6 Must-Know Bedroom Hacks for Lasting Longer Between the Sheets

As nice as it would be to turn in a Casanova-level performance every time you’re getting busy in the bedroom, most people do get that reality doesn’t necessarily allow for that. However, there’s a lot you can do to be better in bed overall, especially when it comes to lasting longer. The following tips can help you really bring your A-game to the table more consistently and to a much higher degree.

Pay more attention to your health.

Pumping iron or lacing up your running shoes on the regular doesn’t just help you look better naked (although that’s definitely a nice bonus). The healthier you are, the better you become at just about everything that’s important to you, sex included, so you officially have one more reason to get serious about your workouts.

If you smoke, drink a lot, or do drugs on the regular, you might want to think about cutting way back, if not quitting altogether, as well. Smoking can drastically affect circulation throughout the body, including to the sex organs. Overuse of drugs and alcohol can likewise lower the quality of a person’s sexual performance.

Make sure you’re getting your rest.

Speaking of cultivating good habits, how have you been sleeping lately? Making sure you’re getting enough shuteye is an important part of performing well in every area of your life, especially when you’re preparing for anything that might require more mental or physical energy than average (like having great casual sex).

That said, make sure you get a decent night’s sleep the night before a big date or a night on the town that you hope will end in the bedroom. You’ll be a lot more likely to have enough strength, stamina, and energy to really wow your partner in the sack, even if it’s already been a late night.

Try a thicker condom.

Unless you’re in a long-term monogamous relationship with only one person, you’re hopefully using condoms as a rule already. A simple upgrade to a thicker condom is an easy solution to lasting a lot longer in bed. Yes, you’ll lose a bit of sensation in the process, but it might be worth it if you’re really serious about unleashing your inner sexual dynamo.

If you find you still have trouble lasting as long as you like, you might want to add a desensitizing cream to the mix as well. It’s available both on its own, as well as added to other products you likely already use, including but not limited to condoms and lube.

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Exercise mind over matter during penetration.

This is just about the oldest trick in the book, so the chances are excellent that you already have a couple of buddies that swear by it. It really does do the job though, so it’s worth adding to your repertoire if you find it especially hard to maintain your composure during penetration.

Take your mind out of the game a bit at the moment of penetration by thinking of something less than sexy. It can be anything from the list of household chores you have to get done the next day to your grandfather’s laundry hamper. Just be careful not to conjure up too vivid an image. You want to reduce the risk of finishing too soon, not lose your erection altogether.

Take a break now and then.

You already know that taking your time is the best approach anyway when it comes to pleasing a partner, so a well-timed break here and there can only help you. That said, definitely give yourself permission to take one if you find yourself barreling toward orgasm way too quickly. It doesn’t take long for your body to step far enough away from the edge for you to get back to business quickly enough. Plus, this technique often leads to a more powerful climax when it is time to finish.

Prolonging foreplay is a great way for lasting longer in bed, especially since it gives you plenty of time to focus on your partner’s pleasure. Plus, the more time you spend on foreplay, the less it’s going to matter if you can’t quite go the distance once you’re on to the main event.

Masturbate beforehand.

If you know in advance that you’re likely to be getting lucky a little later on, you may want to try indulging in a quick solo session before you meet up with your partner for some sexy fun. In fact, a prior ejaculation makes it infinitely easier to control yourself during full-on sex a little later on. Try it and see.

Of course, these are just a few of the techniques you can use to maintain your composure and self-control when it’s time to get down and dirty. Feel free to experiment a little until you figure out which options work best for you.

Matt Manes

Matt Manes

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