How to Know She Wants the D

Sometimes women want love. Sometimes they just want the D.

If you sometimes find it impossible to figure women out, especially when it comes to good old-fashioned “bring me dat D” attraction, you’re not alone. It’s not always easy to tell whether someone is as turned on as you hope she is, especially if she’s a master at playing it cool.

However, some telltale signs to know she wants the D are nearly impossible to hide, even when she’s doing her best not to let you know. Here are a few pointers on what to look for, especially if you’re looking to close the deal and lay some pipe.

She looks at you like you’re something to eat.

When a woman sees a man she wants, whether she’s being honest with herself about it or not, there’s just something different about the way she looks at him. Even if she’s trying to play it cool, she can’t help looking at him as if he’s a perfectly cooked steak and she’s ravenously hungry. Women know when they want the D and usually can’t hide it if they try.

So how does the woman you’re thinking of look at you? Do you catch her stealing glances in your direction a lot? Does her expression suggest she’s unconsciously having eye sex with the very sight of you? If so, it might be worth talking to her and seeing how things play out.

Your conversations often turn suggestive.

Everyone loves a good flirtation session now and then, women included, and with good reason. Flirting makes you feel great about yourself, especially when someone attractive decides to flirt back. And it’s good clean fun that doesn’t have to mean anything unless you want it to.

But if your conversations with someone in particular always seem to become sexually suggestive, you might want to pay attention. For example, does she pepper her statements with lots of double entendre or frequently bring up past sexual encounters? Does she try to get you to follow suit? If so, she either loves flirting more than most or finds you wildly sexually attractive.

She often seems flustered around you.

When women feel aroused or otherwise have sex on the brain, they feel it physically. Their heart rates go up, they breathe a little more heavily, and they can often appear antsy or uncomfortable in a nervous sort of way. If the woman in question is a shyer type, she may even become tongue-tied in a way she doesn’t around other people.

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So how does the woman you’re thinking of act when you’re around? Does she fidget, play with her hair, or seem to have trouble sitting still despite also not being able to take her eyes off of you? She may well be a little self-conscious due to things you get her feeling or thinking about.

She shows off her best features in various ways.

Even the shyest, most reserved women tend to know what their best assets are, and they will likely try to use them to their advantage when they’re horny for someone. Does your woman have a stunning head of beautiful long hair that she takes out of its hair clip when you’re around? Maybe she makes it a point to not only wear tops with plunging necklines but to “accidentally on purpose” bend forward in a compelling way when you’re around.

Whatever the case might be, a woman who’s interested in a man will go out of her way to look her best and sexiest for him. So, if this woman makes it a point to dress nicely and apply perfect makeup even just to hang out or otherwise goes out of her way to be her most attractive, you can bet she’s interested in more than just your friendship.

She encourages physical contact with you.

Even the friendliest, most affectionate women tend to be wary of unwelcome or uninvited touching of any kind, especially when it comes from a man. So, if a particular woman seems to actively welcome it, that’s a pretty good sign that she’s really into you and is also potentially into the idea of taking things further at some point.

You can carefully test the waters with something innocuous and casual, like a friendly but fleeting touch on the arm or a knee that grazes hers when you’re sitting side by side. Watch her reaction and see how she responds. If she seems to enjoy it, that’s a good sign, especially if she reciprocates by initiating additional physical contact of her own.

Her voice changes when she talks to you.

Everyone sounds one way when they’re engaged in casual, everyday conversations, and another when they’re talking to someone they’re attracted to, women included. When a woman is talking to a man, she’s into, her voice tends to be lower, quieter, and a bit breathier. There’s just something about how she speaks that suggests intimacy and arousal.

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Naturally, this isn’t a huge change in most women, especially if they’re good at hiding the fact that they’re attracted to someone specific, so you’ll need to listen carefully. But if she’s into you, it will be there. She’ll just sound different in a way she doesn’t when she talks to everyone else.

She moves differently around you, too.

Strong feelings of attraction and arousal affect everything about how a woman behaves around a man she desires, even if it’s only subtle. She won’t just speak in a different tone when she talks to you. She’ll move differently when she’s in your presence, especially if she knows you’re watching her.

Her hips will sway more when she walks by, and you may even catch her stealing a glance at you to see if you noticed. And all her movements may seem more graceful, fluid, and perhaps a little sultry. Chances are she’s into you and consciously moving her body in ways she knows flatter her figure and natural allure.

Of course, these aren’t the only signs a particular woman is really digging your vibe, but they’re some of the most common and easiest to spot. So how does the woman you’re picturing measure up when she wants the D?


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