What Is The Eiffel Tower Sex Position: Everything You Need To Know

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What is the Eiffel Tower sex position?

Named after the famous landmark in Paris, the Eiffel Tower sex position is a daring and complicated way to add excitement to your bedroom repertoire. As the name suggests, it involves one person being bent over at the waist while the other penetrates from behind. This can be done with either gender and is a great way to mix things up if you’re feeling adventurous.

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The Eiffel Tower Position

In Eiffel Tower sex position, the receiving partner bends over and touches the floor with their hands while spreading their legs. And their partner penetrates them from behind.

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How do you perform the Eiffel Tower sex position?

To get into this position, both partners need to be aroused and lubricated first. The person being penetrated should bend over at the waist, keeping their legs together. The other partner should then enter from behind, holding on to their partner’s hips for balance. Once they are both in position, they can start thrusting.

This can be a difficult position to maintain for long periods of time, so it’s best to have short bursts of activity followed by a rest. As with any new sexual position, it’s important to communicate with your partner about what feels good and stop if either of you starts to feel uncomfortable.

How difficult is this sex position to do?

The Eiffel Tower sex position is not for beginners. It requires a certain amount of flexibility and stamina from both partners. It can also be quite physically demanding, so it’s important to take breaks as needed.

If you’re looking for something a little less challenging, there are plenty of other positions out there that will suit your needs.

Is this sex position ideal for heterosexual couples or does it work for other sexualities as well?

This position is ideal for heterosexual couples, as it allows for deep penetration. However, it can also work for other sexualities as well. The Eiffel Tower can be a great position for anal sex, as the penetrating partner has full control over the depth and speed of penetration. This position is also good for those who want to try vaginal and anal penetration simultaneously.

Is this sex position good for vaginal sex? Anal sex? Both?

This position can be used for both vaginal and anal sex, although it is generally considered to be better for anal sex. This is because the angle of penetration is more favorable for anal sex when using the Eiffel Tower position. It is also easier to reach the prostate in men when using this position, which can lead to more intense orgasms.

There are a few things to keep in mind when performing the Eiffel Tower sex position. First, make sure that you are using plenty of lube. This is especially important if you are performing anal sex, as the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina does.

Second, go slowly at first. The person being penetrated will need to adjust to the unusual angle of penetration, so it is important to take things slowly at first. Once they are comfortable, you can increase the speed and intensity of your thrusts.

What is the history of the Eiffel Tower sex position?

The history of this sex position is unknown, but it is believed to have originated in France during the Victorian era. The Eiffel Tower quickly became a popular position due to its versatility and ability to provide deep penetration.

Why is this sex position popular?

This position remains popular today for many of the same reasons. It is one of the few positions that allow for both vaginal and anal penetration, making it perfect for couples who want to experiment with both. This position also provides deep penetration, which can lead to intense orgasms.

Do men love the Eiffel Tower sex position?

But does the Eiffel Tower sex position live up to its promise? In short, yes. Men love this position for several reasons.

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First, it gives them a great view. When a man is behind his partner in this position, he has a clear view of her ass and genitals. This is a huge turn-on for many men.

Second, it provides deep penetration. This is because the woman’s vagina is tilted upwards when she’s in the Eiffel Tower position. This allows the man to penetrate her deeply, which can be quite pleasurable for both partners.

Third, it makes it easy for the man to stimulate the woman’s clitoris. Because the woman’s clit is exposed and easily accessible in this position, the man can reach around and give her the direct clitoral stimulation she needs to reach orgasm. This is a Win-Win situation!

Do women love this sex position?

Many women say they enjoy the Eiffel Tower sex position because it gives them deeper penetration than traditional missionary-style sex. They also like the fact that their partner can control the depth and speed of penetration. And, of course, many women simply enjoy the novelty of trying out a new sex position.

However, some women find the Eiffel Tower sex position to be uncomfortable. They complain that their clitoris doesn’t get enough stimulation in this position, and they sometimes have difficulty reaching orgasm.

How likely will a woman have an orgasm in this sex position?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including a woman’s physiology and her level of arousal. Generally speaking, though, it is more difficult for a woman to reach orgasm in the Eiffel Tower sex position than in other positions such as missionary or doggy style. This is because the clitoris – which is responsible for most female orgasms – is not as easily stimulated in this position.

That said, many women report being able to reach orgasm in the Eiffel Tower position with patience and effort. If you’re hoping to make your woman come during this sexual adventure, make sure she is thoroughly aroused before you start – foreplay is key! – and be prepared to help her out by manually stimulating her clitoris during intercourse.-What are the benefits of this sex position?

What are the benefits of this sex position?

Despite its challenges when it comes to female orgasm, there are many benefits to trying out the Eiffel Tower Sex Position. For starters, both partners get a great view of each other’s bodies during intercourse – something that can add an extra level of intimacy and pleasure to your sexual encounters.

Additionally, this unique angle of penetration can offer new sensations for both partners (particularly for those with larger penises).

Finally, many couples enjoy using this position as a way to spice up their bedroom repertoire – so if you’re looking for something new and exciting to try with your partner, this just might be it!

What are the drawbacks of the Eiffel Tower sex position?

The Eiffel Tower sex position may look impressive, but it comes with a few drawbacks.

For one, it can be quite physically demanding. Your partner will need to be strong enough to support you as you bend down at the waist. Additionally, they’ll need good balance and coordination to keep you from toppling over.

Furthermore, this position can be quite painful if your partner is too large or if they thrust too deeply. The angle of penetration can put a lot of pressure on your anus or vagina, which can lead to discomfort or even injury.

Lastly, the Eiffel Tower is a bit of an advanced sex position. It’s not something that most people will be able to do spontaneously. If you want to give it a try, it’s best to discuss it with your partner beforehand and make sure you’re both on the same page.

What are the variations of the Eiffel Tower sex position?

There are actually quite a few variations of this sex position, and we’ll be explaining all of them in detail. So whether you’re looking to add some new positions to your repertoire, or you’re just curious about what this one entails, read on!

  • The first variation is pretty similar to regular old missionary style sex. The only difference is that instead of lying flat on your back, you prop yourself up on your elbows. This gives your partner better leverage to thrust deeper into you.
  • The second variation is a bit more acrobatic. It starts with both partners in a standing position, facing each other. The person being penetrated then wraps their legs around their partner’s waist and leans back. Their partner supports them by holding onto their thighs or butt. This can be a really hot position because it offers deep penetration and lots of eye contact.
  • The third variation is similar to the second, but instead of wrapping your legs around your partner’s waist, you wrap them around their neck. This can be a bit tricky to maintain for long periods of time, but can be fun to try if you’re feeling adventurous. Just be careful not to choke your partner!
  • The fourth variation is great for anal sex enthusiasts. Start in the same standing position as variations two and three, but then have the person being penetrated bend over so that their torso is parallel with the ground. This gives your partner easy access to their anus. You can also try this Position with a vibrator for extra stimulation!
  • The fifth and final variation is similar to the third, but instead of wrapping your legs around your partner’s neck, you put one leg over their shoulder and let the other dangle down their back. This is a really deep penetration position and can be very intense, so make sure you’re both really turned on before you give it a try.
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Can sex toys be use with this sex position?

Yes, sexual aids can most definitely be used with the Eiffel Tower sex position! In fact, this position is perfect for incorporating a little anal play into your repertoire. For example, your partner could wear a slim vibrating butt plug during penetration. The added stimulation will help them reach new heights of pleasure.

Another fun option is to use a strap-on dildo in this position. This is an ideal way to enjoy some role-reversal play; with you taking the lead and your partner surrendering to your every thrust. And, if you really want to give them something to remember, why not add a vibrating dildo into the mix? The extra stimulation will send them over the edge!

Whether you go with toys or go sans toys, one thing’s for sure – the Eiffel Tower sex position is guaranteed to bring you both tower-ing heights of pleasure!

If you like the Eiffel Tower sex position, what other positions would you like?

If you love the Eiffel Tower sex position, then you’re in for a real treat! Here are some other positions that are sure to please.

  • The Ferris Wheel: Similar to the Eiffel Tower, this position allows for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation. To get into this position, have your partner lie down on their back with their legs up in the air. You then straddle them and lower yourself down onto their penis or strap-on. Grab their ankles and lean back while they hold onto your hips to control the thrusting.
  • The Amazon: This position is great for hitting the G-spot as well as providing stimulating clitoral contact. To get into this position, have your partner sit on the edge of a bed or chair with their legs slightly apart. You then lower yourself down onto them, facing away from them. Place your hands on their thighs for support and start grinding against them. Have them reach around and rub your clit while you ride them.
  • The Stack: This position is similar to doggy style, but it provides even deeper penetration. To get into this position, start in doggy style with your partner behind you. Instead of having them resting on their knees, have them stack their feet one on top of the other so they resemble a tripod. This will allow them to go even deeper as they thrust into you. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!


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