6 Bedroom Tips Every Gay Guy Should Know

Let’s face it. Everyone fantasizes about being next-level amazing in bed, and everyone is always looking for ways to be better at sex, even if they already know for a fact that they’re great. After all, you don’t become the stuff of legend falling back on the same old moves, right? Try adding the following bedroom tips to your repertoire the next time you’re looking to bring a little extra razzle dazzle to the table.

1. Mix things up in the location department.

While keeping things literally between the sheets may be good enough when you’re with a totally new partner, you don’t want things to become too routine if you’re hooking up with the same guy on the regular. The easiest way to keep things fresh is to think outside the bedroom more often, so to speak. If you’re the adventurous type, there’s nothing like doing it outdoors or in public once in a while, but if you’re more reserved, no worries. The kitchen floor, the top of the washing machine, or even the shower can do the trick in a pinch.

2. Never let your hands be idle.

Gay or straight, there’s one bedroom tip literally everyone should be following if they’re serious about being good in bed. When you’re getting hot and heavy with a serious Adonis, your hands should never be just lying limp and inactive… ever.

To begin with, you could give your partner the impression you’re just really not that into them or anything they might be doing to you. Second… don’t your hands want to experience every last inch of their body? Touch them. Touch yourself. Use them to hold onto the bed posts for dear life while they hammer away at you. Just keep them busy.

3. Try a vibrating cock ring on for size.

Here’s another bedroom tip. If you’ve never had sex while wearing a vibrating cock ring (or having your partner wear one), you should know you’re really missing out on some magic. It’s something that really takes the pleasure factor to the next level for both partners, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love it.

If you’re the one on top, you’ll love the way the vibrations dial things up, especially when it comes to the way they get your balls involved on an entirely new level. If you’re on the bottom and your partner’s the one wearing the ring, it’ll make it that much easier for your prostate to get the prime stimulation it loves.

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4. Put the squeeze on things.

Never underestimate the power of a strong, well-conditioned pelvic floor. You most often hear about Kegels in relation to women’s bodies, but they can work wonders for a man’s sex life as well. Doing them regularly when you’re not actually in the bedroom with someone else can give you more control over how long you last, as well as intensify your orgasm.

Doing them when you’re actually in the thick of things can bring some interesting benefits to the table as well. If you’re playing top tonight, doing a couple of Kegels when you’re inside him can really help you stimulate his P-spot. If you’re on the bottom, a Kegel will help your hole give him a nice little squeeze that will take his breath away if you do it at the right moment. Try it and see.

5. Multiple partners call for multiple condoms.

Of course, this is more of a safety and hygiene tip than it is a true bedroom tip, but it’s an important one, nonetheless. (Good lovers are as conscientious and health-savvy as they are great at working a hot body over from top to toe.) If you’re the type of guy who enjoys the occasional threesome, sex party, or orgy, then you need to be in the habit of keeping multiple condoms at the ready.

Switching out your condom between partners definitely reduces the likelihood that you’ll catch an STD thanks to your adventures. However, it’s still something you want to do even if you have it on good authority that all of your play partners are squeaky clean. You can never be sure how hygienic other guys are in general, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. When in doubt, mirror your partner.

Taking a new partner to bed is always a little bit of a guessing game. If you’re lucky, everything will just happen naturally and you’ll instinctively know how to read them, or they’ll be the communicative type that comes right out and tells you what they like.

The rest of the time just pay extra careful attention to what they’re doing to you. People tend to touch, kiss, and make love to other people the way they like it done to them, so when in doubt, just mirror what they’re doing. Here are some quick bedroom tips on how to be a better kisser first of all. Try it and see for yourself!

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Rob West

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