Ultimate Guide to Hooking Up for Men

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy sex without any sort of attachment or obligation aside from helping your partner orgasm?  Follow the unspoken rules of hooking up and you’ll do exactly that.

Also, choosing the right casual sex site to find partners is crucial if you want to maximize your hookup potential.

Hooking up is all about getting what you want without misleading your partner to the point that she or he is tempted to do you dirty. Make it clear that you want to hook up and you’ll enjoy casual sex with one or even several partners.

Be honest about your intentions and no one will end up disappointed. Here’s how to do it: hooking up for men.

You can Hook Up Without Bending the Truth

Most people looking for a hookup assume they have to lie or at least mislead another person to get what they want. You don’t have to explicitly state you want sex and only sex to hook up with another person.

You can make your intentions known without saying them word-for-word and still enjoy casual sex. It’s even possible to hook up with hot locals in your area by stating exactly what you are looking for.

So don’t assume being honest is an automatic turnoff. Directly or indirectly tell potential hookup partners what you want, and they just might reciprocate the same feeling.

Even if the other person hopes the casual sex turns into a legitimate romantic relationship at some point down the line, you don’t have to share that sentiment. It is completely up to you if you want to take your hookup to the next level or leave it as just that – a hookup.

Walking the Fine Line of Manipulation

Use your mind’s eye to envision yourself at a party, a bar or another social setting and a hot guy or girl asks you about your relationship status. You are on the prowl for someone to have sex with, yet you don’t want a girlfriend or boyfriend, meaning you are not interested in dating.

If you were to say you want to hook up without any strings attached, you would be honest, yet you might not reach your goal of casual sex.

Instead of immediately declaring your intention to “smash and dash”, the better approach is to be a bit more mysterious. When asked about your relationship status, indicate you aren’t looking for a traditional relationship now, yet you are open to the potential for a serious relationship down the line.

The mere fact that you leave the door open for a traditional relationship to form after “catching feelings” from a fuck buddy boosts your chances of getting laid even more.

The key is to set the bar low in terms of the other person’s expectations. Make it clear you aren’t actively searching for a marriage partner, yet you aren’t ruling out the possibility of physical attraction leading to something more permanent.

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Your willingness to maintain an open mind will be interpreted as a positive sign, potentially creating an opportunity to hook up with someone you are attracted to yet might not take seriously in the context of a lasting relationship.

Hook up While Sober

Just about everyone admits there is a temptation to hook up when drunk. The problem with having casual sex with local hookups while drunk is your partner might end up regretting the encounter and insist you are a manipulator or even a rapist.

Ideally, you will only consider engaging in a sexual act when you and your sex partner are completely sober. Even if you aren’t worried about a rape charge, you’ll enjoy the sex that much more if you aren’t inebriated.

Think back to the last time you were hooking up with someone while buzzed or drunk. If you can remember the sex, you will likely admit it wasn’t the best. It might have taken you a while to get hard. Your drunkenness might have even cause you to “explode your dynamite” much too early.

Making the prospect of another drunk sex session even worse is the fact that it rarely satisfies your partner. Though you might achieve climax while engaging in drunk sex, your flawed technique won’t be good enough to please your partner, meaning she or he won’t be as inclined to hook up later that week, the next weekend or ever again.

Instead of engaging in sex while being sloppy drunk, be your best self in bed by remaining sober and saving the drinks until after you’ve both climaxed.

Hookups are Just as Much About Your Partner as Yourself

It is no secret that people who want to hook up are in search of smoke shows with rock-hard bodies and sexual prowess. However, an orgasm with an attractive woman or man should not be your sole goal in hooking up. You’ll boost your chances of remaining fuck buddies with your hookup if you please him or her.

Even if you finish early, find a way to stimulate your partner until she/he climaxes. This extra effort makes it clear you recognize the fact that hookup sex involves some reciprocity.

A willingness to please your casual sex partner is also beneficial to yourself as it encourages your partner to continue stimulating you in future sex sessions even if he or she climaxes early.

In short, there should be a silent pact with local hookups that the sex session does not reach its end point until both parties “get theirs”, no matter how long it takes.

Hooking up with a new sex partner should not serve as an opportunity to replicate all those wild sex moves you’ve witnessed while watching internet porn. Sex shouldn’t be a completely self-serving act.

Though your main goal is to enjoy an orgasm with a physically attractive person, there is more to sex than using another person’s body for your enjoyment.

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Save all those creative sex moves you learned from porn scenes for a serious life partner down the line after discussing the prospect of straying from the norm. Stick to regular sex with your local hookups.

The last thing you want is to surprise your hookup with a crazy sex move that she or he isn’t expecting, creating a rift that ultimately leads to a dramatic end to the sex session. There might be an opportunity to raise the subject of more creative sex, be it in the form of new acts or new positions.

Those opportunities will arise after the initial hookup. You’ll ultimately sabotage your own self-interest if you spring those acts on your hookup without warning.

Make It Clear You Don’t Want to “Catch Feelings”

The average person is looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend who has the potential to become a husband or wife. You are different in that your aim isn’t to lay the groundwork for a permanent relationship.

Your aim is to get laid without establishing a commitment. At most, you will commit to engaging in regular sex with someone you are attracted to, stimulating them until they reach a climax.

Communicate your intention toward the beginning of the relationship in a direct or indirect manner and you won’t run the risk of your hookup partner catching feelings. The bottom line is sex is not the same as an emotional connection with a life partner.

Sex is a pleasurable superficial act that doesn’t have to pave a path to a serious relationship or marriage.

If you suspect the person you want to hook up with is developing an emotional connection with you, don’t move forward until you make it clear you want to enjoy casual sex and nothing more.

Though you don’t have to completely shut the door on a potential relationship, it is wrong to lead someone on, making them think as though you want to date, move in together, tie the knot and start a family.

Resist the temptation to be a people-pleaser, tell your potential hookup partners what you are really looking for and move forward based on that person’s response. Though being blunt isn’t what people want to hear when they are searching for something more than casual sex, there is simply no sense wasting your limited time on someone who wants a long-term relationship.

If you were to lead on a hookup partner, dangling the carrot of a potential relationship when you have no such intention of establishing a lasting partnership, that person would inevitably become angry as a result of the deception.

Keep it 100 from the jump and you won’t have to worry about making a sex partner feel tricked. Even if you are rejected for making your intentions known, there’s no reason to lose hope.

As is often said, there are plenty of fish in the sea. At least one of those fish will be willing to bite. All you need to do is keep on fishing.


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