Dating to Impress: How to Wow Him on Your First Date

It’s happened. You’ve finally met a guy that really fits the bill as far as what you’re looking for right now. He’s funny, he’s hot, and he’s as down to get together and see what happens next as you are. Naturally, you want to make a really solid first impression so that things go as well as possible. Here’s how to wow him on your first date and then some.

Talk, Talk, Talk

A lot of guys make the mistake of chatting someone up and building a great rapport only to go radio silent once actual plans to get together have been made. If you’re into him, show him by staying in touch and continuing to communicate during the days (or hours) leading up to your date. Continuing with the “getting to know you” talk you’ve been having up to that point is a fine idea, but you can definitely stick to sorting out the details of your date if you’d rather save the real talk for later.

Plan Carefully

You’ll also want to give some careful consideration to when you schedule the date for, because it can tell the guy in question a lot about your intentions. Are you hoping for a casual roll in the hay or two and not much else? Ask him to dinner or out for drinks at your favorite club. Otherwise, a daytime date to have lunch or coffee might be a better bet, as it suggests a desire to really get to know each other in a context that may or may not continue into the evening hours.

Dress the Part

You don’t necessarily need to get dressed up to the nines in order to impress your date, especially if you’re getting together to do something casual and low-key. You do want to make sure it looks like you care about the impression you’re making. Forget about anything stained, tattered, or worn out, and reach for something stylish and put together instead. Spend some time on your grooming routine that day, especially if there’s a chance the date could end in a hookup with a hot gay, and definitely make sure to smell awesome.

Be Totally Present

Even if you’re really nervous or distracted, you definitely want to avoid coming across that way. Your guy could wind up thinking it’s him – the last thing you want when you really like someone and are hoping something special blossoms. Don’t play with your phone or let your mind wander. Be present and engaged in the moment, giving your date your full attention. Actively listen to what he has to say, and definitely hold up your end of the conversation. If dates that are completely conversation-based make you antsy, consider planning your date around an activity you can enjoy together instead. It’ll help take some of the pressure off.

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Go with the Flow

If the two of you get together and do find you have that sort of easy chemistry everyone hopes for, don’t be afraid to get a little bit experimental. Does he have a special spot in the park he wants to show you or a yen to climb up on the roof for a little impromptu stargazing? Tap into your childlike sense of adventure and give it a chance, even if it isn’t exactly what you had in mind. You could wind up having an absolute blast, and even if you don’t, you at least know you gave it a fair shot.

Don’t be afraid to simply lean into the unique mood of your date as well. Is your energy together slow and easy? Go ahead and let your date unfold in that direction. On the other hand, maybe sparks have really been flying back and forth like gangbusters, and everything in you is telling you to head for the bedroom sooner rather than later. If you’re both game, then go for it!

Come Prepared to Party

Even if you’re almost certain this is just going to be a quick get together for coffee or a sandwich, you really do want to show up to any date prepared for anything that might happen. (After all, we’ve all had the occasional first date that goes from zero to sixty over the course of a couple of hours, right?) Don’t simply assume that he’ll have the condoms covered. Bring a few of your own just in case. The worst that happens is you have plenty of spares on hand for a second go around if the mood strikes.

Making a solid first impression on someone you really like is honestly as simple as putting your best foot forward, as well as being open to spontaneity and possibility. You never know where things might go next, but it’s bound to be a fun ride.

Rob West

Rob West

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