Does Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mama Want You to Meet Their Family? Here’s How to Deal

If you’re one of the many people who’s had a casual dating situation with an affluent single transition into a sugar baby-style situation, then you don’t need to be told how great mutually beneficial relationships can really be. However, what do you do if things unexpectedly get more serious and your sugar benefactor decides they’d like you to meet their family? It only makes sense that a lot of difficult questions would be flashing through your mind.

How much does their family really understand about you or the nature of your relationship? How can you make sure you charm his loved ones to the same extent you’ve charmed them? Meeting a sugar lover’s family has more in common with meeting any other partner’s family than you might think. It’s all about being prepared. Here’s how you can put your best foot forward and make the best possible impression should you decide to go ahead with things.

Talk It Out with Your Lover First

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for meeting your lover’s family is to simply talk things out first, especially if there’s anything specific you’re not sure about. Does their family know the true nature of your relationship? If so, how much do they understand about sugar dating in particular? Has your sugar daddy or mamma introduced other sugar babies to their family before? How did it go when and if they did?

Just knowing the answers to questions like these can take a lot of the stress out of the equation when meeting a sugar lover’s family, as you’ll know how open to be about your relationship. You may also want to ask your lover if there are any sore subjects or poor conversation topics you may want to avoid. Beyond that, dealing with his family is mostly going to be a matter of being your charming, polite self.

Have a Plan Regarding the Sugar Baby Topic

Even if their family knows that you’re a sugar baby and seems to be alright with it, it’s still a potential elephant in the room, so you’ll want to be prepared for that. If it does come up as a topic of conversation, let them be the ones to introduce it. Don’t bring it up yourself in the hopes of clearing the air. If they’re not prepared to handle it, things could get awkward.

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Do have a game plan for what you’ll say if someone does ask you about it outright. If you do decide to get into how you came to make the choices you have for your romantic life, just be honest with them, but avoid talking about sugar lovers you may have had in the past. Focus on how much better your life has been since meeting your partner, especially emotionally speaking, as opposed to financially. Most family members really just want to make sure their loved one is with someone who appreciates them for who they are, as opposed to only for their money.

Be Yourself and Get to Know Them

If you’ve sugared before, then you don’t need to be told that not every sugar lover asks a sugar baby to meet those they hold nearest and dearest. If yours wants this to happen, there’s a good reason for it. Sure, it could be that their family is just really curious about who’s been taking up so much of their time and they want to put their minds at ease. However, it’s a lot more likely that they’re genuinely into you and want you to get to know other people in their life who mean the most to them.

That said, do what you’d normally do if this weren’t a sugar-related situation. Get to know each person you’re introduced to and give them a chance to get to know you too. Let your bubbly, sparkling personality shine through. Be polite and conduct yourself with grace, just like you do when you’re with your sugar lover. It’s the best way to make sure their family sees exactly why your lover has had such a pronounced sparkle in their eye lately.

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Matt Manes

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