Pro Tips for Women Dating Online

There are lots of newbie guides to online dating aimed at helping people who are trying to find hookup sites like craigslist for the very first time. Sure they have useful information in them, but if you are someone who has already succeeded at looking for sex online, those newbie guides won’t be much help for a more experienced online dating enthusiast.

That’s why we’ve prepared this guide based on feedback from dating community members. These are the dating pro tips designed to make it easier to go from being the kind of woman that has sex a couple times a month, to the kind of dating diva who can get what you want pretty much any time you want it!

1. Hey Ladies – You Should Enjoy Your Freedom!

Many women love casual sex as much as any man ever did, that isn’t a secret to the people you hook up with… but it’s understandable that you aren’t about to have that become part of your public life. As a female, you can get laid any time you want just by going down to a local bar and waiting for free drinks to come around. The reason most desirable women prefer online dating instead is for the privacy and discretion it offers.

Working on Wall Street and being a lifestyle submissive is fine, as long as you understand the importance of separating those two sides of your personality right from the start. That’s why it makes so much sense to avoid hooking up with amateur first time newbies who need a whole lot of handholding. Fact is, if it feels like your date hasn’t been fucking around for a while – you’d be better off letting someone else make sure they have their stuff together before you even consider getting on top of them, no matter how delicious they look.

A lot of men seem to think it’s a good idea to hide the fact that they have had so many successful dates because they mistakenly want women on dating sites to believe they are pure as new fallen snow. The fact is damn near the exact opposite when you examine the real statistics closely. Most females on dating sites, craigslist or those POF personals you browse are actually looking for experienced men who come along with references from the other ladies they already know in the community.

Some ladies have even started sharing their dating information, and they all know their contacts will be honest when asking about Mr. X if they have already gotten to know him. That’s how women on dating sites know if he is as good as he looks in person, if he can really bring it when it counts and if he has the maturity to keep his mouth shut once they are done doing all they have in mind.

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Guys really don’t get just how much girls talk to each other on these sites, not every pretty face is a first timer hoping their husband won’t find out they’re fucking someone on the side. Many women are looking for prime partners and are more than willing to share info about past dates in exchange for a heads-up about someone they are thinking of getting with next.

2. How Many Points Is Each Date Worth To You?

The Pros know that finding sex near me is easy, in fact sometimes it can be a bit too easy. Once you find a few hot studs and start hooking up regularly you have to get your points in order if you want to keep getting laid in the most efficient way possible.

Some of the most desirable one-nighters are easy to entice, if you are willing to pick up the check occasionally. The trick many women don’t already know is that you can make those checks a whole lot lighter with some pretty easy planning.

Once you have found a guy you want to play with more than once, make sure you’re earning points on everything you do while dating. Any time you pick up a check, book a flight for a long distance rendezvous, get a pair of movie tickets – whatever, you should be using plastic if you pay and be picking up points all along the way. It’s like having your credit card company give you cash back on at the end of any romantic expense and it makes saying “I got this one” much easier when you are dating as often as you like.

3. You Aren’t A Vampire So Don’t Act Like One

Did you know that taking a date out to breakfast costs 74% less than taking a date out to dinner on average nationwide? Everything costs less in the daytime. Instead of meeting for dinner and then going back to your place, aim to find a sexy playmate on a site specializing in personals like craigslist without the hassle, and take him or her out for breakfast in the morning afterward instead.

Going out the morning after can be much more romantic because there is a lot more to talk about after you’ve had sex. They can see you care about them for more than sex because you’ve already had sex and now you’re bringing them somewhere nice to get brunch.

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What most don’t figure out is that breakfast runs only a few bucks instead of a whole lot more that dinner could have cost – and instead of them thinking you were picking up dinner check to buy their favor, they understand it’s not like that at all because you’ve already been there and done that! Just because they call it a one-night stand, doesn’t mean you need to be nocturnal to make it happen. Plenty of Pros meet their pickups during the day and keep things real this way.

Are You Ready?

As you can see from the tips these dating pros are willing to share, online dating has evolved a lot since the early days when everyone was brand new to finding a fun hookup with a new local mate. Yeah, there are always newbies coming online each day, and if you happen to be one of them, you should be glad you found this article first because it probably just saved you a whole lot of time and put you in position to max out your dating calendar this month immediately.

However, even more importantly, for the experienced dating veterans who are looking for tips from people who think outside the box, these kinds of Pro Tips are even more valuable because they are the difference between getting laid a few times a month and getting laid as often as you would like for a lot of men and women who take the art of hooking up online more seriously than the causal crowd ever could.

Thanks to dating sites like Mixxxer finding a date has become the easiest part of selecting a mate. What these tips should be teaching you is that there are plenty of ways to sift through all the eligible singles and sexy couples looking to play online so that you can save time and enjoy a better dating experience with the least effort and the maximum amount of pleasure!

Matt Manes

Matt Manes

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