What Attractive Qualities Do the Hottest Women Look for in a Man?

What Are The Most Attractive Qualities In A Man?

If you’re like most men, you’ve probably heard the phrase “be a man” more than once in your life. However, whether it was directed at you or someone else, the idea of “being a man” isn’t as straightforward as the rest of society would have you think it is. No two people have the same picture in mind when they think of the ideal man.

It can be especially hard to figure out what version of masculinity the hot women you’re into want to see in a man. Still, hard isn’t impossible. So, here’s a closer look at what the world’s hottest, sexiest women are looking for in a man. How many traits can you check off the list?


Women don’t want to date or go home with the kind of guy who lies around waiting for his life to pull itself together while he lies around playing video games or watching TV. They like proactive guys who take the initiative to get things done, whether that means approaching a woman to ask her out or actively pursuing his life goals.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever play a video game or take it easy. It does mean knowing when it’s okay to do those things and when it’s time to buckle down and grind instead.


Just as women don’t want a lazy man who doesn’t know when to take the initiative in life, they don’t want a clingy man who isn’t secure in himself, either. Everyone is dependent on those around them early on in life. But a grown man should be able to stand on his own two feet and take care of himself.

So, how independent are you? Does making your own decisions come easily to you, or do you always need to lean on someone else? Beautiful, high-value women find independent men who are sure of themselves attractive.


Contrary to popular belief, being resilient doesn’t mean going through life without feeling (or showing) any emotion whatsoever. Resilient men feel just as hurt, disappointed, or angry as anyone else when life throws them major curveballs. However, they still don’t let adversity get the best of them.

That said, hot women are looking for men who get back up and bravely keep fighting when life knocks them down. Resilience, grit, and the determination to go after what you want in life no matter what aren’t just attractive qualities in a man. They’re traits that get you places in life.

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Self-awareness just may be the number one trait hot women look for in their lovers and partners, so it’s an important one for any man to cultivate. Because being sexy, successful, and desirable isn’t about being perfect or never making mistakes. It’s about being aware enough of your flaws and weaknesses that they don’t negatively affect your life and relationships.

Because attractive men who get the girl aren’t jerks, even though many people think they are. They care about other people and the kind of effect they have on the world around them. Self-aware men understand that their actions have consequences, and they readily take responsibility for them.

Good Grooming

Naturally, you’ve noticed that hot, desirable women take excellent care of themselves. They dress well, stay in shape, smell good, and take pride in their appearance, which is a big part of what men like about them. It should make sense that women like that want men who are just as well-groomed and well-maintained.

So don’t be a slob. Dress well in clean, tailored clothes that fit you properly. Bathe regularly and thoroughly. Put some effort into your appearance, especially when you go out on dates or looking to meet women. You won’t appeal to the hottest women in the room otherwise.


Many men think that desirable women want a man who can’t be tamed – someone who will keep them guessing and constantly on their toes. And nothing could be further from the truth. While women do like men who are interesting, multi-faceted, and unique, there’s a huge difference between being exciting and being unreliable.

No woman who could have her pick of any man will choose a guy who doesn’t care whether his word means anything. She wants a guy who does what he says he’ll do and considers it essential to be there for the people in his life. She wants someone fair, honest, and forthright who doesn’t make promises he can’t keep.


This is another attractive quality people think they can recognize in another person but often badly misread. Being confident doesn’t mean strutting around acting like you’re better than everyone else, whether you actually think you are or not. It’s not bragging, being demanding, or acting like a jerk, either. It certainly isn’t about thinking you’re never wrong and expecting other people to move over to make room for you.

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Men who do those things are the opposite of confident. Genuinely confident men are secure enough in themselves not to have to make a lot of noise or constantly remind other people of how awesome they think they are. They know that true awesomeness speaks for itself and shines from within.

Confident men are also secure enough in their masculinity that they aren’t overly concerned with adhering to society’s gender norms. For example, they’re happy to take on their share of the household duties, and they don’t adhere to old-fashioned ideas about women’s work versus men’s work. And it should make sense that high-value women want that in a man, because no one wants to carry someone else’s weight in addition to their own, women included.

As you can see, having the type of attractive qualities hot women are looking for in a man in isn’t about being rich or model-handsome so much as it’s about simply being the best man you can be. So, take care of yourself, have goals, and work hard to live with integrity. Hot women won’t be able to help but take notice.


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