VR Porn – A Bang or a Bust

Man watching VR pornPorn drives technology. It’s a simple truth that’s decided tech “winners” from VHS to Blu-Ray, and it continues to shape the devices and software that we use for decidedly more PG applications every day. Each technological leap forward has made our digital approximation of the beast with two backs (or more, depending on your personal proclivities) increasingly realistic.

Right now, we can easily find and buy adult toys – both insertable and penetratable – that use the internet to connect. We have vibrators that rely on text message content or the bass on our favorite songs to bring us to the big O. We have new genres of “POV” porn that adjust the viewing angle to enable us to better fantasize and place ourselves in the story – an XXX version of house staging at its finest. Knowing how far we’ve come – pun not intended – in the last handful of years, can we cross that uncanny, genital-shaped valley even further? After all, it’s been the stuff of science fiction for years: porn that gives you both the visual and physical feedback of a real partner, on demand.
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