginners

Schedule Weekly Meetings for Consistency

To experience the full benefits of Tantric sex, it is important to set aside a regular date in your calendar. This should be a sufficient amount of time that both partners can entirely commit to the venture.

Even if either of you are feeling drained, this session should not be neglected as it has been shown to reinvigorate and energize. Cancellations may only be made in extreme circumstances.

Explore New Possibilities

At first, it may seem peculiar to be engaging in these exercises with your partner. You may feel a bit awkward, but don’t let that stop you from uncovering the hidden benefits of such activities.

Don’t cast aside anything that pushes your limits; rather, postpone it until a period when both of you feel at ease with the concept.

Keep an open mind and remember to enjoy yourself!

Pay Attention to Your Mood

Transform your bedroom into a seductive sanctuary for the evening. Begin by creating an intimate atmosphere – crisp sheets and opulent bedding, plush pillows, and an aromatherapy oil diffuser with exotic Ylang-Ylang or soothing Jasmine essential oils to fill the air with a sensual scent.

Place several tea lights and some treats, like crisp veggies and a drink – you definitely should enjoy that afterwards!

Finally, make sure to get the temperature in the room just right so that you can enjoy your session in complete comfort.

Rejuvenate in a Relaxing Bath

Indulge in the ultimate pleasure with a romantic and sensual bubble bath for two. Sip on a mug of tea, light some lanterns and fill the room with soothing melodies – this is the ideal way to relax after a taxing day.

Relax into each other’s embrace and enjoy this special moment of blissful intimacy, but keep it PG-13 for now!

Revitalize Your Body with Soothing Movement

Let go of any lingering stress or pent-up emotions. Position yourself in front of another person with an alluring stance, slightly bending your legs and keeping your feet slightly wider than your shoulders.

Take the time to savor the sensation of serenity spreading throughout every aspect of your being as you sway for no less than five minutes.

Indulge in the delightful feeling flowing through you as you stretch every inch of your being, from top to bottom. Enjoy this revitalizing moment that brings tingles down your spine.

Experience the Benefits of Meditation

Take a moment to lose yourself in the embrace of your partner. Allow yourself to drift away in your own world, forgetting all the worries and troubles of this moment.

As you sit there comfortable and relaxed, feeling secure and connected to your loved one, take deep breaths together.

Let the soothing music surround you as it guides you into a peaceful intimate place. Release every stress in your body and surrender yourself to this beautiful moment.

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Share What You Love About Your Partner

Gaze deeply into your beloved’s eyes and express your appreciation for them. Speak from the heart, letting them know how truly special they are to you.

This is a great way to re-ignite the passion in your relationship and make sure that each of you is aware of just how much they mean to one another.

Urge your partner to reciprocate, and express your appreciation when they articulate their feelings.

Gazing Into Another’s Eyes

Now, let’s take a few moments to reconnect with each other on a deeper level. Stay still and gaze lovingly into your beloved’s eyes.

Feel the connection of your shared breaths and the strength of your bond. This may be daunting initially, but if you persist, you will gradually become more familiar with each other.

Drawing Near

Now is the ideal opportunity to intriguingly examine the Butterfly Pose. Feel free to do so with or without clothing, the choice is yours.

The man should take a seat and cross his legs, while the woman should sit atop him, embracing him tightly.

Then they should embrace each other closely and remain in this pose until their breathing aligns. Enjoy every moment of this intimate connection without having to progress into intercourse.

Experiencing the Intimacy of Tantric Kissing

Stay in close proximity with your breathing in sync, and then tantalizingly move your lips closer together for an indulgent, passionate kiss.

Delight in the instant, relishing the intensified closeness and excitement emanating from the moment.

Experiencing the Benefits of a Tantric Massage

Your partner and you can now alternate experiencing the ultimate sensual massage. You can use scented oils, gentle brush strokes, delicate rose petals, or satiny ribbons.

Begin softly and then slowly build up the intensity as you move around their body. Prior to gradually transitioning to their erogenous zones and other delicate regions, titillate each non-erogenous area.

Once the posterior of the figure has been aroused, proceed to the anterior, increasing carnal enthusiasm with each caress until they’re filled with passion.

Then it’s your turn!

Ready for an Intimate Moment

If you two are in perfect harmony, it’s time to savor the pleasure of passionate and intimate sex!

To get the most out of it, make sure to take your sweet time and savor every second. Revel in the intensity of tantalizing desire that’s been building up – and you’ll find yourself on the brink of pleasure before you know it.

Over time, you’ll become increasingly comfortable with each other and able to enjoy longer sessions. Your stamina will also improve greatly as a result.


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