30 Sex Terms You’ve Never Heard Of

Are you ready to expand your sexual vocabulary?

In this article, we’re delving into a world of intimate terminology with sex terms that you may not be familiar with.

From obscure fetishes to clever dating slang, we’ve got it all covered.

1. Rizz:

Let’s start with “rizz.” This term refers to one’s flirting ability. If someone has a lot of rizz, their magnetic personality attracts everyone in the room.

2. Dopplebanger:

Ever come across someone who resembles your current or former partner in bed? That’s what dopplebanging is all about—finding a sex partner who looks like someone else.

3. Vab:

Imagine using vaginal fluid as perfume to attract partners—a practice known as vabbing! Sex educator Shan Boodram explains this concept in her book “Game of Desire.”

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4. Olfactophilia or Osmolagnia:

Some individuals experience intense arousal from body odors, specifically those emanating from the genitals—this is known as olfactophilia or osmolagnia.

5. Nasolingus:

While most people are familiar with common forms of oral sex such as cunnilingus and fellatio, nasolingus takes things up a notch—it involves licking, kissing, and even ingesting the contents of someone’s nostrils!

6. Tuning

Ever heard of “tuning”? It refers to getting to know someone before defining the relationship (DTR) or making it “instafficial”—a combination of Instagram and official—by posting online.

7. On a Thing/Situationship:

When two individuals are not quite officially together but more than casual acquaintances, they’re said to be “on a Thing” or in a “situationship.”

8. Breadcrumbing:

Remember that person who keeps you interested without putting any real effort into the relationship?

Well, that’s breadcrumbing—leading someone on without any intention of truly developing a connection.

9. Seggs:

A playful alternative spelling of sex, because sometimes it’s fun to mix things up and unleash your inner linguistic creativity.

10. Cum Tribute:

While some consider cum tributes as a way to show affection and appreciation for an attractive photo, it’s crucial to remember that they should only be done with consent and respect for boundaries.

11. Callipygian (or Dump Truck):

Ever admired someone with an exceptionally shapely derriere? They can be described as callipygian or having a “dump truck,” borrowing terms from ancient Greek and modern colloquial language!

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12. Fraysexual:

Not everyone finds sexual attraction in deep emotional connections—some individuals experience intense desire for strangers or acquaintances but find the attraction fades once they become familiar with them.

13. Ear and Eye Pleasure

If you think all sexual pleasure is limited to genitalia, think again! Explore new realms of pleasure by incorporating play around the ear and eye regions—an eye-opening experience indeed!

14. The Euphemistic Accountant:

Want to avoid discussing your professional life as a sex worker? Some porn performers or OnlyFans creators humorously refer to themselves as accountants when faced with intrusive questions about their careers.

15. Sneaky Link vs. Showoff:

A sneaky link is someone you hook up with secretly, while a showoff doesn’t necessarily seek public attention but enjoys engaging in sexual activities publicly—a thrilling distinction indeed!

16. Smash it up!

While ‘smash’ typically refers to casual sex, it can also mean penetrating someone’s mouth, anus, or vagina with strong physical force (with consent always being a crucial aspect of sexual activity).

17. Cushions:

Just like cushions provide comfort and support, a cushion partner is someone who acts as a backup in case things don’t work out with your current dating or sexual partners.

18. Shrimping:

Have you ever developed an interesting fascination with toes? Well, shrimping involves engaging in the act of sucking on toes—a delightful exploration beyond traditional erogenous zones!

19. Pillow Princess:

Not every interaction has to be completely reciprocal—in fact, some people enjoy receiving all the sexual pleasure without necessarily reciprocating, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

20. Thirsty:

We’ve all experienced moments of intense desire or horniness—well, being thirsty is being desperately horny for sexual attention! A term that brings humor to our natural human desires.

21. Acomoclitic:

Some individuals have a preference for hairless genitals—whether their own or others—and this preference has been given the term “acomoclitic.”

22. Smoothies and Nullos:

For those who prefer hairless pubic regions, “smoothie” has become slang for someone who lacks pubic hair entirely.

Some individuals even take it further by removing not only their pubes but also their internal and external reproductive organs—a practice known as genital nullification or simply “nullo.” Nullos are not necessarily transgender; most identify as eunuchs.

🏳️‍🌈 23-30: LGBT Terms 🏳️‍🌈

In this diverse spectrum of sexuality exists terminology specific to the LGBTQ+ community:

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23. Trixic:

A non-binary person attracted specifically to women.

24. Toric:

A non-binary person attracted specifically to men.

25. Skoliosexual:

One who finds themselves attracted to non-binary individuals.

26. Fruity:

Once considered derogatory but now reclaimed on TikTok as an inclusive term referring to people or things within the LGBTQ+ community.

27. Sapiosexual:

Someone who finds intelligence and intellectual stimulation as a major turn-on, regardless of gender or sexual identity. Basically, they’re attracted to brains in addition to beauty.

28. Gynosexual

An individual who is sexually attracted to femininity, regardless of the person’s gender identity or biological sex. So it’s like shouting “Yass queen!” for attraction preferences.

29. Androsexual

This one goes out to all those folks who are primarily attracted to masculinity, regardless of the gender identity or biological sex of their crushes.

You could say they have a thing for rugged charm.

30. Demisexual

A person who develops sexual attraction only after forming an emotional bond with someone. It’s like Cupid waits for an intense game of emotional hide-and-seek before deciding to shoot his arrow of desire. It’s like love on hard mode.

Congratulations, you’ve expanded your sex lexicon! With these 30 sex terms, you’re now armed with a range of fascinating and surprising expressions to impress strangers at a dinner table.

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