9 Amazing Tips on How to Be More Charismatic When Talking to a Woman

If you don’t know how to be charismatic around women, don’t give up. Most men are more charismatic around their family and friends yet find it a bit challenging to have that same charisma in the presence of women. This is simply because they are nervous, especially in the presence of an attractive woman.

You can learn how to be charismatic around women by following the tips detailed below.

Don’t try to put on a Show

The worst thing you can do in your attempt to learn how to be charismatic around women is become a showman. Though women want to be entertained, that is not your sole role.

If you were to adopt the persona of a performer, you would eventually grow tired of the act and the woman you are entertaining would also see through it in due time.

This isn’t to say you should be shy and reserved around women. Rather, you should pick and choose the right times to be charismatic, expressing your sense of humor and wit when appropriate.

Be Positive

One of the best things you can do to attract women is to be positive. Being positive makes you more charismatic and attractive to women. Even if things in your life aren’t going great, try to focus on the good things and be optimistic.

Women are naturally drawn to men who make them feel good.

Be polite and funny, and try to find the humor in every situation. When you focus on the positive, you’ll be surprised at how many women are attracted to you.

Don’t let Your Nerves get the Best of You

Nervousness is a common feeling, even for the most attractive and wealthy men, when they encounter a woman they find irresistible.

The key is not to let those nerves get the best of you. Channel that nervous energy into something constructive, like witty banter. Keep your conversation focused and engaging, and the nervousness will eventually dissipate.

Here’s a few other dos and don’ts when conversing with a woman:

  1. Don’t fidget: Resist the temptation to fidget, twiddle your thumbs, or any other nervous tells. Fidgeting makes you look nervous and uncomfortable. It’s important to remain calm and composed when talking to an attractive woman.
  2. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact: Making eye contact with an attractive woman shows confidence. Avoiding eye contact will make you appear nervous and unsure of yourself.
  3. Don’t ramble: Rambling on and on is a surefire way to bore an attractive woman. Keep your conversation concise and to the point.
  4. Don’t exclusively talk about yourself: Talking about yourself the entire time is narcissistic and will make you seem uninterested in the woman you’re talking to. Ask her questions and show genuine interest in her as a person.
  5. Don’t be crass: This should go without saying, but being crude and vulgar is a huge turnoff. Remember to be a gentleman when talking to an attractive woman.
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Be Relatable

A man who comes across as superior to the women he is interested in is a man who will struggle to find common ground with the opposite sex.

If you don’t open up and allow women to get to know you or if you act in a condescending manner, you will be perceived as inaccessible and distant.

Find common ground with the woman you are interested in by replicating her word choice and asking her about her life.

Be self-deprecating to make it clear you are at least somewhat fallible and she’ll start to look at you as though you are on her level rather than a superior whom she cannot relate to.

Listen Closely

Nowadays, it seems like people are more focused on what to say next instead of listening to the other person and responding accordingly.

This is obviously a problem because in order for a relationship to prosper, you need to have a dialogue, and not a monologue. If everyone is just focused on talking, then no one is actually listening, and the conversation will go nowhere.

Discuss Your Passions

Your passions are your true identity. Though most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work, your job should not be your identity.

If you don’t have hobbies or passions in life, now is the time to develop them.

Develop an interest in a hobby and you’ll have something to discuss with the woman you covet. And women find passionate men very charming.

After all, no one wants to hear about someone else’s workday when they have work of their own to do. Though you can bring up work in conversation with women, that subject matter should be kept to a minimum as it is inherently depressing.

Instead, focus on your passions and your charisma will naturally emerge.

Flex Your Memory Muscle

Attentiveness is a key component of charisma. Make it clear you are attentive by remembering the names of servers at restaurants as well as other individuals you interact with and you’ll make a powerful impression.

Above all, don’t forget to memorize the name of the woman you are talking too.

If you struggle to remember names, use pneumonic devices to help remember those names. Continue to improve your memory and the stage will be set for you to introduce your flame to an entire room full of people without forgetting a single name.

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Now that’s charisma.

Be Humorous and Witty

Women love witty men. Humor and wit are essential components of charm.

Smile, engage in witty banter, tell a couple jokes and what as her interest grows in you.

Be Mindful of Your Body Language

Body language is the all-important silent communicator that women pay close attention to. Even if you are confident when speaking, a woman will detect your nervousness or lack of experience if your body language gives it away.

Stand tall, smile, maintain eye contact, resist the temptation to slouch and your body language will make it clear you are a confident man.

You can use your hands to express yourself when speaking yet fidgeting is a giveaway that you are uncomfortable in the presence of women.

If you aren’t sure if your body language is up to par, practice beforehand. Stand in front of a mirror and pretend as though you are interacting with a room full of people.

If your body language appears fidgety or unconfident, make the necessary changes and you’ll be that much more confident the next time you interact with a woman.


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