What Are the Best Ways to Have Casual Sex While on Vacation?

Best Ways to Have Casual Sex on Vacation

Whether you’re making early plans to visit family and friends over the holidays or only looking ahead to your next impromptu getaway, a vacation should be about fun, first and foremost. If you’re planning on being away long, then it makes sense that you’d be hoping to get laid a time or two while you’re gone.

Knowing a little casual sex would make your vacation perfect is one thing, though. Figuring out where to meet the right prospects, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar city, is a little more challenging. Here are some tips for simplifying the process, no matter where your travels take you next.

Rub Elbows with the Locals

People fantasize about meeting a hot local, hitting it off, and winding up in bed together for a good reason. Yes, casual sex with someone super different from everyone you know is a major turn-on, but there are practical perks to consider, as well. Nobody can show you around town quite like a local can. They know the best restaurants, the coolest hot spots, and how to make the most of your trip.

Be talkative and friendly wherever you go. Strike up conversations by asking for directions or recommendations. Most people are very proud of where they live and welcome a chance to help someone new there and looking to have a good time. Keep the conversation going by asking the person a bit about themselves. By then, you should have a good idea of whether they’re into you or not.

Connect with Fellow Travelers

You don’t necessarily need to get a hot local’s attention to experience a particular city at its best. There’s something to be said for exploring a new place on your own, as well, and that experience gets even better when you can share it with someone else. When you can meet them, fellow travelers and outsiders are perfect for this.

As with locals, a smile and a friendly demeanor will take you far. Even quieter, more introverted types tend to be more social than average when they’re out of town or in the mood for adventure. Ask for opinions on various hot spots. Are they worth visiting and worth the price? Where are the best places to eat in town or grab a quick drink? It’s easy enough to suggest trying something out together if you sense a spark.

How to Facilitate Promising Meetings

While you should always be open to the possibility of a fortuitous meeting with a tremendous hook-up prospect, it helps to know where exactly to look when you need a sure thing. Here are some useful, solid tips for getting started.

Hit up the local watering hole.

Anywhere you go, there’s sure to be a local hot spot where people go to enjoy a few drinks in good company. Nothing gets conversation flowing and people feeling open to possibility quite like a drink or two.

Plus, it’s pretty safe to say that most people hanging out at a hot spot are reasonably open to meeting new people and maybe enjoying a random chat or two. More than a few could be open to a little quick and dirty casual sex, as well. Just be friendly, polite, and relaxed.

Think like a single traveler.

If you’re going somewhere that sees a lot of tourism as a rule and interested in hooking up with another traveler, it helps to know which folks are the most likely to be down with having a no-strings-attached fling. Backpackers are always a good bet. They tend to be young and in that try-anything mindset that makes for a good hook-up.

Cruise passengers are good prospects, as well. Sure, you’ll run into quite a few traveling with their spouses or partners, but cruise ships are full of horny, lonely singles, as well. Hit up a day trip or other excursion that sees many cruise passengers as a rule, and see what happens.

Explore the offerings with a mobile sex finder.

You don’t have to be on your home turf to benefit from a trusty mobile dating platform. Just make sure you pick the right one. A mobile sex finder like Mixxxer is an excellent choice for casual sex lovers for several reasons.

Not only is Mixxxer expressly for people interested in casual, sex-only hook-ups, but it uses GPS to match you with willing prospects. That means it works just as well when you’re out of town as it does when you’re someplace more familiar. Give it a try, and see where the night takes you.

There will always be sexy, friendly people who love sex anywhere life might take you. Getting laid as much as you like is as easy as figuring out where to find them.

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