What Is Autofellatio?

In a modern world where the vast majority of people are comfortable taking matters into their own hands when it comes to managing their own pleasure, it’s probably not surprising that at least some people might wonder just how far they can take things. After all, nearly everyone loves oral sex, but not everyone has a willing partner nearby every time they’re in the mood for some really good head.

Men tend to especially love the experience of a good blowjob, more formally known as fellatio. Autofellatio describes the act of performing fellatio on oneself, and more men have attempted it than you might think. But is autofellatio possible, and what would be the potential benefits of success? Let’s look at everything you need to know.

Is Autofellatio Really Possible?

As it turns out, people have been trying to blow themselves for a very long time – pretty much for as long as human civilization has been around. For example, Egyptologists have found evidence that the ancient Egyptians believed Atum, the god of creation, created the whole world this way – by performing autofellatio before spitting out the resulting semen.

There are also multiple sex studies out there that address the topic of autofellatio and how common it is (or isn’t). For example, Alfred Kinsey addressed autofellatio in his own world-famous studies of male sexuality. According to Kinsey, a massive number of young men are not only curious about autofellatio but have actually attempted it. However, only perhaps two or three lucky individuals out of every thousand can actually do it.

That said, yes, autofellatio is technically possible if you’re flexible enough and built in such a way that you’re capable of it in the first place. But it’s not an easy task, and the chances are pretty low that any one person will be able to accomplish it – especially if they’re trying it for the first time as an older, fully grown person.

What’s the Appeal of Autofellatio?

Maybe you’re one of the many guys out there who think of autofellatio as the ultimate way to get yourself off, and maybe you’re not. But as with most things people fantasize about doing one day, there are lots of reasons why the idea of autofellatio appeals to people.

The idea of it is empowering

Men tend to fantasize about the idea of being able to perform autofellatio for the same reasons women like to keep a vibrator around for self-pleasure reasons. The idea of not having to depend on someone else’s cooperation in order to experience the sensations you love is appealing and empowering.

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If a guy can simply blow himself, he doesn’t have to depend on a woman being willing to participate every time he’s in the mood.

It’s a way to experience the perfect blow job

Any guy who’s ever gotten head from someone who didn’t have the faintest idea what they were doing doesn’t need to be told that there is such a thing as a bad blow job. So not only are blow job-loving guys dependent on other people to experience them at all, but they just have to hope that the person on the giving end has some kind of technique or can at least take direction.

Autofellatio is like the blow job equivalent of a self-given hand job. Obviously, you know how you like it and what exact techniques really get you off. So being able to serve yourself in this way is the way to experience the ideal blow job.

It comes with bragging rights

Because so few guys are able to do it, autofellatio carries a certain mystique. People who can do it are so rare that some people doubt they even exist at all. So being (or becoming) one of the lucky few is a pretty appealing idea from a bragging rights standpoint.

Plus, porn stars who are capable of autofellatio are considered absolute legends. Every guy wants to be that flexible and to have that kind of sexual range. So it’s perfectly natural to dream of following suit one day.

How to Give It a Try

Again, you want to keep in mind that the vast majority of guys out there can’t pull this off due to simple logistics. And you’ll want to be super careful and not force anything, because back injuries are no joke.

But most guys have the best luck lying next to a wall, walking their feet up the wall, and attempting to dangle their penises over their mouths. Having a large penis and a great deal of natural flexibility makes this a lot easier. But some guys have good luck getting in shape, practicing yoga, and making sure to maintain a healthy weight.

Remember, autofellatio is like any other sex act. The better the shape you’re in, the better your chances of getting what you want out of any attempts you make.


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