FAQs / Safety Tips

Safety Tip #1 – Protect your personal information.

Would you tell an absolute stranger your address or phone number? Probably not. That’s how you should treat everyone you meet on Mixxxer until you really get to know them. Exercise extreme caution before revealing any sensitive information about yourself or specific location.

Safety Tip #2 – Trust your gut.

If someone creeps you out and makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s your gut saying something is wrong. Stop communication with that person and if need be, you can block them. Simply go onto profile information page and you will find a “Block User” button. Press it!

Safety Tip #3 – Don’t believe everything you see.

Photos can be edited, profile information can be fake. Be smart. A lot of our members will ask other users to verify their photos. How you ask? If someone contacts you, have them send a photo through our messaging system doing something unique that you ask them to do. Like throwing a peace sign or holding up a written note in the picture.

Safety Tip #4 – Be smart.

If someone asks you to meet in a strange or remote location, be smart and don’t do it. We advise our members to conduct first time meetings in very public places with lots of people around. Coffee shops, night clubs, etc.

Safety Tip #5 – Tell a friend.

Make sure you tell someone you trust before a first meeting. Give them all the details of who you are meeting, their personal information and the location of the meeting.