5 Ways GuyHop Makes Hooking Up Easier Than Ever

Let’s face it. Every gay or bi guy who likes to play the field likes a nice, no-strings-attached hookup once in a while. Thanks to modern technology, hooking up is easier than ever before and thankfully no longer requires a trek to the nearest gay bar. It can be tough to know which of the many apps and options out there is the best possible fit for you though.

GuyHop has a lot in common with popular gay and bi hookup apps like Scruff and Grindr. However, it also brings a lot to the table that most of the other options don’t. The following are just a few ways GuyHop is helping sexy gay and bi guys everywhere take their cruising game to the next level.

1. Privacy is a top priority.gay man with finger on lips

Who you hook up with, as well as when and how, is truly nobody’s business but yours. At GuyHop, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your privacy is a top priority. To begin with, it’s currently the only cruising service that comes with the option of adding a privacy guard to your photos. This lets you show off as many of your best assets as you want without also giving away your identity.

GuyHop is also one of the few gay hookup services that doesn’t require you to install an app on your phone or mobile device. Everything happens via a handy mobile web interface instead, so there’s no telltale app to explain away to nosy roommates or friends.

2. You can use it to get laid anywhere.

guyhop gps feature

GuyHop leverages the magic of GPS to hook you up with potential matches. That means it’s just as awesome and convenient no matter where you happen to be. Yes, you can absolutely still use it when you’re hanging out at home and feel like you could use a little company, but it will definitely come in handy other times as well.

Not thrilled with the crowd at your favorite club tonight? GuyHop can help you open your options up and find you someone tasty to get to know instead. Out of town on business and feeling a little randy? GuyHop can seamlessly let you know who nearby would be happy to join you. When we say you can count on us to get you laid anywhere and anytime, we mean it. Don’t believe us? Try it and see.

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3. You can be as explicit as you want

man taking naked selfie

Since GuyHop doesn’t rely on an app to help members find suitable matches, it doesn’t have to adhere to the same restrictive app store policies other platforms do. That means you’re free to be as explicit as you dare to be when expressing yourself online.

Yes, that’s right. You can engage in the nastiest, naughtiest triple-X chats you can imagine without breaking a single rule. You can also post as many explicit photos as you like, the better to let your matches know exactly what you bring to the able. GuyHop members aren’t afraid to put it all out there, so you’ll fit right in.

4. It’s easy to be as picky as you like.

You’ve no doubt already noticed that the rest of the world loves telling gay and bi men that they shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. You’re “supposed to” be open to dating anyone and everyone, but the fact of the matter is you totally choose a gay mate on guyhophave your preferences, right? This is especially the case when you’re really only interested in Mr. Right Now, as opposed to Mr. Forever.

Let us assure you that you won’t be judged for your standards and preferences at GuyHop. Our detailed search filters make it easy to find matches that are exactly what you’re in the mood for hooking up with at any given moment. Are you strictly a bottom in search of the perfect top? Do you have a craving for someone from a specific tribe right now? Only interested in matches that are a certain age or that are currently within city limits? GuyHop can help you with all of it.

5. You can even evaluate your options Tinder-style.

Tinder’s great fun for browsing prospects and swiping either left or right. tinder style feature on guyhopFiguring out which people are down hookup right away and which are holding out for relationship material isn’t as much of a blast, especially if you really do just want to get laid.

Enter the Hopper, GuyHop’s own version of the familiar interface you know and love from your Tinder adventures. It’s a super fun way to check out your prospects and chat up the ones you like the looks of. Even better, you know for a fact that everyone you see is there for the exact same reasons you are. All the more reason to give GuyHop a spin!

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Rob West

Rob West

I worked with Matt to build several hookup apps for gay men, including Guyhop.

I've been in the scene for several years now. Eternally single until I find "him".

My background is in marketing and psychology, which gives me a unique perspective on the LGBTQ dating and hookup scene.