The Top 10 Sex Positions Women Love But Will Never Tell You

When it comes to a woman’s favorite sex positions, the truth is we all like getting it in different ways. There’s a whole slew of factors that can determine what we really enjoy. Things like body type, personality type, mood and even our job can have an effect on the types of sex positions we crave most.

And then there’s societal pressure to conform to the norms and not veer from the box for fears we’ll be viewed as a weirdo (or worse a slut!)

Throughout my time in the porn business, I’ve tried a lot when it comes to sex positions! In fact, I’d say I’ve done close to all of them. Have you ever been screwed while standing on your head? Check! How about taking it from behind in a public location? Double check!

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Some I loved and some I absolutely hated but I developed a set of criteria for each position based that I personally used to judge the positions I tried. And they are comfort, chances of orgasm, intimacy and excitement! That’s it! Super simple.

So from the perspective of a girl that’s worked in porn and has also been in several serious relationship, I’m going to share with you my top 10 sex positions that I think most women love but will never tell you. Be warned, some of these might be a little outside the box, but I promise they’re all worth trying!


Cowgirl Sex Position

The cowgirl position is great for a number of reasons. First off, it’s really comfortable. You get to control the depth, speed and angle of penetration which is key for hitting the right spot every time. Plus, it’s really easy to get yourself off in this position by simply rubbing your clit while he’s inside you, which is why so many women loves this sex position.

And if that’s not enough, you also get a front row seat to the action so you can see every thrust, every moan and every facial expression he makes while you’re giving him the ride of his life!

But the best part about this position is the intimacy. There’s something about being face to face with your partner while you’re both so vulnerable and exposed that just heightens the connection you feel. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the perfect position for dirty talk and for him to grab your breasts, pull your hair or even smack your ass a little bit!

The Bulldog

Bulldog sex position

A variant of doggy style, just stepped up a notch. In this sex position, the girl gets on her knees and puts her chest on the floor, raising her but up high. The guy stays on his feet and squats down while penetrating her. It’s hot! It’s rough! It’s exciting! And frankly, women love the submissive feel! Win, win, win!

It’s not very intimate, but it’s pretty comfortable for us. The guy is doing all the work, which is sometimes how it should be. This is a position that I cum really hard and really quickly in. I love the feel of being taken control of and used for pleasure. It’s such a turn on.

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Missionary sex position

This is the most popular position for a reason. It’s comfortable, classic and there’s a good chance you’ll get off from it. I mean, let’s face it guys, when you’re in the missionary position you’re in control, and women like that. A lot! You can control the depth, the pace and the angle of penetration.

This is the go-to position for most women because it’s just so damn easy to have an orgasm in this position. And it’s also a great position if your girl is a pillow princess!

But it doesn’t have to be boring! There are plenty of ways to mix up the missionary position to make it more exciting. For example, you can try putting a pillow under your butt to change the angle of penetration or you can introduce some toys (like a butt plug or a blindfold) to the mix.

Doggy Style

doggy style

Deep and dirty, that’s what I like about doggy style. I love that I can let go and just let me partner drill me from behind. And if I want more, I can thrust back towards him to really go deep.

This is a position where you can really let your wild side out and just go for it! And chances are your partner feels the same way.

But doggy style isn’t just about the primal pleasure. It also offers one of the best angles for G-spot stimulation. Combine that with some clitoral action and you’re in for a toe-curling good time!

Not to mention, if you’re feeling adventurous, doggy style is great for anal sex. The position gives you both control and plenty of freedom to move, which is key when it comes to anal.

So if you’re looking for a position that’s going to make you feel dirty, naughty and completely satisfied, then doggy style is the one for you!


69 oral sex position

An oldie but goodie that’s been around in pop culture, movies and memes for decades, the 69 position is my favorite!

When it comes to comfort, this position is amazing because you can take breaks as needed and there’s no pressure to perform. You can just relax and enjoy the sensations.

Lots of women love this sex position because chances of orgasm are pretty high, since you have direct access to each other’s hot spots. Intimacy? Not so much. But it’s exciting because it’s just so damn naughty! I mean, come on, who doesn’t love getting oral while giving it?


Spoon position

This is a sex position that I think a lot of women love. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s relaxing and yet it can still be really satisfying. In the spoon sex position, the girl lies on her side with the guy spooning her from behind. He can penetrate her easily this way and it’s really comfortable for both partners.

The chance of orgasm is pretty high in this position too because the guy can reach around and stimulate the girl’s clit while he’s inside her.

And it’s also a really “lovey dovey” position that a lot of new couples really enjoy.

While it doesn’t look great on camera, this is a position that I often find myself in when I’m just lazy and want to have some good old-fashioned vanilla sex with my BF.

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The Cradle

Cradle sex position

I love this positions because it’s just…easy and intimate as fuck. In the Cradle position, the guy sits down with his legs crossed and the girl sits on top straddling him while they embrace each other. You can rock back and forth, side to side or even spin around. This one just feels good and it’s really intimate because you’re so close to each other.

Plus, because we’re on top, we control the situation and the speed. So if we want to go hard or fast, we can. And if we want to take it slow and enjoy the ride, we can do that too. This is a position where I feel like I can just relax and slowly savor the feeling of being penetrated because it’s not super strenuous. And I love that!

The Prone Bone

Prone Bone position

When I really want it deep and hard, the Prone Bone is my go to! This one is easy for both parties. The girl lies down on her stomach with her legs straight back and the guy sits on top of us (on his knees), right below out butt and penetrates us from there.

This was a popular one in the porn industry. There’s something about a guy relentlessly pounding a girl from the rear while she lays on the floor that’s just plain hot.

And I LOVE doing this one in front of a mirror. So I can enjoy the feeling of being taken from behind while being able to see everything that’s going on.

Classic Oral Sex

Classic Oral position

When I just want to be pleased, this classic oral position involves the girl laying on her back while the guy lies on their stomach with their head between my thighs. He can then go to town on all my hot spots. It’s pretty self-explanatory but it never gets old!

This is one of the most intimate sex positions as the guy is focusing all his attention on making the girl feel good. It’s also pretty darn comfortable and can be done just about anywhere. I tend to have light but very pleasurable orgasms in this position.

Queening Oral Sex

Queening position

I saved the best for last. Sure, most women love the feeling of being dominated, but we also like to taking control sometimes too! Queening or “face-sitting” is when the man lies on his back and the girl sits right on top of his face. It’s hot, it’s intimate, it’s kinky and best of all it feels amazing!

Doing this in the right way can make a woman cum really quickly. And the feeling of a guy’s tongue and mouth working their magic on your clit (or entering your vagina) while you’re in complete control is just indescribable. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out!

Final Thoughts

Porn and movies aren’t real life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them.

Just always remember that the key to all of this is good communication (and lots of lube!)

Talk to your girl, get an understanding of what she likes, her comfort levels and her deeper desires, and then maybe you can add a little excitement to your sex life by trying something new!

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