What Is The Bulldog (aka Rear Admiral) Sex Position: Everything You Need To Know

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Perfect for those who want their man to take charge, the Bulldog sex positions, also known as the Rear Admiral, is a great variation of doggy style.

What’s the difference between standard Doggy Style and Bulldog? In doggy style, the receiving partner bends over on all fours, and the penetrating partner kneels behind them. In this position, the penetrating partners stays on their feet, bends their knees, and squats behind them.

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Entering their partner from above, they control the situation, making it clear that they are the “captain of this ship”.

This is a position in which your partner can feel dominant and in control, but be careful not to let things get too rough and uncomfortable. Enjoy the passionate sex while remaining aware of your partner’s needs.

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The Bulldog Position

The Bulldog sex position is similar to standard Doggy Style but the penetrating partner remains standing rather than kneeling behind their partner.

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How does a couple perform the Bulldog position?

    1. The receiving partner gets down on all fours, lowers their chest to the ground, and raises their butt higher up in the air.
    2. The penetrating partner stands directly over the exposed anus, placing their legs on each side of the partner.
    3. The penetrating partner then slowly and carefully inserts their penis, dildo or strap-on into their partner’s anus or vagina.
    4. Once both partners are comfortable, the penetrating partner begins thrusting.

After you’ve mastered the basics of the position and are ready to take your dominance to the next level, here are a few more tips:

    1. If they’re lying on a pillow or other support, grab their hands or bind them behind their back.
    2. To increase the strengths of your thrust, take a firmer grip of their hips and pull them towards you.
    3. Give your partner a sudden and unexpected slap on the behind when they least expect it.
    4. Take a large handful of their hair or pony tail and lightly pull as you thrust.
    5. Talk dirty to them throughout, telling them exactly what you are doing and what you plan to do next.

How difficult is this sex position to do?

The Bulldog is not a difficult position to execute, but it may take some practice to get into position and feel comfortable.

Your partner will be on all fours in a submissive position and you will need to squat behind them. This may feel awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy.

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Is this position good for vaginal sex?

If your partner enjoys doggy style, they’re in for a real treat with the bulldog position!

The Bulldog is an amazing position for vaginal sex. You’ll achieve deep penetration, and your partner’s G-spot will be stimulated. When performed correctly, this position can lead to some very intense orgasms.

Why is it good for anal sex?

There are a few reasons why the Bulldog is a great position for anal sex. First, it allows the person doing the penetration to control the depth and speed of penetration. This is important because anal sex can be uncomfortable if done too deep or too fast.

Second, the Bulldog position allows for easier prostate (the anal G-spot) stimulation. This position allows the penis or strap-on to rub directly against it. This can lead to some intense anal orgasms!

Third, this position gives the person being penetrated a great view of their partner’s ass which is a huge turn on for both parties.

What are the benefits of the Bulldog Sex Position?

The main benefit of the Bulldog is that it allows for deep penetration while also putting the penetrating partner in a very dominant position. This is ideal for those who enjoy a very full feeling during sex.

Couple aggressively kissing

For the penetrating partner, this position allows them to have a great deal of control over the situation. They can control the depth, speed, and angle of penetration, making it a great position for those who want to be in charge.

In addition, this position provides a great angle for G-spot stimulation. If you or your partner enjoys this type of stimulation, the Bulldog is a great position to try. For women, the G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, and this position allows the man to rub against it with each thrust.

Another benefit is that it can help delay ejaculation. If you or your partner find that you tend to ejaculate too quickly, this position can help you last longer.

What are the drawbacks of this position?

One drawback of the Bulldog is that it can be difficult to maintain for a long period of time. If you have any knee or back problems, this position may not be right for you.

Another drawback is that it can be challenging for some to orgasm in this position. This is due to the fact that the clitoris is not directly stimulated in this position. If you or your partner need clitoral stimulation, rather than g-spot stimulation, to reach orgasm, the Bulldog may not be the best position for you.

What are the variations of this sex position?

There are several variations of the Bulldog sex position, each with its own level of difficulty.

  • Chest supported Bulldog: In this variation, the receiving partner’s weight is being supported with a pillow under their chest. This frees up their hands to do other things. If you like bondage play, have your partner tie your hands behind your back while being penetrated.
  • Chest on ground Bulldog: In this variation, the receiving partner’s bends all the way down and places their chest on the ground. This really opens them up and exposes their genitals. This also frees up their hands for other activities.
  • Lying Flat Bulldog: This is the easiest variation of the position. The receiving partner simply lies flat on their stomach with their legs spread apart.
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Can sex toys be used with this position?

Yes! In fact, there are several sex toys that can be used in the Bulldog position to enhance your pleasure.

  • Anal beads: This is a great option for those who want to add anal stimulation to the mix. Insert the beads before your partner penetrates you. They will add extra stimulation as they pull them out during sex.
  • Butt plug: Another great option for anal stimulation. Again, insert the plug before your partner penetrates you. The added stimulation will make this position even more pleasurable.
  • Vibrator: A vibrator can be used on the clitoris in this position. This will help keep things from getting too dry.
  • Dildo: A dildo can be used in this position for vaginal or anal penetration. This is a great option for those who want to add penetration to the mix without using their hands.

If you like the Bulldog sex position, here are a few other positions you might enjoy:

    1. The Doggy Style: This is the original position and it’s a classic for a reason. In this position, the receiving partner bends over on all fours, and the penetrating partner kneels behind them.
    2. The Eiffel Tower: In this sex position, the receiving partner bends over, and the penetrating partner enters them from behind while both partners are standing.
    3. The Curled Angel: This is a position where both partners are lying on their side, with the penetrating partner behind the receiving partner.
    4. The Butter Churner: This is a position where the receiving partner is lying on their back with their legs over their head, and the penetrating partner is squatting over them.
    5. The Amazon: Switch up the roles and let the receiving partner become the dominant one.

Final Thoughts

The bulldog sex position is a great way to add some extra excitement and intensity to your sex life.

In this position, your partner will be in control, making it a great way to let them take charge. You can also use this position to add some anal play into the mix.

Just make sure to keep the communication open at all times with your partner to know what they’re enjoying and what can be done better (ex. Grab their hair, talk dirtier, thrust hard or softer, etc.)



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