Hooking Up After Craigslist: How Guyhop Can Help You Get Your Groove Back

If you’re currently mourning the disappearance of Craigslist’s personals section from your hookup life, you’re in good company. Millions of people just like you loved the way it was an absolutely awesome place to find simple, convenient, no-strings-attached sex whenever they were in the mood. This was especially the case for gay men, as it took a lot of the guesswork out of the process of finding a good hookup candidate in the first place.

The shutdown happened back in March of this year as a response to the passing of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act. However, while the act was primarily meant to protect children from the possibilities of online sex trafficking, it couldn’t help but affect the grown, consenting adults that had come to count on Craigslist’s personals. According to Craigslist, there’s just too much room for misuse and that’s understandable… but what’s a guy to do when he’s really in the mood for hooking up?

That’s where Guyhop comes in. Guyhop doesn’t just treat hot and horny gay singles to the same simple, easy access to hooking up Craigslist used to. It actually does a better job in many ways. Here we’ll take a closer look at what Guyhop brings to the table. You just might find you don’t even miss Craigslist.

1. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

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As any gay man can tell you, hooking up on the fly can be sort of hit or miss. There are more of us out there than most straight people tend to think, but unless you want to spend all your time hanging out at gay bars, finding the type of guys you really want to hook up with can be challenging at best. Craigslist was a simple, easy way to narrow down your choices for hooking up without having to spend the time and money it takes to go out gay cruising on the regular.

Guyhop does an even better job at helping you find exactly what you’re looking for. To begin with, it’s an interface that’s just for gay men. That means no more wondering whether or not that hottie you’re thinking about approaching is actually into guys or not! Also, unlike other popular alternatives like Grinder or Tinder, Guyhop isn’t even partially about finding lasting love or getting into a relationship. It’s all about hooking up, getting laid, and having a good time with other gay guys that love casual sex as much as you do.

2. It’s actually a lot more convenient than Craigslist.

We’re 18 years into the 21st century at this point, so it’s pretty much a given that convenience is king. People don’t just want what they want. They want it right now via as little unnecessary effort as possible and it’s unlikely you’re any different, especially when you’re super horny. That said, you should know that Guyhop has Craigslist completely beat when it comes to hooking up as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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Unlike Tinder or Grinder, Guyhop isn’t just another dating website. It’s not an app either. It’s really a mobile sex finder that lets you locate and contact potential new lovers wherever you happen to be thanks to the geo-location technology that comes with every cell phone and smart device these days. Seeing who’s up, who’s horny, and who’s nearby is literally as easy as checking your phone the way you most likely already do a hundred times a day.

3. You really can use it anytime and anywhere.

If you’ve previously only used Grinder, Tinder, or even Craigslist for hooking up, then you’re naturally used to your location being a big factor for consideration. Since people that use those interfaces are often at least potentially looking for an ongoing relationship, they’re looking to meet folks that live relatively close by. Naturally, that makes getting laid when you’re out of town or away on business a lot more challenging.

Because Guyhop revolves almost completely around geo-location, all that really matters when you’re looking to hook up is where you right now. Sure, you can use it to chat up hot, horny guys when you’re bored at home with a couple of hours to kill, but it works just as seamlessly anywhere else as well. For that reason, you can officially say good-bye to the struggle of figuring out where the gay bars are when you’re out of town and looking to get laid. Just grab your phone, sign in to Guyhop, and gain instant access to all the easy, no-strings-attached sex you can handle, just as you do at home.

4. You don’t have to worry about your privacy.

When you’re a gay guy that’s into casual sex, there are a million reasons why privacy might be a serious concern when taking a new platform for a spin. Craigslist was great for hooking up because it was possible to mask your identity to whatever extent you wished. On alternatives like Tinder and Grinder, there are too many connections to your real identity required in order to have an account in the first place. Anyone that’s serious about finding out who you really are can easily do so if they’re willing to do enough snooping.

The team behind Guyhop totally understands how critical discretion is, so confidentiality is a major priority. To begin with, Guyhop is a browser-based interface, so you’re not required to install an app on your phone that could potentially be discovered by a partner, a family member, or an overly nosey friend. Also, while Guyhop does use geo-location to find potential matches, it doesn’t give away your exact location, so there are no safety issues to worry about. How much information anyone else is given about you and your sex life is up to you and you alone.

5. You can be as explicit and to-the-point as you like.

“How explicit is too explicit?” It’s a question you’re probably very used to asking yourself if you’re into using online technology to get laid and meet potential hookup partners. Most personals sections and gay dating apps place strict limits on how far you’re allowed to go in your efforts to attract attention to yourself. That means the nudes and graphic photos you might want to put out there if you’re into casual sex are almost always a hard no.

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On Guyhop, it’s crystal clear right from the get-go that it’s all about casual sex. Everyone you’ll meet is looking for the same thing you are, meaning they’re perfectly willing to cut right to the chase. That means you’re allowed to be as explicit as you want to be and show off as much of your assets as you’re comfortable with. You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your closely guarded privacy to do it either. Guyhop comes complete with a privacy guard for all your photos, so it’s easy to keep your true identity a secret while still putting your goods on full display.

6. It’s easy to narrow your options down to only the types you’re looking for.

As you no doubt already know, finding the perfect hookup as a gay man is about more than just finding a guy Guyhop search filtersthat’s into other guys. Most gay men know exactly what they’re in the mood for when they’re hot, horny, and looking to get laid. For instance, they’re looking for a top versus a bottom (or vice versa). They’re more than likely interested in a specific type as well (i.e. twinks, bears, and so forth).

Guyhop makes it easy to find exactly the type of man you’re in the mood for via a selection of handy search filters. Are you specifically in the mood for a military man tonight? Maybe you like your hookups clean-cut or really want to experience someone that’s into kink. Whatever you’re in the mood for, rest easy in the knowledge that you can find it easily. Filter your searches by position, age, “tribe”, and more.

7. You’ll save yourself time and money.

If you’re like lots of men that are into casual sex, you really value the way a no-strings-attached lifestyle lets you cut through all the pretense associated with traditional dating. However, when you’re limited to meeting people via apps, platforms, and avenues that are at least potentially about traditional relationships, hooking up can be pretty frustrating at times. You often wind up wasting a lot of time, money, or energy in the process and still don’t necessarily get the sex you were originally after.

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With Guyhop in your corner, you’ll finally be able to be as straightforward as you want to be with people. No more beating around the bush at the clubs or the bars. No more long, drawn out conversations you’re not really interested in having because you already know you’re down to get dirty. Guyhop is a gay man’s paradise where you can enjoy unlimited access to all the hot, sexy, horny guys you can handle. Get started for free today!

Rob West

Rob West

I worked with Matt to build several hookup apps for gay men, including Guyhop.

I've been in the scene for several years now. Eternally single until I find "him".

My background is in marketing and psychology, which gives me a unique perspective on the LGBTQ dating and hookup scene.