How to Please a Woman Between the Sheets

Let’s face it. Getting off is only part of the appeal of taking someone new to bed. The rest of the fun is about rocking her world so hard, she’s left thinking about you for weeks (if not months or years) to come.

No two women are entirely alike when it comes to what they like most in bed. But when you’re into casual sex or one-night romps, you don’t really have time to get to know all those little intricacies the way you would in a long-term relationship.

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck simply guessing, though. There are lots of subtle things you can do when you’re with any woman to please her to the core and ensure a legendary encounter, though. Here are some ideas so you can leave her begging for more.

Don’t skip the foreplay.

Although it can be tempting to rush straight to the main event as quickly as possible when bedding a broad, you should really resist the urge. First of all, you’ll get to the sex eventually, so there’s no need to hurry. Plus, plenty of foreplay is the best way to make sure your partner has a seriously incredible time.

So, how to please a woman? Easy, take the time to kiss, touch, lick, and nibble at her a little. Not only is it a great opportunity for you to explore your partner’s smoking hot body, but all those things will really get her going. By the time you do get to the sex, she’ll be more than ready for it.

Ask her what turns her on.

It may sound elementary, but if you really want to know what a particular woman likes in bed, just ask her. Asking is a whole lot faster than figuring things out by trying different things and hoping you’re reading her reactions correctly.

Being asked what you’re into can also be a major turn-on, as so few people ever actually bother. Tell her you really want to please her and ask her what she likes. Then you can focus on giving her what she wants instead of wasting time on guessing games.

Don’t focus on the same old body parts.

We get it. Your favorite parts of a woman are the breasts, bum, and honey pot, but you don’t want to focus on only those parts if you’re serious about leaving a lasting impression on your partner. A woman’s body is full of incredibly powerful erogenous zones that sadly wind up ignored the rest of the time.

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That said, why not explore a little, and see what resonates? Kiss her neck, stroke her belly, nibble her ear lobes, or explore the insides of her thighs. And again, if you really want to know what she’s into, you can always just ask her.

Know how to activate the G-spot.

No, it’s not just a myth. Every woman has a G-spot. However, it’s so notoriously difficult to locate and stimulate, that your partner may or may not know how it’s done herself. That’s why it’s to the benefit of anyone who sleeps with women to learn how to do this.

The G-spot is located a couple of inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall. You can stimulate it manually by making a come-hither motion with your fingers while they’re inside her, but once you know where it is, you can aim for it during intercourse, as well. (Doggy-style is an especially good position for doing the job.)

Go down on her.

A guy who not only enjoys going down on women but does it without having to be asked already has a real advantage over most. So many men either don’t like doing it or simply can’t be bothered, even though they almost certainly expect women to go down on them.

If you want to blow your partner’s hair back, don’t be that guy. Just get down there and go to town. And if you’re not sure about technique, use the “figure eight” approach. She’ll absolutely love you for it.

Hit the gym consistently.

Getting into great shape and staying that way is about more than looking good naked (although that’ll happen, too). Sex is a form of physical activity, and that being the case, you’re simply better equipped to do it well when you’re in good shape. You’ll be stronger, more flexible, and have better stamina.

If you’ve been looking for a better incentive to establish a regular workout routine and stick to it, consider this it. Healthy guys who are in good shape are just better in bed. They look better and feel better about themselves, as well, and that’s a combination no woman can resist.

Be generous with the compliments.

The women you take to bed want to feel sexy, attractive, desired, and seen to the same extent you do, and it’s easier to make them feel that way than you think. So, if you really want to wow the next woman you bring home, compliment her.

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It’s important to understand most women can spot a fake effort a mile away, though, so don’t overdo things. Stick to sincere compliments you genuinely mean, and don’t lay it on too thick. Just let her know if you think she’s beautiful, funny, smart, or fun. She likely doesn’t hear it nearly as often as she should.

Take a “ladies first” approach to orgasms.

As you can see, a lot of the items on this list are about focusing on your partner instead of over-focusing on your own needs the way so many men do, and this one isn’t any different. Most of the guys a woman has been with will have been so focused on their own orgasm, they weren’t even concerned with hers.

That said, a great way to be a memorable lover is to make the sex you have about her, too. Great lovers care whether their partner has an orgasm and enjoys herself to the fullest, so you know what to do. You’ll both have a better time for it!


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