Can All Women Squirt?

If you’re fascinated with the idea of making a female partner squirt, you’re not alone. Also known as female ejaculation, squirting is a phenomenon most men are super curious about.

And for many, making their partner orgasm so hard she actually squirts is their personal bedroom holy grail.

But how common is squirting, anyway? Is it something every woman can do, or is it just a magical few out there? And most importantly, how can a guy who dreams of seriously rocking his partner’s world raise the chances of making a woman squirt? Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the Appeal of Squirting?

For many men and women, squirting is considered the next level beyond a standard female orgasm – proof positive the sex involved was undeniably good. When a man makes his female partner squirt, he feels like he just brought some serious noise between the sheets and that it’s proof of his sexual prowess.

But the idea of squirting appeals to women, too. Women who don’t or can’t squirt are curious about what it feels like. They enjoy the idea of giving their lovers that experience. There are some who believe that squirters are sexier, better in bed, or just plain better masters of their bodies, as well.

These types of women find the act of ejaculating to be empowering or liberating. Knowing that they are capable of such a thing can be a turn-on in and of itself.

Another possibility is that it simply feels good. The stimulation of the G-spot can be quite pleasurable, and some women find that the sensation of ejaculating is even more intense.

Can All Women Squirt?

Naturally, something as desirable and mysterious as squirting shows up in a lot of porn. In fact, women who squirt are so well-represented in porn, that people see them as much more common than they really are. But the truth of the matter is that squirting isn’t something every woman is capable of. Her body is either built that way, or it isn’t.

And no two women are exactly alike when it comes to squirting, either. Some squirt extremely consistently – pretty much every time they orgasm – while others only squirt sometimes. And the amounts vary, too – anything from just a few micro-milliliters to over 150mL, just depending on the person and the situation.

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If you’re wondering what percentage of women are thought to be capable of squirting, though, experts believe somewhere between 10 and 54 percent can squirt.

Is Squirt Really Just Pee?

Another question many squirting enthusiasts tend to have is what type of fluid squirt consists of. Unfortunately, not much research has been done on the phenomenon, so no one knows why women squirt or what the fluid is.

But they do know it isn’t pee, as it has an entirely different chemical makeup.

Some think squirt consists solely of secretions generated inside a woman’s urethra and surrounding structures. Others believe it originates from structures called Skene glands – sponge-like glands located around and near the urethra. Skene glands are capable of producing fluid that is very similar in makeup to semen.

How Can You Make a Partner Squirt?

Again, some women may never be able to squirt, no matter how in touch with their bodies or how good their partners are in bed. This shouldn’t be seen as a shortcoming or a failure on the part of her partner. However, some evidence suggests that certain women can learn to squirt with enough practice and the proper technique.

Get your partner very aroused

As with most sexual responses, squirting is much more likely to happen to a woman who is extremely aroused before you start stimulating her in earnest.

Extreme arousal gives the glands and structures involved in squirting a chance to become engorged and increase sensitivity.

So don’t skimp on the foreplay. If you know what really gets your partner going, then make sure she gets plenty of that. And if you don’t, ask her what she likes instead of guessing.

Turn up the dial on the stimulation

Although every woman is different regarding what she really needs to possibly squirt, many do best with direct G-spot stimulation. This is better accomplished with fingers crooked in a come-hither style motion than it is with a penis. Or – better yet – try a sex toy made with G-spot stimulation in mind.

Some women do prefer gentle stimulation that circles the clitoris, though, so be prepared to experiment a bit until you hit on something that works for your partner.

Prepare for the result

Once your partner is super wet and so aroused that she’s really close to orgasm, she has her best chance at experiencing squirting firsthand. Since squirt comes from the urethra, though, many women feel like they need to urinate right before it happens and may try to hold it in.

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But if she’s serious about experiencing this, it’s important to simply relax and embrace the experience. Her partner should help her by making sure not to block the urethra, so the squirt has an unobstructed exit.

Again, keep in mind that this doesn’t happen for every woman. But it can be a fun experience to pursue anyway. So relax, open your minds, and be receptive to whatever does (or doesn’t) happen.

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