When To Kiss On The First Date

The date has ended and you finally muster up the courage to make your move and go in for the kiss, you pray to every god you can think of that she doesn’t reject you.

Your heart races as you lean in, eyes locked on hers. You can see in her eyes that she’s thinking the same thing as you are.

She starts to lean in too and then…she turns her head at the last second and you end up awkwardly kissing her cheek.

This is a common scenario that men often worry about. For many guys, knowing when and how to get a kiss—and then more—from your dream girl is a big problem.

Most guys would like to be able to ask the simple question, Can I get a good-night kiss? But that is decidedly uncool. But if you can’t ask, how do you know when it is OK to initiate a kiss on a first date?

In part, you can have a pretty good idea by the obvious signs she’s attracted to you: lots of eye contact, smiles, picking at her food, etc. means your advance to the kissing stage will likely be welcomed.

But even then, most guys do one of two things. They either screw it up by lacking confidence and being too timid. Or they are too aggressive and over step their bounds.

Let’s talk about how to know when to go in for the kiss and what kind of kiss that should be.

The Top Signs She’s Ready for a Kiss

If you’re wondering if you should go in for the kiss or not, there are some key ways to tell if she’s giving you the green light. Here are the top 6 ways to know if she’s ready for a smooch:

1. She’s giving you lots of eye contact and smiling

This is one of the most obvious signs that she’s interested in you and wants you to make a move. If she’s constantly looking into your eyes and smiling, it’s a good indication that she’s ready for a kiss. Women usually only smile when they feel comfortable around a person, so is a great way to gauge her interest.

2. She’s touching you

Another sign that she’s interested is if she’s constantly touching you while you’re talking. This could be anything from lightly touching your arm to playing with your hair. If she’s touching you, it’s a good sign she wants you to kiss her.

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3. She’s leaning in

If she’s leaning in towards you while you’re talking, it’s another sign that she’s interested in you and wants you to kiss her. This is especially true if she’s not making any effort to move away from you.

4. She’s holding your gaze

When you’re talking to her, does she hold your gaze for longer than usual? This could be a sign that she’s interested in you and wants you to make a move.

5. She’s giving you small compliments

If she’s giving you compliments, it’s a good sign that she’s interested in you. This could be anything from telling you that you have nice eyes to saying that you’re a good listener. If she’s giving you compliments, it means she’s thinking about you in a positive light and is likely wanting you to kiss her.

6. She’s biting her lips

If she’s constantly licking her lips or biting her bottom lip, it might mean she’s longing for your kiss.

Test the Waters

Is she not giving off any obvious signs? Still can’t figure it out? There are ways to test her willingness before making your move. If you want to kiss her, but are unsure of her level of interest, you can use verbal and nonverbal cues to gauge her desire.

For example, when you are ready to part ways for the evening, make sure to look her in the eyes with a smile and thank her for a great time. If you are standing close to her, you can place your hand on her arm as you say this.

If she steps away from you or brushes off your touch, she is probably not interested in being kissed. However, if she moves closer to you or holds your gaze, she is likely giving you the green light to go ahead with a kiss.

Just Ask

If you want to know if she wants to be kissed, you can either read her nonverbal signals or just ask her directly. If you go for the latter, make sure to do it in a playful, teasing way – no one likes a needy guy. You could say something like “Your lips are amazing. They’re just asking to be kissed, aren’t they?”

Chances are that if you make a move, she will either blush or laugh; either one of which is a sign that she wants to kiss you.

You can also project your intent by asking, “Would you like to kiss me?” and unless her answer is a clear no, you can assume that she does. If she answers with a hesitant reply like, “Oh, I don’t know,” you can say, “Well, you only live once,” and go for it.

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When she extends an invitation for you to kiss her, take your time and move slowly. Look into her eyes as you bring her into your arms. This is a classic Prince Charming moment, so savor it.

If she wants you to kiss her cheek instead of her lips, she will turn her head as you get close. But if she’s ready to be kissed, her arms will slide around you and her lips will meet yours.

Timing the Kiss

When it comes to your first kiss on a date, timing is everything. You want to make sure the moment is right, otherwise it could be awkward and ruin the entire date. So when is the best time to go in for the kiss?

Some people say that waiting until the end of the date is the best bet. This way, you can gauge how the date is going and if she seems interested.

Plus, it builds up the anticipation for the kiss. However, this can also backfire if she’s not interested. Then you’re left with an awkward moment at the end of the night.

Others say that going for the kiss in the middle of the date is the way to go. If she’s receptive, then it opens the door to possible even more action at the end of the date. Plus, it shows that you’re confident and not afraid to make a move.

So what’s the best strategy? Ultimately, it depends on the situation and you’ll have to use your best judgement. If you’re feeling confident and the date is going well, go for it! Maybe you’ll get to home base that night!

But if you’re not sure, it might be best to wait to until the end of the date.


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