4 Ways Your Sex Life Improves When You Start Using GuyHop

If there’s one thing every gay, bi, or pan guy’s life could use more of, it’s definitely great sex with smokin’ hot guys, right? However, while hookup apps like Grindr, Scruff, and Hornet have definitely helped more horny gay singles open up their options as to where and how they get laid, they still leave a lot to be desired in several departments.

GuyHop, on the other hand, has a lot in common with the x-rated cruising apps you already know and love, but it takes things to an entirely new level we think you’ll be really excited about once you give it a try. The following are just a few of the ways your sex life will instantly get better when you sign up for GuyHop and let it work its magic for you.

1. You don’t have to be home to get laid.

Any guy who loves to cruise can tell you that you never know when the mood to get down and dirty will strike. Yes, it often happens when you’re hanging out at home and already feeling a little bored, but what about all those other times? If you’re still relying on the same apps you’ve always used, you’ll need to wait until you’re back at home base to hit up a potential match.

GuyHop, on the other hand, pairs you with potential matches using the magic of GPS technology. That means you can totally use it to organize your next dick appointment just about anywhere you happen to be. Are you downtown at your favorite bar and looking for some company? Out of town for the night on business? Hanging out in the middle of the afternoon at the park? GuyHop can hook you up under any of those circumstances and many more.

2. You can have exactly what (and who) you’re looking for.

Of course, we’ve all been told that we should be open to giving everyone a chance when it comes to dating, and sometimes we even do that. Being really horny has a lot in common with being ravenously hungry though. You know what you’re in the mood for, and sometimes nothing short of that will do.

GuyHop features detailed search filters that make it easy to find exactly the type of guy you’re looking for. Are you a top looking to hook up with the perfect bottom? Always wanted to know what it was like to nail someone much older or younger than you are? Do you specifically want a jock, a military man, a bear, or anything else ultra-specific? You’ll always be able to easily find someone who’s everything you’re craving. But, don’t forget these 7 things every newbie should about gay dating!

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3. You can finally fully express yourself.

Some guys just love to cut straight to the chase when they’re looking for someone to get down and dirty with. They like to talk dirty. They like to take, post, and share dick pics and other explicit shots. They definitely like to chat with others who enjoy doing the same. However, other apps can be so frustrating because of the multitude of limits and rules that have to be adhered to. If that sounds like you, you’ll definitely find GuyHop’s attitude toward X-rated self-expression refreshing.

Unlike many of the dating and hookup apps you’re used to, GuyHop actually isn’t an app. It’s a browser-based mobile sex finder that functions similarly to an app, so it doesn’t have to play by the same rules imposed by strict app stores when it comes to X-rated content. That means you’re finally free to really be yourself while e-cruising.

4. It’s easy to keep your sexual adventures private.

There are any number of reasons why you might not want anyone and everyone knowing that you like using apps and mobile interfaces to get laid on the fly. Maybe you’re in a delicate situation when it comes to your current relationship status or are still in the process of coming out of the closet. Maybe you simply feel that what a man does sexually in private is nobody’s business but his own. Whatever the case may be for you, GuyHop’s got your back.

Since GuyHop isn’t an app, you don’t have to install anything on your phone to access the platform. That means there’s nothing incriminating to find when your nosy roommate or friends decide to grab your phone and look through your apps. You can even be as private as you like within the platform itself thanks to GuyHop’s special privacy filter. Show off your goods while keeping your real identity to yourself – the best of both worlds!

GuyHop is changing the way horny guys who love to cruise go about scratching that old familiar itch on a level that’s long overdue. Give it a try for yourself today and see how good it feels to get laid without the limits!

Rob West

Rob West

I worked with Matt to build several hookup apps for gay men, including Guyhop.

I've been in the scene for several years now. Eternally single until I find "him".

My background is in marketing and psychology, which gives me a unique perspective on the LGBTQ dating and hookup scene.