Should You Get a Sugar Daddy: Ways Becoming a Sugar Baby Changes Your Life

If you’re a smart, desirable, young gay man thinking about scoring yourself a sugar daddy, you’re far from alone. As amazing as traditional dating and relationships can be when things are really working out, those things can also come with a lot of stress and uncertainty. The allure of sugar dating is that — similarly to a lifestyle that revolves around casual sex and hooking up instead of commitment — it promises to put a stop to everything you hate about traditional dating, including the drama and the heartbreak.

That makes it a great fit for those who prefer to keep things casual without any strings attached, but are ready to try something a little different. However, it can trigger some pretty amazing changes when it comes to the rest of your life as well. Here’s a closer look at just a few of them.

You get to find out what honest relationships are really like.

Although most people don’t like to think of things that way, every relationship is a type of arrangement. Each person has a list of things they’re looking to get out of a relationship, as well as a list of things they’re willing to put into it in return. In a sugar daddy/sugar baby situation, those two people are just a lot more honest about what those things actually are.

Instead of playing games, dropping hints, and harboring all sorts of unspoken expectations, two gay men entering into a sugar arrangement are simply up front about their needs and desires. They communicate those things in an honest way right at the beginning and come up with an arrangement governed by ground rules that work for both people.

You get a chance at a different life.

Some sugar babies really do wind up living the luxe life with all the trimmings just like you’ve heard. Others settle into more modest situations. However, one thing’s for certain when it comes to scoring yourself a sugar daddy of your own. Your life will change in some exciting new ways and become something very different from what it is right now.

For one thing, life’s a lot easier and less stressful when you’re in a relationship with someone mature and worldly who approaches relationships like a grown man instead of a little boy. Plus, it just plain feels good to be cherished, appreciated, and taken care of in the way you know you deserve to be.

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You’ll become a lot more confident.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to tap into the level of confidence you see in peers and friends you admire. Perhaps you’ve always been the confident type and are simply looking to be around people who really appreciate that about you. Whatever the case may be, you can rest easy in the knowledge that sugar dating makes you more confident in spades.

Sugar babies are never underappreciated or taken for granted the way they might be in another type of relationship. In fact, they’re spoiled and pampered on a level that most young gay men really never get to experience. It’s impossible not to feel good about yourself when that’s the case, and the more time you spend in the sugar bowl, the more confident and self-assured you’re going to become.

You’ll learn what a healthy relationship actually looks like.

Yes, sugar relationships are different from what most people will be used to. However, the honesty factor often means they’re a lot healthier and less likely to become toxic than traditional relationships. Whether or not you decide to make sugaring a permanent life decision, you’ll learn a lot about what it actually means to be in a healthy relationship that involves the right balance of give and take.

You’ll take what you learn into all of your other future relationships, both romantic and otherwise. You’ll get the hang of being direct and actually asking for what you want from other people. You’ll learn how to set and respect healthy boundaries. You’ll improve when it comes to your communication skills as well. Not only will that make you a better relationship partner in the future, but you’ll become a better friend and overall human as well.

At the end of the day, sugar dating gives a young, charming gay man the chance to be treated the way he should be — like you’re unique, special, and well worth loving. Once you know what that’s like, you won’t settle for anything less from anyone who crosses your path in life, and that’s a very good thing indeed.

Rob West

Rob West

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