The Top 5 Sex Positions That Help Men Last Longer in Bed

For many men, their primary worry when it comes to sex is their stamina. Specifically, how to last longer in bed before orgasm.

This is completely normal and understandable. Sex is often seen as a performance, and like any performance, it’s natural to want to do your best and make sure your partner enjoys it.

And let’s be honest, no guy wants to be known as the one-minute man…

The good news is that there are several ways to combat early orgasms, some popular methods include:

While these methods are very effective in delaying a man’s orgasm, they require practice, discipline and time to perfect.

If you’re looking for something that requires less work on your put, why not experiment with different sex positions first? The type of positions you normally enjoy could be one culprit when it comes to climaxing too early.

Remember that every sex position offers different levels and different types of stimulation.

Here’s 5 of the best sex positions to help you last longer in bed.

1. The Spooning Position


This position is often overlooked because it doesn’t tend to be as exciting as some of the others on this list.

But it’s actually one of the best positions for men who want to last longer in bed.

How to do it:

The woman lies on her side with her legs slightly apart. The man then lies behind her, curving his body to fit her body’s contour, and enters her from behind.

Why it helps:

This position doesn’t lend itself to vigorous thrusting, which is often what leads to early orgasm in men.

Instead, it’s a slow and steady position that allows you to control the depth of penetration and the speed of your thrusts.

2. The Cradle Sex position

The Cradle

This is a woman on top position and it can be extremely intimate for both lovers.

How to do it:

In the Cradle sex position, the woman is sitting on top of the man, whose legs are crossed, while her legs are wrapped around his waist. They are both facing each other.

This position can be done with the woman leaning back or leaning forward.

Why it helps:

While this is a very intimate position, it is a difficult position for the man to do a lot of thrusting.

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The position does lend itself to deep penetration, but once the man has entered the woman, it’s all about the partners exploring and enjoying each other’s bodies and less about thrusting.

3. The Squatting Cowgirl

The squatting cowgirl

This position is similar to the traditional cowgirl position, with one key difference – the woman is squatting instead of sitting.

How to do it:

The woman squats over the man, and lowers herself down onto his erect penis. She can then start to ride him, controlling the speed and depth of penetration.

Why it helps:

This position is great because it gives the woman a lot of control. She can control the speed, depth and angle of penetration, which ultimately means she can control how much stimulation her clitoris and vulva are getting.

And this position helps men last longer due to the fact that the speed of penetration is typically slower than if the man was in control.

4. The reverse cowgirl position

reverse cowgirl sex position

This is a variation of the regular cowgirl position and is often seen as one of the most pleasurable positions for women. But it’s also great for men who want to last longer.

How to do it:

The woman mounts the man and faces away from him. She then lowers herself down onto him and begins to ride him.

Why it helps:

This position provides a lot of control to the woman, which means the man can take a backseat and just enjoy the ride.

This can help him last longer as he’s not in control of the situation and isn’t as focused on his impending orgasm.

5. The perch sex position

Perch sex position

Even though this is a hot and dynamic position, it doesn’t lend itself to a fast orgasm.

How to do it:

In this position, the penetrating partner sits on a chair or the edge of a bed while the receiving partner sits on top of them.

Why it helps:

This position, similar to the cradle position, can involve deep penetration but not a lot of thrusting.

This is much more of a penetrate and grind position. Plus, while she’s sitting on top you, your hands have full access to her entire body which can be an extreme turn on for her!

A few more tips

Stuck in your ways and not ready to try some new positions? That’s ok! Here’s a few other tips that can help delay the big O:

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Condom choice is key

Wearing the right condom can significantly help you last longer in bed.

If you have a problem with premature ejaculation, try wearing a thicker condom. This will help reduce sensation and help you last longer.

Desensitizing Creams & Sprays

Applying a desensitizing cream or spray to your penis can help you last longer in bed by reducing sensation.

Just be sure to follow the instructions on the product, as too much can numb you completely and make sex less enjoyable for both you and your partner.

Masturbate beforehand

Clearing out your pipes before sex is a foolproof way to help you last longer in bed.

This is because you’ll already have released some of the built-up sexual tension beforehand, making it less likely that you’ll explode too soon when the real action starts.

Focus on your partner

Some men last longer in bed when they’re more focused on pleasing their partner than on their own pleasure.

This can help you last longer, as you’ll be more likely to delay your orgasm if you’re focusing on making your partner feel good.

This could mean you focus more on foreplay than penetration, or make an effort to keep your partner stimulated throughout sex with your hands or mouth.

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