What Single Women Don’t Want Single Men to Know

Men aren’t the only ones with a list of insecurities and secrets they don’t want the people they date to know about. Women only seem unshakably confident and flawlessly secure in themselves. Underneath, though, women have secrets and weaknesses of their own – things they don’t want the men they date to know.

Some of those secrets are in line with similar secrets men have, but others may be more unique to women. All of them are things it would be helpful for a single man to know when pursuing women, whether he’s after a relationship, a casual connection, or something in between. Here are some examples.

Women are more willing to date against type than they let on

Most people have a lengthy mental list of fantasy requirements an ideal partner should have, but few actually follow it to the letter when they’re out there playing the field. Ultimately, you can’t predict who will catch your eye and grab your attention.

Women are no different in this regard, but they don’t want you to know this secret. They know all the power is theirs, especially when it comes to online dating, and they want to keep it that way. But the truth is most are willing to go out with a guy who’s not filthy rich or as handsome as the rest if he has other things going for him.

Women talk to their friends about the men they date

And that’s both as flattering and as daunting as it sounds. If a woman winds up on a date with an absolute dud, trust that she’ll tell all her girlfriends about it in embarrassing detail. She’ll show them his picture and warn them to steer clear of him if they’re likely to run into him themselves.

But the same holds true if a woman is really blown away by a guy. If he’s smoking hot, super charming, or incredible in bed, you can bet she’ll be gushing about him to her friends, as well. And if you two are dating regularly, she’s likely already fantasizing about a future with you.

Even gorgeous women are insecure about their bodies

It’s hard for most men to look at a stone goddess he’s dating or sleeping with and imagine she can see anything short of perfection when she looks in the mirror. But the truth is that women and men are a lot alike in this arena. Even the beautiful ones – and sometimes especially the beautiful ones – are insecure about their bodies from time to time.

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That said, a well-timed and well-directed compliment goes a long way, especially when it comes from a man a woman is attracted to and wants to get to know better. If you haven’t slept together yet, stick to safe features like hair, eyes, and smile. But after you’ve been intimate, feel free to praise specific body parts tastefully. She wants to know you find her sexy.

Women like and crave sex as much as men do

But unfortunately, most women are also socially conditioned to feel like they can’t openly express that. Sure, some do that regardless, because they’re not concerned with what society at large thinks of them. But most are at least somewhat worried about making the wrong impression, especially regarding attractive men she might be dating. Maintaining that delicate balance between showing interest and coming across as insatiable can sometimes be challenging.

The truth is the women you date want you to be attracted to them, and they definitely at least potentially want to go to bed with you if you’ve piqued their interest. But they also want you to respect them and to see them as trustworthy. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they love and crave sex just as much as you do deep down.

Most women really don’t like being single

As with not wanting to seem too easy or slutty by appearing to be too into sex, women don’t always present honestly as far as their true feelings about being single, either. Sure, some women do genuinely love the independence and freedom that comes with being a single gal, but most would much rather be in a relationship.

They just don’t want you to know that, as they don’t want you to think they’re desperate or that you don’t need to put in any effort to win them over. They don’t want to be hurt or used, either, so it naturally makes sense to play a little harder to get.

As you can see, men and women are much more alike than you might otherwise think, especially regarding matters like dating and sex. Keep this in mind the next time you’re tempted to think you’re the only one out on that date who’s worried about making the right impression.


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