9 Signs Casual Dating Is Something You Should Try

If you’re like a lot of folks, you probably grew up thinking there was only one way to date or pursue romantic relationships with other people. You met someone you liked and then you dated exclusively, presumably with the intent to eventually get married and remain with that person for the rest of your life. For some folks, that progression of events is ideal – exactly what they hope to get out of the dating experience. For others, it just doesn’t feel like a fit at all.

If you’re the latter, then it might be time to reconsider how you think about dating. Here in the 21st century, romance and sex don’t have to start and stop at total commitment unless you want it to. Casual dating actually comes attached to numerous benefits for many different people. For some, it’s every bit as fun and fulfilling as exclusivity and marriage are for other people. The following are just a few signs that it could be exactly the solution you’ve been looking for.

1. You really enjoy your romantic freedom.

You’d honestly be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t wish they had more freedom in one area of their life or another. Some of us just so happen to want freer love lives that allow us to leave our options open. Casual dating and open, no strings attached relationships allow you to enjoy everything you love about dating without having to deal with the lack of freedom. In other words, you get to enjoy having someone to hold, talk to, have fun with, and have sex with. You don’t have to worry about what they’d say or think about your personal decisions. You’re free to simply “do you” to the same extent you would if you were single because you technically are single.

2. Your philosophy when it comes to people is “the more the merrier”.

Some people prefer a smaller, tighter circle when it comes to their social lives. Others are at their best in life when they’re meeting new people and able to interact with lots of different folks at the same time. Social sex dating allows you to live a life without any limits on the number of people you get to interact with romantically and sexually. Plus, casual dating maximizes your ability to connect with new folks on a non-romantic basis as well. When you’re in a committed relationship, you typically Threesome on Mixxxerinteract most with people either you or your partner already know. When you’re dating casually, you get to enjoy near limitless opportunities to meet, interact with, or befriend people you never would have crossed paths with otherwise.

3. You’re still figuring out what you do and don’t like in a romantic partner.

Even if your ultimate goal is to be in a committed “forever” relationship one day, it’s important to really understand your likes and dislikes as far as such relationships go first. All too often what we think would make us happy turns out not to be right for us at all, so the only reliable way to figure things out is to date around. Taking the time to date casually and play the field a little before you settle down will actually increase your chances of making a solid match later on. You’ll learn a lot about what really brings you happiness in a relationship. And you’ll also learn to identify red flags that hint at deal-breakers you can’t tolerate under any circumstances. You’ll learn a lot about how to be a good partner to someone else, both in and out of the bedroom.

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4. You have a particularly hard time with breakups.

If there’s one thing literally no one enjoys, it’s a breakup. Even if you know it’s for the best, a breakup comes attached to a lot of changes, many of which are unpleasant. Sometimes breakups even mean parting with property that means a lot to you, relocating, or losing friends. The longer you were with someone, the harder the business of parting ways becomes. When you’re a casual dater, it’s relatively easy to deal with things when it comes time to call it quits. If a given connection is casual enough, it probably doesn’t even warrant a dedicated conversation. Most casual dating connections begin with the understanding that they’re temporary, so it’s easier for both parties to move on emotionally.

5. You’re seriously focused on your career right now.

Career oriented types don’t tend to have a lot of free time and energy on their hands. To such people, their work is their life, especially when they’re young and just getting started. And that leaves little room for a traditional relationship. Even the most hardworking folks occasionally get lonely though. Casual daters get to enjoy romance, quality sex, and companionship on their own terms. A perfect fit for busy, determined career people. They can connect with someone when they have time or crave a connection. And set that part of their life aside when it’s time to focus 100% on work.

6. You like your love life exciting and fun.

It’s hard to beat the thrill and excitement that positively permeates your life when you’re dating someone new. Even everyday conversations seem exciting and the sex is phenomenal. There’s a spring in your step and you always feel like you have something to look forward to. Too bad that part of a relationship is 100% temporary, right? Well, when you’re a casual dater, it doesn’t have to be. In a traditional relationship, you feel obligated to stick it out and keep working on things long after you’re no longer happy because you made a commitment to do so. Casual dating comes with no such obligations, so you’re free to move on and date someone new and get laid whenever you want. Your love life can stay as passionate and exciting as you want to make it.

7. You prefer to keep your love life separate from the rest of your personal life.

When you’re in a committed relationship, it’s pretty much a given that your love life and your personal life are going to intermingle. Sooner or later, your friends and family will expect to be introduced to your partner and vice versa. If all those people don’t get along as well as you’d hope, there can be a lot of drama and all of your relationships can suffer as a result. Casual dating is perfect for people that don’t care to make their love life part of the rest of their personal life. You won’t be introducing any of your love interests to your parents. You’ll only be introducing them to your friends if you really want to and feel comfortable doing so. In other words, you get to call all the shots as far as who meets who and why. No pressure, no discomfort, and no drama!

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8. You’re independent and prefer to keep company with other independent people.

If there’s one word you can safely use to describe the great majority of people that are into casual dating, it’s “independent”. Casual daters know what they want and they reserve the right to change their minds at any time. They live life on their own terms and don’t depend on other people to take care of them or make their decisions for them. That makes online adult dating a great solution for people that are tired of winding up with partners that want someone to rescue them from their lives and solve their problems for them. It’s a great way to remind yourself that you don’t need saving either.

9. You’d love an opportunity to just be yourself.

When it comes to traditional dating, there can be a lot of pressure to be something or someone you’re not. It’s not enough to simply be attractive, or smart, or forthright. You’re constantly preoccupied with whether or not a potential Kinky sex toyspartner might also see you as spouse material. The more serious the relationship, the easier it can be to lose sight of who you really are. Casual dating is uncomplicated and allows you the freedom to truly be yourself, whatever that does or doesn’t mean to you. Instead of losing your identity in trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, you get to discover it – an experience that’s truly too good to miss out on! At the end of the day, life’s too short and has too much to offer to waste time feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and uncomfortably limited. Sex and human connection should add to your life, not feel as if they’re taking something away. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with finding your bliss in a committed relationship, there’s no shame in admitting that’s not the right situation for you as well.

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